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Hot fuck session of Rahul with Priya-2

He began slowly fucking her. Marvelling at the tightness of her wet hole as he slowly slid in and out he leaned down to capture her nipples in his mouth again sucking hard, nibbling and flicking them adding to the sensations overwhelming her as he began to speed up the pace of his hard thrusts within her. Raising her legs up to his shoulders so her ankles were by his head he drove himself in and out of her faster and harder now. She cried out, her pussy tightening around his throbbing cock as he drove in to her again and again, her body thrashing underneath him as he finally exploded deep inside her.

He slowly slid out of her and leant down to kiss her lips softly. Tied to the bed and blind to all around her she lay there panting as his hands traced soft patterns over her skin. Reaching up her gently undid the ropes from around her wrists and let her rub her arms as the circulation returned to her fingers. She wasn’t allowed to undo the blindfold however and as she turned he gently guided her close to him.

She slid around the bed, her hands gently reaching out and finding him. Stroking him, exploring his body. She slowly kissed her way over his body; starting with searching for his lips she kissed him passionately. Her tongue flickered in and out of him mouth, meeting his, before she slowly kissed her way down his body taking his semi-hard length into her mouth. This time with her hands and body un-restrained Rahul was treated to an amazing blowjob. Her head and hands worked his shaft like no one ever had. Her tongue moving down and over his balls, back up the length of his shaft, fingers and nails stroking over his skin leaving white marks as she worked harder and faster till he was back at his full hardness and swaying in the air.

She slid up his body again kissing him hard before she reached between her legs to position his cock at the entrance to her wet hole. Slowly, ever so slowly, she began to slide down the length of his cock till she was fully impaled on the length. Rocking backwards and forwards she moved him within her making his shaft rub just the spots she wanted. He kept himself still to begin with till he understood where she wanted him then gripping her hips he began moving with her, making sure his shaft hit just the right places inside her to make her moan. He felt her getting wetter as he moved within her hearing her sighs get louder as she began to drive herself down onto his shaft.

He could hear the slapping sound of his skin meeting hers then suddenly almost without warning she came again hard. Her body flopping down on him as he slid out of her, his hardness resting against her ass. Rahul slid her off him and moved behind her he rolled her over so she was face down and grabbed her hips and lifted her hips up till her face was buried in the pillows with her ass in the air.

Slapping her as he moved behind her and rammed his cock deep inside her soaking slit. He fucked her hard and fast, his fingers digging into her hips as he pulled her back against him over and over ramming in and out of her. His need was urgent now. He had this amazing woman bent over in front of him, tired and shaking still from the several orgasms he had given her. His thick cock split her open again and again as he hammered in and out of her. Fast, hard and deep strokes pushed her up the bed. Grabbing her hair he pulled her head back and up as he powered in and out of her.

Unbelievably he felt her cum again and at that sensation of her gripping his cock he exploded deep inside her again. Grunting as he rammed his cock as deep inside her and exploded again filling her with his seed. Leaning down he gently kissed the back of her neck and slid off the bed leaving her huddled in a sweaty heap, a satisfied if slightly tired smile on her face in the middle of the bed gasping. He gathered his clothes and silently dressed letting himself out and driving away smiling.