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Hooking my aunts bra Part 2

I followed her to her room. As I waited for her to tell me what she wanted me to do, she crossed her hands in front of her, grabbed her shirt from the sides and started to lift it up and off of her. Her back was towards me, so I couldn’t really see anything that I hadn’t seen before. She didn’t have a bra on as I was able to see her entire back without being distracted by the strap.  She bent over a little and picked up a bra from her bed and started to wrap it around her breasts. It was during that bending and extending her hands outward to put her bra on that I saw the sides of her breasts clearly. She held the two straps on her back and asked me to hook her up. I moved close to her quickly and did as I was told. She picked her shirt up, put her hands through the bottom and slid it over her head and onto her body.

She turned around as she was still fixing it and smiled. She thanked me for the help and I took my leave to go to school. All day I kept seeing the sides of her breasts in my mind and kept thinking about the way she had fixed her shirt around her breasts after she thanked me. Even her smile seemed special in the afterglow of her breasts shining from her sides. I had finally seen a glimpse of a small part of a woman’s breasts. It was special. I did wonder why she didn’t ask any other member of the family to hook her up, specially my uncle because she must have put her shirt on in his presence. Then I thought that maybe she just forgot and when she did remember, I was the only one around.  I knew it was a rare occurrence to see that much of her because chances of that happening again were very little.

My younger aunt or someone else would normally be around to take care of the situation. It came as a big surprise when a few days later she asked me again to help her before going to school. As before, she removed her shirt and looked for her bra to put on. It wasn’t on the bed. She looked around to see where it was and found it sitting on her dresser. She had to turn left to go there and that meant that she had to expose her naked front to me. She put her hands on her breasts, sort of cupped them, and went to the dresser. I tried to look down to avoid seeing anything, but not before I got an eyeful. I saw her front; except the parts that were covered by her hands. I was embarrassed by the situation and Felt a little flustered, but it was exciting as well. I actually felt a little warm. She went to the dresser and put the bra on her breasts while my eyes stayed glued to the floor. She called me once she had put it on and held it in position.

I moved behind her to do the hooking. Only she was standing in front of a mirror and I could see both sides of her; her back directly and her front through the reflection in the mirror. Tried as I might but I couldn’t help looking into the mirror. She was looking directly at me and our eyes met.  I felt embarrassed by being so “caught” by her, but I had no choice. I saw her cleavage, her belly, her belly button, and the part below her navel. A sudden rush in my blood flow made my vision go blurry but I recovered quickly. I hooked her bra and left without saying anything. I didn’t even give her a chance to say thank you this time. I was feeling ashamed of having seen my aunt so without clothes. I don’t know what made me stop and look back as I stepped out of the door. She was facing me and was watching me leave. Our eyes met again, this time directly, without the benefit of a reflection. She seemed lost somewhere and gave me a slight smile but didn’t say anything.

I rushed out of there as fast as I could. Her cleavage, her belly, and the area below her navel stayed in my mind all through the day, as did the embarrassment. When I came home that afternoon, I didn’t have the courage to even go eat my lunch. I was afraid of coming face to face with her. I didn’t know if she was upset at my boldness of looking at her directly that morning. I was very hungry though and I couldn’t even think, let alone do my homework, because my brain needed some nourishment. I was startled when she came to my room with my food. I was grateful for her thoughtfulness and I even managed to come out and eat where we normally eat our food.  She let a few days pass before she asked me to hook her bra up again. This time she didn’t need to go to the dresser so everything was standard. Except when I finished hooking her up, she didn’t put her shirt on. She actually turned around to face me in just her bra. Her shirt stayed on the bed.

She smiled and thanked me and asked me if it was becoming too much for me to do this small thing for her. My eyes were focused on her chest. I tried, but failed, to reciprocate her smile. I was too nervous to speak or to do anything else. I just shook my head and took my leave. Obviously she was becoming more and more comfortable with me; that is why she no longer cared about putting her shirt on right away. She felt okay in letting me see her only in her bra. Only that made me very uncomfortable. I didn’t want to see her only in her bra. She looked good that way and I didn’t want to feel about her the way I ended up feeling. I actually enjoyed seeing her that naked. My breathing became uneven.