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Hooking my aunts bra Part 4

My aunt was standing topless in front of me, asking me if I was okay with her being that way. Her eyes were glazed and her face taut. She seemed in a daze. I did the only thing that came to my mind. Actually at that time, my mind had no ability left to think, so I moved with instinct. I went up to her and looked at her breasts closely. I could see the blue veins running though her flesh, the erect nipples, and the goose bumps around her areola. She was trembling. I gazed at them for a while and then slowly reached with my arms and placed my hands gently on each of her breasts. She gave a muffled sob as my hands cupped her breast and pressed on them gently. I looked into her face. Her eyes were closed. I waited for her to look at me. After a few moments, she looked at me. I looked into her eyes and with trembling lips whispered, “Yeah, I am okay with it.”  I had to leave at that moment because I didn’t know what to do next, and I am sure neither did she. The softness and the warmth of her breasts stayed on my hands all through the day.

I didn’t even attend many of my classes. I sat under a tree, hidden from view of most of my school fellows, and came home rather early. I went straight to my room and collapsed on my bed. She slunk into my room. I didn’t get up. She came and stood next to the bed. She had covered her chest with a dupatta. I just looked at her as she looked at me. She slowly removed the dupatta from her chest and said to me, almost in a whisper, “I spent my entire day like this.” I could see the shape of her breasts through the thin material. Her nipples were erect and poking through.  Why?” I asked with a similar whisper. Because you didn’t hook me up before you left.” She said seriously as she waived her bra in front of me.

I laughed hard when I realized that she had spent the whole day without her bra. She put her finger on her lips to shush me. I asked, “Why didn’t you ask someone to help you?”  “Only you are supposed to hook me up.” She said in a way that I almost felt like kissing her. She removed her shirt and showed her breast to me again. I jumped up from my bed and cupped them quickly. There was more vigor in my touches. I was being rough with her. She just sobbed while I touched, caressed, squeezed, and hurt her breasts.  When she realized that I wasn’t going to stop, she pulled herself a little away and said, “Quick before somebody finds out that I am here.” Then she put the bra on her breasts and turned her back to me so I could hook her up. After hooking her up, I reached around and placed my hands on her breasts again. She had to force my hands away so she could put her shirt back on. I continued caressing her breasts even after that and she actually had to hold my hands to stop me so she could leave.

I was out of control, to say the least. I was feeling very erratic. My blood was rushing through my body so fast that I felt dizzy. My brain couldn’t keep up with my emotions. I spent the whole weekend on hot coals, but the fire burnt through my passion so much that by the time we met again, I was calm and in control of my hands. When I placed my hands on her naked breasts during the next opportunity that came, she did something that I found very endearing. While I caressed and squeezed her breasts, she held my face in her hands. There was so much tenderness in her touch that I practically melted with affection. She let me play with her as I saw fit and she only showered me with unspoken love. My chest felt so heavy that the feelings almost oozed out of my eyes.  That afternoon, she came to my room and came into my arms. The first time ever we hugged and what a hug it was. She was so soft and so warm; I wanted to absorb her into myself. She held herself against me while I soaked myself with her tenderness. Then she left as quickly as she had come. She left me behind shaking and trembling and feeling cold. I had to get a grip on myself.

I was so overwhelmed with her softness that I wasn’t giving myself the chance to savor it. I was so hungry that I was eating such delicious food so quickly to almost give me a stomachache. One reason being that we only had limited time with each other; the other being that it was all something new for me. I had only heard stories, and here I was actually experiencing what it feels to be intimate with a woman. Doors were opening to me to a brand new world and I was like a village boy in a big city for the first time.  Besides, I felt a little foolish for acting so emotional. I didn’t know how she felt about the whole thing. Did I just take her by surprise or did she want to be with me as much as I wanted to be with her? I couldn’t say for sure and I had to find out if she really had as strong feelings about the whole thing as I did. I decided to be restrained in our future encounters. I practically went back to our previous routine. I didn’t touch her, only kept myself to hooking her bra.

She was no longer hiding herself away from me, but I controlled the temptation to cup her. I withdrew from showing her my feelings almost completely. It must have seemed like I was upset with her. She didn’t say anything but I could tell that she was confused. One night as I was thinking about her soft and warm breasts, she came to my room in Darkness. She got into bed with me and hugged me hard. Then she whispered in my ear, “Why is it that you don’t touch me anymore?”I wasn’t ready for such a direct question because I was hoping that she would show her want of me instead of just asking me to show my want of her. I didn’t answer her.”Do you know how much I miss your touch?” She whispered again. “I am going crazy waiting for it to come and it is not coming. Have I done something wrong? No,” I knew I had to answer. “It’s nothing like that. It is just that I don’t know how to behave with you. I don’t know what I am supposed to do. I don’t know what you are supposed to do.

