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Hi friends this is my first story on this site. My name is Hritvik and I am from Delhi . I have a FFF attitude friendly , flirting and fucking Any lady between age 26-38 can contact me  for a very hard fuck. Right now I am in final year and can provide service in Delhi and Haryana. So all the horny ladies contact me at my email id mentioned above.


The story starts when I was doing in 3rd year. And I came to Delhi for my summer internship. As with this I joined my favorite hobby that was swimming. I enjoyed swimming n know all strokes very well. I have a FFF attitude friendly, flirting and fucking attitude.

This time when I joined swimming there were many new people who came to learn swimming. And out of these all people I saw a lady of approx 32 age. She was trying hard to do freestyle. But she couldn’t do. She saw me two three times. And I saw her too for 2 3 min our eyes exchanged.

After 2 3 days I told her that she was doing wrong and from then we started to bond. Her name was swati guys her figure was 34-26-32. What a bombshell she was. While teaching her I touched her boobs many times but she didnt mind.

One day she told me how sad she was from her husband. We started meeting outside the pool n exchanged numbers.

One day I went to the pool late and it was my luck that she was also there. It started raining and she told me to come to her house to get myself dry and to wait for the rain to stop. We drived to her home and she went to take a bath I went to the lobby and asked her if I could check my emails on her laptop she said sure and opened her laptop and went to took to bath I started exploring the laptop and saw porn videos folder in her laptop.

I started watching them and wished if something like this could happen in house tonight. She was done with her bath. Her hairs were wet she changed her self into a black hot nighty. She was looking damn hot and her black bra was clearly visible from the night. She had a mole on her neck which was making her more sexy. After checking her out My cock started to erect. She saw that n with a blush I thought it was a green signal and a lot can happen tonight. she went to kitchen to make some coffee. I went to the kitchen and touched my bulge at her ass. She didnt say anything. I started pressing her boobs slowly slowly n also kissed on her neck to make her more horny she was getting seduced

I turned her towards me and started kissing on her neck. And she got seduced I started kissing her on her lips. And then slowly I removed her nighty. She was now in her black bra and black panty she was looking she damn hot that I just cant explain.I licked her navel and her hand went inside my shorts n she touched my dick.

I took her in my arms n went straight to the bedroom. I started kissing on her back. N slowly opened her bra. Her 34 big tits came out from the bra. I licked her boobs n bite her nipples. Her panty was all wet seemed she had cum.

I carried on kissing I slowly inserted my hand in her panty and started fingering. She pushed me on her bed and started to lick my dick. What a blowjob it was like a slut she was licking my cock.

I pulled her towards myself n put m head in her boobs. And started fingering in her ass. She was getting more seduced and she repeatedly said that ab andaar daal do. Aur maat tadapayo plzz hritvik fuck me I need your cock. She cummed two three times and I licked her juices n licked her pussy for 10 mins after that

I inserted my cock in her pussy and slowly pushed in. She mourned aahhhh ohhh yaaaaa. Yesssss hritvik come on After her such voices I increased my speed.Band fucked her hard for 20min n she shouted fuck yaa aaaah hhh come onnn faste eer rrrr yaaa aaahh hhh haa aaaa ohhhh hh yes ssssss

After that we took a break n she brought some coffee for me and herself. We watched a porn film and during the film we smooched n I licked her nipples n she licked my dick.We had sex in 69 position and i even fucked her in doggy style.

After that we had a fuck in her bathroom where we had tub sex. I fucked her in her tub and licked her pussy like a wild dog. She licked my dick. and later one more fuck in her bedroom. Where i poured some chocolate on her pussy and her boobs and licked it properly she later pored chocolate on my dick and licked it properly as she was hungry for this for many years She was very much horny and it seemed her sexual desire was fulfill with having sex with me. I cummed on her face and on her body she licked mu dick like a lollipop and licked all my cum. After that we slept that night nude with each other her hand was on my dick and my hand were on her boobs. We hardly slept that night n smooched each other after 10 min. I even did fingering in her pussy and licked her pussy after 10 min

After that in swimming whenever we met pressing her boobs n fingering was common in d pool. And sometimes when nobody was in the pool we even had underwater smooch. She was very happy with me. And used to call me her home when her husband was out of delhi for 2 3 days. In short guys swati ko dhaang se chooda yrr.
Whenever we meet we have a great fuck with each other

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