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hot chat of a young pregnant desi

sweet sweet baby:hi2..
deadly_rohit:onni aafe or ammi jaaan
sweet sweet baby:aafee here
deadly_rohit:my real buddy
sweet sweet baby:yeah…
sweet sweet baby:em checkin week by week pregnancy…
deadly_rohit:hope everything is well
deadly_rohit:All is well
sweet sweet baby:yeah all is well…
sweet sweet baby:lol
sweet sweet baby:even ma baby..
deadly_rohit:dou feel teh baby now
deadly_rohit:or its so small now
sweet sweet baby:yeah i can..
sweet sweet baby:da movement nd all..
sweet sweet baby:but it pains..
sweet sweet baby:ma abdomen..

sweet sweet baby:Sssss…!!
deadly_rohit:still there is 4 months to go
sweet sweet baby:no 5 months..
deadly_rohit:may i ask u a personal thing????
sweet sweet baby:em 4 months pregnant..
sweet sweet baby:17weeks
sweet sweet baby:
sweet sweet baby:check dis
deadly_rohit:may i ask u a personal thing????
sweet sweet baby:wht?
deadly_rohit:r u guys having sex now a days
deadly_rohit:or stopped it
sweet sweet baby:stopped
sweet sweet baby:check it…
deadly_rohit:u continued for how many days after knowing u r pregnant
sweet sweet baby:da link
deadly_rohit:yeah im looking at that only
deadly_rohit:baby progress
sweet sweet baby:haan..
deadly_rohit:see kitna perdhna per raha hay tumhe
deadly_rohit:about pregnancy n all
deadly_rohit:tumhe sochate hin mujhe juno ki yaad aati hay
deadly_rohit:juno movie
sweet sweet baby:nahi its not imp but…
sweet sweet baby:mujhe acha lag raha hai..
sweet sweet baby:cuz em excited…
deadly_rohit:n u r gathering info as well
sweet sweet baby:haan….
sweet sweet baby:but da baby iz every small..
sweet sweet baby:wid hands nd feet
deadly_rohit:u know i m talking very first time to a pregnant lady
deadly_rohit:that also of just 18 years
deadly_rohit:o oo 19 years now
sweet sweet baby:yeah em 19 yearz old now..
sweet sweet baby:a big girl..
sweet sweet baby:u knw..
sweet sweet baby:lol
deadly_rohit:so ab to jaldi so jati hogi
deadly_rohit:ya ab bhi 4 baje so rahi hay
[FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’]Sent at 2:06 PM on Thursday[/font][FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’][/font]
sweet sweet baby:haan jaldi so jaati hun..
sweet sweet baby:stress feel hoti hai phr..
sweet sweet baby:ma back aches…
sweet sweet baby:nd ma hips..
deadly_rohit:its tough to be a mom
deadly_rohit:but excitring as well
deadly_rohit:at the same time
deadly_rohit:hey at 4th week its hardly visible
sweet sweet baby:haan…
sweet sweet baby:ultrasound main bhi nahi dikhta kabhi kabhi..
deadly_rohit:normal delivery me to baby pussy ke through aata hay
deadly_rohit:but in operational cases me kia hota hay i wonder
sweet sweet baby:through vagina..
sweet sweet baby:but not pussy…lol
sweet sweet baby:use appropriate words…
deadly_rohit:ok through vagina
deadly_rohit:ab khush
sweet sweet baby:haan..
sweet sweet baby:aur bata
deadly_rohit:bas chal rahi hay life
deadly_rohit:i have got a new net friend a 35 years old bhabhi
sweet sweet baby:lol…
sweet sweet baby:too aged..
sweet sweet baby:i guess..
deadly_rohit:BUT SHE IS SO HORNY
deadly_rohit:have fucked around 60 guys
deadly_rohit:can u believe
sweet sweet baby:wht a *****
sweet sweet baby:neway…
sweet sweet baby:they dun feel guilt even..
deadly_rohit:they keep their sex n love life seperate
sweet sweet baby:whts da difference between these two.
deadly_rohit:choro rahne de yaar
deadly_rohit:sabki aapni aapni choice hay
deadly_rohit:let them enjoy
sweet sweet baby:i dun have ne problem wid that…
sweet sweet baby:but dis iz very strange
deadly_rohit:aaapni batao
deadly_rohit:how is love life
deadly_rohit:hwo is zubair feeling withought sex
sweet sweet baby:i dun knw….
[FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’]Sent at 2:18 PM on Thursday[/font][FONT=’Arial’,’sans-serif’][/font]
sweet sweet baby:but he’s not feelin ne thing…
deadly_rohit:he is not jerking off
sweet sweet baby:sometimes
deadly_rohit:may be its teh affect of being father – a responsible man now
deadly_rohit:hmm so he does it in the bedroom itself of hiding it from u
sweet sweet baby:maybe..
deadly_rohit:coz u will feel guilty about not satisfying him