Then again, you don’t really do anything. I seem to be the only one who is doing something.”  She slapped me in the face. “I can’t believe what I am hearing.” She seemed angry. “I have given myself in to you. I have let you do with me as you please. Isn’t that something? What do you want me to do, what am I supposed to do? I have made myself available to you.”I understood then what she was going through. I also understood that she was as lost as I was. We were both discovering an uncharted territory and we both had no clue or direction. I just held her in my arms as hard as I could. We both stayed together with each other until she realized that she had to go back. I made a plan after she left. I remembered her words that she had made herself available to me. I hadn’t actually claimed my prize, reward, right, whatever. When we were together the next time and she stood in front of me topless, I asked her to take her shalwar off.  She seemed hesitant, but I was serious. After a slight pause, she pulled her nada and loosened the shalwar around her waist, and then she let it drop to the floor. I moved a little back to look at her completely. She felt awkward, even embarrassed, but I didn’t care. I wanted to see her that way. She was only in her black panties. Apparently, she had settled on black as her new color.

It was lace panty, so her hair and her pussy were visible through it. I then went closer to her, knelt in front of her and started to slide her panty off. She lifted her one foot and then the other to let me remove it off completely. I could hardly breathe. My breath was coming so hard and fast that it was getting stuck on the sides of my air passageway. I swallowed hard as I looked at my aunt standing in front of me completely naked. I must have been pretty yellow in the face as all the blood must have drained from it. I was hard, really hard.  She moved towards me, took my face in her hands and whispered, “You need to calm down, or you are going to faint.”I stuttered, “I can’t. I don’t have any control. I don’t know what to do.”Let me check something.” With that she reached down and placed her hand where my cock was straining.

She felt my hardness and I squirmed. She said, “You seem to have a very serious problem.” Then she started to unbutton my shirt and said, “You better get out of your clothes quickly so I can help you.”  I rushed through undressing and stood in front of her naked. My cock was pointing towards the ceiling. I could see certain amazement in her eyes. She quickly went to her bed and lay down. She asked me to come to her. I was nervous and trembling. I moved next to the bed. She pulled her legs up so her knees were touching her breasts and her feet were in the air. She asked me to come around and sit where her butt was. As I got on the bed and sat on my haunches in front of her pussy, she opened her thighs and gave me a good view of what I never thought I would get to see at my age. She asked me to lean forward and overshadow her with my body.

I had to stretch myself over her. She reached between us and grabbed my cock with her right hand. Her soft hands on my shaft sent shivers up my spine. She rubbed the end in between her legs and I felt her wetness. I had to close my eyes because it was feeling so nice. It seemed like she was looking for something with it and soon she found it. She kind of stuck the tip on an opening and then quickly reached around my body and grabbed my butt cheeks.  “Now, push slowly,” She said. I pushed down and the doors to heavens started to open. I felt myself getting inside of her and my body shook with the force of such sheer pleasure. I kept going in and in for a while before my legs touched her legs.Ohhhhh, Raj.”

She said in a convoluted voice. She motioned for me to pull back up. I slowly started to pull my pelvic area up and I felt myself coming out of her slowly. As I felt the head almost about to come out of her, she grabbed my ass and pushed me down again. Ohhhhh, God, Raj.” I felt a bit scared at the voice coming out of her throat.Ohhhhh, raaaaaaj, you are such a beeeeeaaaaast!”I kept moving up and down slowly, with occasional push against her body to hold myself all the way in.Ohhhh, Raaaaaaaaaj, you feel so good. I feel you all over my insides.”  I kept moving in and out.

Then she grabbed my ass and started to push it down forcibly. It seemed like she was asking me to increase the rhythm. Ohh Raj. Ohh Raj. Oh, Oh, Oh, Raj. Oh, oh, oh, aaaaah!”I started to move even faster.Ohhhohh, aaaahhh, aaah, ahh, ah, aaaaaha, Ohhh, Aaaaah, raaaaaaaaaj.”I kept moving at that fast speed.Oh, oh, oh, ah, ah, ah.” She kept screaming.Ohhhhohhhhoh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrh.”Oh, God, Oh, Raj, Oh, God, Oh Goooooood!!” With that she started thrusting upward.Ohhhhh, Ohhhh, Oh, oh oh oh oh.” Then one big thrust up and she held the position as her body shivered and jerked.  “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Raj.” She said one last time as she relaxed a little. I slowly picked up the pace. She was relaxed and calm by now and let me go at any pace I wanted. Soon, I felt the signal. I felt this sudden rush of incredible pleasure and something started to erupt out of me and into her. I couldn’t hold my voice any longer and had to scream, “Ohhhh Auntie!”No, call me Vidhya,” she said but I was too far gone to care.

Then with one final thrust I held her pinned down and I felt this liquid gushing out of me and into her, first in big spurts, then in short spits and then just leaking slowly. I was spent. I had to just fall on top of her where she held me for a long time. Needless to say, I wasn’t in the mood to go to school after that and I realized that the energy that used to keep me restless had left my body for a while. For a short while as it turned out. I spent the rest of the morning spending it and hearing that weird sound Of hers with “Oh God, Oh Raj” mixed in. Any aunties and girls from Chennai who needs to have fun or just comment my story please do mail me at