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Hot fuck session of Rahul with Priya-2

After the fuck, I lay down on top of her, I still hadn’t pulled out…. I told her that she was fucking amazing and was really good in bed, to which she just smiled, she said that she likes to have the dick in her pussy after fucking. I then pulled out, cleaned myself in the loo and wore the towel as a lungi, she wrapped another towel around her went to the loo to take a pee and came back.

Now I poured myself another drink and she also started finishing her drink, now she had finished almost half of the bottle ! I now ordered for food to be sent in and in the mean while we were chatting away. mostly about sex, she then told me that she always had a crush on me but could never tell me about it.I asked her how did she loose her virginity,


she said that one day when her parents weren’t at home she had called her ex boyfriend home, and it was their first time alone together and then he forced her into doing it and that’s how she lost her virginity. Now that she was single I asked her how did she manage to curb her sexual needs ?

she said that she does not have to she has a couple of sex buddies from whom she gets fucked whenever she wants, and that one of her fuck-buddies is a married man but she didnt care. She also told me that when I had called her on thursday afternoon she was already at her fuck-buddies place and was about to be fucked by him when I called, this got me turned on even more.

We finished another round of drinks and finished the food. As soon as we cleaned up the plates I made her get up from the bed and undid her towel and pulled her close to me and we kissed passionately while my hands were running down her back tickling her spine with my fingers. And the fingers of my other hand were running down the crack of her ass this made her shiver and she thew her head back,

I again puller her head towards me, grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands pushing her pelvis against my dick and we lip-locked again for around a minute. I then started kissing her neck, her earlobes moving down to her breasts, I made her lie down on the bed and started making circles around her nipples and she started moaning in pleasure as

I started pinching the other nipple with my finger and I kept alternating from one breast to the other, I then asked her to hold her boobies together and started titty fucking her I put my dick between her boobies and started fucking like that, everytime my dick went upwards, she used to stick out her tounge and lick it, it was amazing ! I then decided to change position,

I lay down on the bed and asked her to ride me, she placed her pussy on the top of my dick and I entered without warning she gasped in pain and pleasure and she began gyrating her ass and started moving up and down, her mouth was wide open all the time, I then guided my hands to her boobs and started pinching her nipples and watching her boobs dangle up

and down was just fantastic. I pulled her upper body down towards mine so that her boobs could touch my chest and I grabbed her ass and started ramming into her myself, I could feel that I was on the way towards coming, so I pulled out, and asked Priya to lay sideways and I got behind her and lifted her right leg up in the air and guided my dick into her pussy and

I asked her to keep her leg in the air with my right hand I grabbed her boobs and began fucking her wildly, and this time there was a lot of dirty talk, which I really really enjoy, I fucked her for sometime that way and then pulled out as she was having difficulties keeping the leg in the air for more time.

I then got her on all fours and started fucking her again in the front of the mirror, while I was banging her she could not stop moaning aloud, and eventually she came one more time, I kept ramming her, she said that her pussy is sore now and begged me to come, I said im not done with her cunt yet, so she asked me if She can give me blowjob instead,

to which I readily agreed, I didnt want to tire her out completely as there was plenty of time left to go home. So I pulled out, washed my dick real quick as it was sticky with her pussy juices and my pre-cum, so after washing I rushed back and asked her to kneel on the gound and I got in front of her and she eagerly started kissing my shaft with her lucious,

full pink lips and began stroking and fondling my balls, this really gives me a high so I was really enjoying it, I then simply roughly shoved my cock in her mouth and orderd her to deep throat me, she started doing so, while my sucking on my tool, she somehow managed to lick the top part of my dick !

this was making me go crazy, I then grabbed her by her hair and started fucking her mouth, and her hands went down to her boobs and she began squeezing her nipples, I was really fucking her mouth by now, she waned me to pull out so that she can take a quck breather, but I gagged her, I refused and continued fucking her mouth,

I started shouting that im going to come, the grip of her lips on my dick increased and she started to deep throat me really hard now, I was about to explode, and I held her hair with both hands and roughly and convulsed, and I came in her mouth again in spurts, she didnt pull my dick out, instead she kept sucking on it for a good half a minute after I came,

she said to me that this was the first time that she had swallowed cum. She had other men coming in her mouth befoe but she never swallowed anybodys cum before, I was pleased that I was the first one now ! We then lay down on the bed and slept for a while then we fucked twice more before we went home.

After this incident we have made love on numerous occassions and it was as good as the first time ! In my next blog I will narrate my 9 day sex escapade with a English Chick, whom I met when I was backpacking solo in Karnataka ! Hope You guys liked this one!