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Hot journey of Nidhi-2

She was tentative at first, licking lightly and letting herself get used to his smell and taste. He didn’t push her away or pull her in, he seemed to be allowing her to explore. His shaft was growing increasingly hard but he wasn’t moving at all so she wasn’t sure she was doing very well. His hands rested lightly in her hair and she raised her eyes to meet his as she took his full length into her mouth. As if they’d agreed, she felt his hands tighten in her hair, felt him begin guiding her. She relaxed into his hands and simply enjoyed the experience. His flavour was pleasant. He was definitely thoroughly aroused and had begun muttering under his breath. She couldn’t make out what he was saying or even what language, but she didn’t care. She focused completely on pleasing him, watching his face for her cues. His fists were gripping her hair almost painfully and he was fucking her mouth. When he exploded into her throat, she relished it, swallowing as much of his seed as she could, then licking away the remaining drops. As she reluctantly released his cock, she realized she’d been moaning and her pussy was soaked. She lifted her eyes to his once more and he took her hand and helped her stand.

They looked at each other silently, then he lifted his hand to her throat, resting it there. Her body immobile and her breath frozen in her chest. Terror seized her and she felt her heart pounding against his thumb. They’d discussed her anxiety over anything that interfered with her breathing. Was he going to kill her? She didn’t move, just looked into his eyes. She waited for him to squeeze, instead he slid his other hand around to the back of her neck and pulled her in until their foreheads touched and he was looking straight into her eyes. His fingers nearly touching as they ringed her neck.


“Yes, yours,” she breathed with finality, trying to let him see into her soul. Trying to show she trusted him, but worried all he’s see was her fear.

He seemed to be looking for something in her eyes, then he pulled back and slipped both arms around her back, pulling her into a tight embrace.

“Good girl,” he said softly into her ear. “Such a good girl and all mine.”

“Only yours,” she whispered, her voice shaking and tears forming. “Your Valentine’s Day present.”

Madhur pulled back slightly. “You are perfect, kitten. Absolutely the best Valentine’s gift I’ve ever received. I certainly won’t be returning it.”

The breath Nidhi had been holding stuttered in her throat as she exhaled. She felt her entire body melt into him as he pulled her close again. Home, she thought. Finally, after a lifetime, she was home.