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Hot fuck session of Rahul with Priya-1

Hi all, Ive been thinking of sharing my stories for a very long time now, but Ive been to lazy to type the whole thing out…. anyway, so here goes. My name is Rahul and im from Pune, Im 28 years old, average looking, lean,tall fellow. This incident happened around 3 years ago when I first fucked Priya.

I have known priya since donkeys years and also had fanatsies about her, sexual of course but I could never open up because I was going pretty steady with my girlfriend back then. Priya is from Pune as well and is 25 years old. A short cute gal, with plump ass cheeks, a nice round face and perfectly shaped and sized boobies, beautiful flowing hair,fucking sexy legs and yes shes very fair too.


I’m not really good at stats but if I have to tell you she is well proportioned and a tiny winy bit on the fleshy side. It was a warm thursday afternoon that I was browsing thru my old text messages and there was one sent by Priya, I instinctively called her up and chatted for about half an hour as I was calling her after a very long time,

and obviously being friends the conversation lead to we both being single and then to catch up on the weekend and we ended the conversation. But I should tell you guys that before this I had NEVER made a sexual pass at her, all my feelings I had simply kept to myself. The same evening I tried calling her again at around 10:30 PM but she sent me a text saying that

she cant answer the phone as her folks are around and we can chat via sms, so after a few flirtly messages she said she’ll call me in half an hour, when she called I asked if we should go out on the weekend to some nice quiet place, have a few drinks and chill out, to my surprise she said yes that would be nice, and she knows a resort which is not very far away and is pretty nice,

I asked her if we can stay there overnight to which she refused, which was understandable as she comes from a very conservative marathi brahmin background, and her parents are a very typical marathi orthodox kinda people, I said im okay with a day trip as well. So it was eventually decided that we will meet on saturday morning 11 and then head to the resort on her bike.

I jerked off immediately after having the conversation as I was so hot for her. The whole of friday I did not jerk off as I wanted to be to my full potential on the ‘D- DAY’ So on saturday morning she called me before she was about to leave her house and I got dressed immediately, made sure to carry the condoms in my pockets and I caught a rickshaw and reached the meeting point.

And there she was waiting for me, as soon as she saw me she had a big, beautiful smile on her face…. I ran to her and hugged her tight, she responded by doing the same, I could feel those lovely boobs against my chest, although I couldn’t really make out much of her figure as she was wearing a kinda loose fitting salwar kameez,

so I got on the pillion seat as she was riding and we headed off towards the destination, on the way we stopped and picked up a half bottle of Vodka for her and my customary old monk quarter. WE reached the resort, this one was pretty familiar to me as I had been there a few times before and im sure so had she.

I was a bit apprehensive, I was thinking that by a resort she would mean like a theme park or a nice garden restaurant like the ones which have open air seating where people can just chill out, lounge around and stuff, I did not know how to take it further or what the fuck do I say next! So I somehow gathered some courage and haltingly asked her that should I book a room,

she immediately said yes with an absolute straight face, no smile, no shyness nothing ! I got the room keys, paid and stuff and in we went. It was 11:30 in the morning so we sat on the bed chatting away to glory about her past, my breakup, and the usual work shit, and then I made the drinks, after a couple of stiff ones I asked her to come and sit next to me,

she said “No, im feeling a bit dizzy and I think I wanna lie down for a while” I said cool, no issues, then I made myself another drink and one for her too, she was lying on her tummy and sipping the vodka, I put my drink down and lay down next to her. I could smell her hair, the dupatta hadd come off.

So I simply took her hand into mine, she just squeezed it and turned to face me, She had such a beautiful face, deep brown eyes, big eyelashes, perfectly full round lips, my right hand went towards her hair on the back of her ear, and I simply started kneading her earlobes…. she just let out a small hhhhmmmmmmmmm sound,

