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Hot lesbian

I began having lesbian urges from age the showers at school after sports lessons i had more than a passing curiousity about other girls bodies.i would always try to deny and forget the strange sordid feelings i had experienced so often,and usually i did that pretty well.i fooled myself it was just imagination playing tricks..but by the time I was 20 those feelings were much stronger.i had erotic fantasies about many females in school,and one woman in particular.she was my teacher,emma.everytime i saw her i automatically felt aroused with feelings i could not understand.

all i knew is that i wanted “something” to happen but not knowing what her class i could not concentrate at all,i could not stop looking at her.then one day as i was walking down a deserted corridor,emma suddenly stepped out of a stationary cupboard.i thought i was seeing things when she stopped and puckered her lips at me,saying “i’ve noticed you staring at me honey”.i thought maybe she was just teasing,joking or being sarcastic so i said “okay miss” and beat a hasty was time to go home,i fumbled around in my bag for some bus fare.damn,i had left it at home.that morning i had got up late and managed to get a lift in to school,totally forgetting about how i’d get i had to walk,and even worse it was raining cats and dogs.i was about half-way home when a car stopped beside was emma.

“why don’t you come back to my place,you can dry off and get changed”she said.i hate getting wet,was glad of her offer.but as got in the car i felt most uncomfortable.i crossed my legs defensively,the feelings i had caused fear and uncertainty in me.i was in denial.”she looked at me saying”it’s okay honey,we’ll soon have you sorted!”.”sorted?”i thought,what did she mean?was she coming onto me?on the way to her place she told me about her family,childhood,but most of all about her failed marriage.”men are so unreliable don’t you think?”she asked.”i wouldn’t know miss”i replied.i was never interested in boys or men,but i wasn’t going to tell her that.nor was going to openly admit to her that i had urges towards her.i didn’t have to.we got to her house and she showed me to a bedroom,handing me some clean underwear.HER underwear.

she left the room.oh my god,there i was with HER knickers in my hands.feelings of intense lust,if you will,overcame me.i buried my nose in those panties and inhaled deeply and as soon as did my crotch began to twitch madly,uncontrollably.i pulled on her stockings then she walked back in.the sight of her wearing only a pvc mack and stockings and suspenders made me jump.i opened my mouth to speak but no words came out.all i could do was gasp when she undid the buttons on her mack,exposing her body to me.”i know you WANT this honey!”she uttered,her voice trembling as she pushed me to the wall and forced her thigh between my legs.i could feel her shaking as she held me tight writhing against me.i began to tremble too,it was like heaven and hell all at the same time.another female was having me and i liked it.

i began to writhe back against her,we both groaned and gasped in ecstasy and orgasmed all too soon.after we’d done the dirty deed,she drove me home-on the way we said nothing.the next day it happened again.she followed me into the toilet at lunch was just me and her in heart pounded as she touched me intimately,”i want to mack you again,and i know you want it as much as i do” she said.oh god yes i wanted it.i wanted her to have me like some little whore.ten minutes later we met in a little used store room.she had the key and locked the door from the inside…….she entwined her legs with mine and macked me again that day,and several times later on in the coming weeks until i left school.i don’t see her anymore,she had to move to another city to be with her family.i’m really NOT your typical,stereotyped lesbian,i don’t especially enjoy doing oral and i hate those pathetic little “toys” which are nothing more than rubber plastic cocks.

all i need is to be kissed,groped,rubbed by another girl to turn me on and get me off.since that time i’ve macked many other girls and made them orgasm the way emma did me.there are so many girls around who desire a woman’s touch it is really easy to find a willing lesbian sex partner.and of course if i met emma again today,we’d soon be somewhere private giving each other a good hot macking!