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Honeymoon with Mala Aunty

This is not a fiction but a real incident happened in my life with Mala my aunty who is elder to me by 9 years a very beautiful and cute female, soft natured, kind hearted and very affectionate and a very good singer too, who was not married until 28 years, as she had lost her parents at young age, none to take care of her, she was working in the Admin. Dept. in a Hospital, (T.N.) and living under the care of brother who never took any initiative in settling her life.

It was at this time we both met at a marriage function which took place in our home town near Salem (I live in Bangalore with my parents and she was posted in N.A. Dist. ) It was after a gap of five years that I had been to my native place and I had planned to stay there for few days and she too had applied a week leave as she too wanted a relaxing time avoiding her routine life. Though I know her from my young age it was after 12-13 years that I met her, at the very first sight of her I was bit stunned as she was very cute and beautiful which I not imagined at all. I was bit hesitating to speak to her as we were meeting after a long gap but where as, she approached me, held my hands in her and began to speak to me very friendly and affectionately, this is a new and joyful experience to me as I never had the opportunity of moving with any female apart from my family people. Right from the moment I met her, I lost my heart to her, I cannot explain actually why it was so, but I longed to be with her always, it was not love or any sex appeal but something which I myself could not make out, I felt more comfortable and soothing in her company. We had the opportunity of moving around together for shopping, temples and other relatives houses though other elders were with us, we felt like as if we were alone and we were getting very friendly and close in those few days.
We enjoyed in each other company and she moved with me very intimately expressing her happiness, sorrows her problems and the way she was being neglected by her brother with whom she was staying and I had consoled her whenever she was in tears , she was much impressed by my affection as she was actually denied a real care and love . The day came when she had to return back to her place and with heavy heart we had to get parted, before leaving the house I called her to the backyard buried her face in my hands and cried, and I too could not bear being without her and she too had the same feeling as mine. I returned back to Bangalore and my life was totally changed, I was thinking about her all the time scribbling her name in my notebooks and whichever young female I saw I used to feel that as if Mala was in front of me, I realized that I had lost my heart entirely to her and longing to see her, I was getting mad without seeing her and I got a lovely chance of meeting her within a month, I went to her house and stayed with her for 10 days for which she again applied leave for a week, her brother has great respect on my parents and I was treated with good hospitality from him too and he behaved as if he was very much caring for Mala in front of me.. Again when the departing days came we were getting very upset and with heavy heart I returned back. I made it a habit of attending all the functions of our relations with the intention of meeting Mala, when there weren’t any functions I used to go to her place and in due course we were very close and intimate. Though my parents knew that we were moving very affectionately nobody knew we were so close and intimate. Luckily as she is elder to me there was no problem in our friendship either with my parents or from her house too.
In three years she got married to my uncle (she resigned her govt. job after marriage) and settled very near to my house (about 10 minutes walking distance) we are living in the extension area of Bangalore (Banaswadi) This was a great luck for both of us, as we have the opportunity of meeting everyday whenever we felt like. Compulsorily I used to meet her three times minimum without missing whatever the situation might be even if I could not stay for long atleast for a few minutes I used to see her and rush back. I used to buy her fruits, sweets and present her saris, take her out and do all the possible thing to keep her happy, at times when my uncle was out of station he himself used to ask me to take her out as he could not spend more time with her as he was busy. My uncle used to return back only in the late evenings and sometimes at late night as he was very busy in his business, he had no objection in my friendship with Mala as he is well aware that we were very close but nobody knew that we were very very intimate and we too moved in a very very decent way in front of others and in fact we had nothing in our hearts. He was free enough to look after his business not worrying about Mala much as she had to be alone throughout the day and at times when he was away on business tour for 2 or 3 days.

Time passed by, it was seven months after she got married to my uncle, though she was very happy initially later on there were differences between them and she began to feel very disgusted as even my uncle too not was taking care of her and at times he was very rude to her. She was very desperate as already she got married very late bearing all the insult from the relatives and others even after getting married she was suffering without proper affection and care from my uncle. On such occasions she used to wait for me and the moment I entered in the house she used to hug me and cry leaning on my chest I used to console her by cajoling her back saying that time will change and she will have a good life. At beginning days I could not make out why she was unhappy but later on slowly she revealed that indirectly she was not happy with my uncle. She used to reply that it was because of my affection and love she is able to control herself and live normally otherwise she wished for a suicide or would have gone mad. I used to console to the best of my knowledge with very kind and soothing words, make her to lean on my chest and caress her back slowly change her mood, sometimes take her out for shopping or for walk and so on. I used to divert her by speaking about politics, cinema and make her to sing and so on. All my affection on her made her very pretty close to me. She had lot of faith and belief on me. Gradually our topics were much around cinemas, the personal life of actors and actresses and their personal affairs and gossips very particularly of their sex life which we both showed lot of interest. When we were alone it was quite normal either for me to lay my head on her thighs or she used to lay on my thighs though in normal topics I never felt anything but while chatting about gossips and personal affairs or the female stars exposure of their body I used to have an erection and with great difficulty I had to control, she was very careful about her dressing sense even by accident not even once her pallu had slipped down or aloof showing her boobs fully or even partially.
It was on January 3rd the day when my uncle left for Andhra on business he called me the previous day evening and told that he will be on tour for 9 or 10 days and I should take care of Mala and if she wishes we (Mala and I) can even go to our native place or anywhere as we wished. It was a great happiest news for us, we three went to the railway station in the noon next day to assist him as he had more luggage and gave him a sendoff. From there we went to temple at Ulsoor first, than for a movie which we were longing to see, took a back row corner seat . It was bit sexy and we both were enjoying it with good interest, after some time I stretched both my hands at the back, I had put my right hand on her shoulder and cajoling and massaging gently, her left hand was lying on my right thigh, when there was some hot scene she innocently used to grip my right thigh very lightly as I was massaging her face, cheeks ears neck and bare shoulders with my fingers. She instead of watching the movie began to look at my face and I pretended as if I was deeply involved in the movie. Either did she move away from me or stopped my caressing. After some time she said come, let us go home, I am getting upset, so we waited for the interval and came out of the theatre, on the way had good Tiffin at a hotel and packed some snacks and reached home by Auto.