I then lay her down properly and kissed on her forehead, she held onto my tee and gently pulled me closer. I then started the foreplay, I kissed her on her cheeks, bit her earlobes, with my hand on her neck, she just put her arms up above her head, now I began kissing her on her neck and she lay there quivering,

and then I kissed her on the lips for the first time I was kissing her, and boy kiss we did ! she was a fantabulous kisser I tell you ! Our lips remained locked around a minute or so, I first bit her lower lip, then circled my tongue on her lower lip, to which she responded by sucking on my tongue, then she put her tounge in my mouth which I gladly sucked on,

by this time she was turned on and I was ROCK hard…. her breath was getting heavy. I asked her to sit up and remover her kameez, to which she obliged and took her kameez off in a flash, my hands were already on her tummy below her boobs feeling the bare white skin, I took my tee and my jeans off and came around to face her,

she was sitting towards the edge of the bed, she just looked up at me and released her boobs from the bra…. and I was so turned on only by seeing them that I could have cummed right there on her face, but somehow I held on. she held me by my waist, pulled me closer and let my prick free of its confines, my dick is of average length but fat enough to make it seem large,

she immediately started sucking on it, completely deep throating ! and I was in heaven ! I responded by holder her hair and fucking her mouth with deep but quick strokes it was so wild that I almost gagged her ! I then asked her to stop and I shoved her onto the bed, and roughly removed her salwar and panties… she had shaved her pussy.

I then asked her how did she want it rough or easy, she said I could do her in any way I wish, and this is just what I wanted. I went to work, slowly kissing her feet, while my hands caressing her thighs…. and she was moaning with pleasure…… I gradually came up, kissed the inside of her thighs lifted ler legs in the air,

parted them and slowly kissed her shaven pussy, she gave out another loud moan, I then began teasing her pussy lips with my tongue, and I inserted one finger in her pussy and began rubbing it nicely wile still licking her pussy, she was moaning pretty loud by now, I inserted a second finger and continued what I was doing,

she held my head tight and I got even bold and inserted a third finger and really started finger fucking her, I could sense her shudder and she gave a loud gasp… I knew she had came, I did not stop at this, I took my fingers out spread her pussy lips and jabbed my tongue in her pussy and begain teasing her clitoris,

she began pressing my head tighter and tighter towards her pussy, my hands now went towards her nipples and I started pinching them, kneading them…. immediately after a minute or so I could sense her shuddering and gasping loudly, I know she had come again ! she begged me not to stop,

I kept my tongue inside her pussy and continued my tounge fucking session, she came again ! so after 3 orgasms I stopped. I got on top of her and smooched her real hard, she responded by holding my dick and guiding it towards her pussy gently rubbing it against her pussy lips but not inserting it, and I was in no hurry either.

I kept smooching her and then I got down to her boobs, she begged me to suck them…. and I was kneading her boobs, pressing them gently then increasing my pace, while my tongue was playing with the other nipple, I continued sucking and biting the nipples till she asked me to give them a break as her nipples were very sore, I could see it,

her areola which was wheatish earlier was now flaming red. Then all of a sudden she grabbed my dick and giuded it to her pussy and she kept saying that “enter me, enter me right now please !” I immediate buried the head of my dick in her slutty cunt. I then realized that I did not have a condom on, she was desperate for my dick to fuck her,

I told her that I have not put a condom on, but she seemed oblivious to what I was saying and she said “forget the condom Rahul, just fuck me, make me your whore” And that did it, I Plunged deep inside her in the first thrust itself, she cried out loud and begged me to go slow, but I wouldn’t listen, I had got a pussy to fuck after months !

so I was not gonna stop or slow down… I continued with my hammering, after less than a minute she started enjoying it too and started lifting her hips ! Her face was showing how much she was enjoying it, she kept moaning aah aaah aaaah on every time I plunged into her cunt. I now pulled out and asked her to go on all fours and I got behind her,

incidentally the mirror was right in front of us so now we both could see each other fucking the daylights out of each other ! I wasted no time in entering her pussy from the back…. she said that this was her favorite position and that got me REALLY going…. I caught her hair with my right hand and was slapping her ass cheeks with my left and I alternated the process

with both hands while still ramming her from behind…. she was now almost shouting with pleasure and she came again for the fourth time now ! I told her that I am very close to coming myself. She asked me to wait and we got back to the missionary position. We both had a pure look of lust in our eyes….. She said that she wanted to see my face when I cum.

I said that I wanted to cum inside her pussy she said YES ! please do that….. I was in full speed now, ravaging her pussy, Ramming it with full force, and she kept saying in my ear “i am your whore, im your slave, im your slut” again and again…. within a minute I told her that im gonna come… she kept saying yes baby, come, come in my pussy….

and I went felt like a jolt when it happened, my entire body froze as I ejaculated a whole lot of sperm into her beautiful pussy, and I came in spurts, which I do only when I am really really satisfied ! I kept stroking her pussy with my dick even as I was spurting out the last of my cum into her, I like the feeling when I fuck the pussy just after I have come, as it milks out all the cum !