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Hot fuck session of Rahul with Priya-1

Hi folks, this story is about a sex encounter between Rahul and Priya. It had been an eternity in coming. Rahul was finally going to meet Priya. She was stunning and he had fantasized about her for what seemed like forever. She had read his stories and enjoyed them, they had flirted and chatted for months and finally she had agreed to meet him to act out one of his fantasies.

He had her address and was driving over there now. She had sent him several photos of herself waiting that evening, wearing the outfit she had been teasing him with for weeks. It was a gorgeous black and white striped babydoll. One of the photos she had sent him earlier had been of her looking up at the camera, tongue flicking over her lips and a shot of her amazing cleavage.

He drove, struggling to concentrate, making his way to her house. Pulling up outside he locked the car and checked himself over before walking up to the house. Checking his phone he texted her that he had arrived. The door in front of him opened slightly and he walked up letting himself in through the open door.

The house was silent around him as he made his way up the stairs. Turning he opened the door to her room and saw her on the bed. She was lying on her back, the blindfold in place like they had agreed. He walked up to the bed silently and reached down to take one of her wrists feeling her jump as his warm hands met her soft skin for the first time. She let him take her wrist unresisting as he tied it to one of the bars of her headboard.

Moving round the bed his hand slowly traced down her body over her legs, feeling her shiver underneath his gentle caress as he made his way back up the other side of her body. He took her other wrists and tied it firmly to the headboard again. Blindfolded and helpless now she lay there before him as without a word he silently stripped out of his clothes he slowly knelt at the foot of the bed sliding on between her feet before leaning down and gently beginning to kiss up her legs. He could feel the tension in her body as his kisses slowly slid higher up her calves.

He progressed higher, kissing the inside of her knees feeling her twitch as his breath warmed the inside of her thighs. He heard the softest breathy moan escape past her parted lips as the warmth of his kisses intruded under the babydoll against the softness of her shaven mound. He leaned down and gently pulling the babydoll up slightly he ran his tongue over the length of her damp slit. Flicking the tip inside he gently flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit making her buck her hips upwards before he settled into slow leisurely strokes of his tongue bringing a louder moan this time.

His hand gently traced up the inside of her thigh and giving himself a little space he slowly slid one finger inside her whilst his tongue switched to small circles around her clit. Adding a second finger he upped the pace of his oral attention whilst beginning to thrust his fingers in and out of her soaked hole feeling the heat of her groaning and aware of the louder moans escaping now as she surrendered to his tongue and fingers.

Her cries grew as he got faster and as he heard her cries changed he knew he had found the spot that she had mentioned all those weeks ago. Mercilessly he finger fucked her and licked her sweetness until she almost exploded off the bed up against him. For several minutes her body shook and she cried out gasping till she fell back limp against the sheet.

By now Rahul was hard and throbbing and slowly moved up the bed as knelt over her face. She could feel his body close to her and her mouth opened, her tongue flicking over her lips. Rahul smiled and slowly lowered his shaft till the head touched her questing tongue. She licked the tip of his hardness eagerly. He thrust quickly into her mouth feeling her gag slightly before he pulled back. She began licking and sucking on his shaft as he slowly slid back and forth between her lips.

He moaned softly as he felt her tongue working the length of his shaft. Slowly he slid out of her mouth and slid the baby doll up her body feeling her wiggle till it was just around her neck, her amazing breasts exposed to his view. Quickly he leaned down and captured her nipple in his mouth biting down slightly before flicking it with his tongue. He slid up again and grabbed her large soft tits with his hands and wrapped them around his shaft and slowly slid back and forth between them enjoying the stunning view!

Finally he felt himself reaching the critical point and slid back up her body pressing his throbbing shaft against her lips before smiling as she opened them. The sight of his thickness entering her mouth against set him off and jets of hot cum filled her mouth as she swallowed them down licking her lips as the last drops dripped down across her chin.

Rahul leaned down to kiss her neck softly, his breath hot against her skin as his hands roamed over her beautiful naked body taking in the sight of the constellation of stars just above her hips. Kisses, gentle and teasing, slowly covered her skin from neck to naval as his hands stroked and teased, finding their way to her wetness again before slipping inside. Soon she was writhing and moaning under him again and it was finally time.

Kneeling between her legs he gripped her hips raising her slightly as he lined himself up. Rubbing the head of his shaft against her wetness he slowly began sliding the tip of his cock into her feeling her moan as his thickness spread her open. Grinning he drove himself fully into her. He heard her cry out as he buried himself as deep inside her as he could. Slowly he drew himself out of her, hearing her whimper as his shaft left her before he slowly pushed back inside.