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Hot aunty in Bangalore

I am narrating my first story. I am regular reader of AISS This happened 1 years back. This is the true incident which happened in my life a memorable and sweet experience. My name is Raj from Bangalore. (Name changed). I am here submitted story about the encounter with my aunty who is far relative of mine.  First I like to tell you about my aunty her name is Megha (Name Changed). She also from Bangalore only. When this encounter has happened at that time she was 27 years old married. She is happily married, my uncle own a provision store. He will be busy every time till 10 night. First I don’t have any bad intention about my aunt, Once when I went to give a vegetables to my aunt,  there was nobody in the house only aunt, I forget to say how she looks, She is damn sexy with 38d and biggest navel, you could imagine how sexy she was.

When I went to her house she was sleeping. The door was opened, has her house was in first floor she used to open the door and sleep in hall only. There I saw a beautiful scene of my aunt, for first time, Her saree came up till her thighs, her cleavage was full exposing.  When I saw that scene my tool erected and my 8 inches rod was coming out of my pant. I tried to wake her up but she didn’t and I tried to touch her milky stomach which was very beauty, but without courage I kept the vegetable there and went to my home. After that incident I was regular to her house to see the beautiful scenes of my aunt.  One day I went to see xxx movie in my friend’s house, after seeing that Malayalam movie, I came to my aunts house for my surprise she was sleeping in the hall where she used to sleep every day. But the scene was different. But this I saw her big cleave half of her boobs were exposed.

As I have seen that movie recently I was out of control.  As she was in deep sleep I sat near her and staring the boobs who was doing up and down. I was out of control, I don’t how I got courage slowly I slowly moved my hand towards her cleavage. When I touched that spot a current has been passed in my body, I think the first time I touched the women body that too in the important spot.  My hand was shivering because if my aunt may wake and if she tells to my mom or if she make the situation very serious. I noticed that though I touched she is in very fast sleep. I was feeling her soft skin and just moving hand from left to right side on her cleavage. When I pressed that cleavage very hard and squeezed she opened her eyes and scolded  “eno maadta idya, ninge buddi ilva, en maadta erodhu neenu, naanu yaaru antha gotta” (wht r u doing, you know who am i) she told, I was not able to listen at that time, I was pressing. She removed my hand, already I lost my control, when she removed my hand my eyes fell on her stomach which was milky, my hand started to play, she again started to scold me.

To shut her mouth, I locked her lips from my mouth and my hand started to play with her pussy, I started to rub her pussy very hard so that she must become horny and get fucked.  I was rubbing and squeezing her pussy from above saree only, first she tried to remove my hand, but she failed to lose my hand because I was pressing and squeezing hard.  First she protested my activities. I didn’t lose my hand for 10 to 15 minutes, I was kissing her lips and rubbing her pussy very hard. After 10 to fifteen minutes I was shocked from her words, she told that “beda kano maadbeda aa thara, then, aa ujju gillu, kachu innu joraagi aaa thadyokke aagta illa, nange allege idhu vargu yaaru kai aakilla,  chennagidhe ujjuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (no don’t do, then she was telling rub, rub it hard bite it squeeze them hard, I am feeling better, till now nobody touched that part to me). After making her horny I was silent an stood up and started to observe her let us see wht she will do she was saying  “hey kothi nange chulu yabsi neenu hodya yaako nana deha ninge ishta aagilva, nange ee thara yaaru maadilla nimma uncle sumne nanna kai thaare amele malko thaare, ninna aata nanna deha jothe nanna huchu yabusthaa idhe baaro nanna raja, nanna kai nalli thadyokke aagtha illa (hey monkey u made me horny and u simply standing and watching me,  why u didn’t like my body or what, I don’t experience this, ur uncle used to fuck me fast and used to go for sleep, your foreplay made me horny please come my raja” by saying this she was very eager to fuck me.

I understood that my dream came true now. I opened my dress I was only in under wear and told her to stand up.  When she stood I opened her saree, blouse and petticoat. I was stunned and stood like statue by seeing her body she was in white bra and white bra, her 38d was eagerly waiting to come out. Her nipple was erect by which I made her and her panty is wet. I went her I hugged her tightly so that her boobs may press to hard to my body.  I was licking her face, eyes, nose her neck and ear. She was moaning like “ aah aah, maadu chennagi kachu nanna deha na., nannalli ero kaama na evattu neenu kargusu” (aha h do do more, bite my body, please make less of my kaama). I was playing with her boobs above bra only, I was pressing hard so that she was crying with pain. “aah novthaa idhe nidhaanukke maado”.  Then I came down I licked full tomach and pressed them hard, I went her navel which was deep and I put my tongue into her and started to mouth fuck her navel she was shouting that “aah alli eno maadta idyaaa thullu nalli kai andre okluna maadta idyallo, aadru channagide maadu innu maadu nilusbeda please….