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Hot massage to my officemate

HI.. I am back with my new story for u all I got good response from u for my pervious stories. i am Kiran from Hyderabad.

Every one in this site write only fucking stories like hw there fucked aunties or girls in which position they fucked and all , this is total a new story for all I think so if u like my story comment me and I will try to write my real stories what had happened. I will not waste your time girls coming back to my story this story is all about seduction only how I seduced my office mate. In office only.

It happened just few months back when I was send to my new branch in Pune to give support to them. I was total new to that city and I did not get room to stay also, for few days I stayed in hotel alone I was getting bore in hotel so 2nd day only I taught to bring a girl to hotel and have fun but after thinking I taught this is new place y to take risk, so I did not get any girl and spent like that only for one week. In that week I searched a room for myself which is near to my office and just 1 hr distance.

I like to stay alone and house owner also was nice he gave me the room and soon I shifted to that room. I was new to office also I had no friends in office I used to come and go alone from office, I just used to chat with all in office and all were like just hi and bye candidates, I felt myself lonely for some time but I like to be like that only, in our office there were many divisions as I was networking admin I should check all the divisions there I have seen a sexy and short girl she was very nice and when I first saw her

I was totally in love with her , some say na love in first sight it was like that only for me. From that day I used to go daily In her division to see and used to stare her throughout the day this went for few days once she caught me when I was seeing her and I just gave a simple smile to her and she also replied I was in heaven girls when I returned home na I pumped my penis very hard and it was very nice thinking of her and taking lot of sperms I had a great feeling by the end of night and I slept very nice.

Next day morning when I entered in her division I think she was waiting for me only I told good morning to her and she replied me back the same and gave a naughty smile, as I was network admin I know her ip address and I pinged her from my system , first she did not chat with me thinking who was I and when I told her who am I she started to chat with me and it was very nice chatting with her , she was very nice girl I taught and our talks were going on like that only. Ohhhhhhh sorryyyy boyssss

I forgot to say u about the girl na she was married and her husband used to stay in different city and used to come only once in a month, her asset where very nice like her boobs ra round if any one sees them like to suck them her lips and one special thing is her butt(ass) was very big I taught to fuck her in ass itself if I get a chance to fuck her . her body shape is around 36-32-38 very sexy if u want to imagine about her she looks like ramba (tollywood actress) like her only but she is short k.

I got to know all this information by chatting with her , seeing her while lunch and I made sure that I will fuck her at any cost by the week end itself. Now the main story starts get ready girls and aunties within no time your pussy will get wet . Daily we used to chat on net and u both become good friends, we exchanged phone no and used to talk in night also other then sex topics.

One day while I was leaving from my office she told me she will also come with only as her house was on the way to my house only we both started walking on road and while walking we talked more about her family and my family matters. After few mins her room came and I asked with whom she stays to my surprise like me she was also staying alone in her room I said bye to her and left. I night around 10 I got a call from her and we started talking she asked me with whom I am staying

I also said that I am staying alone from then our behavior also changed in office I used to stare her very much and she came to know that I am staring at her . she asked me why I am staring at her and I simply said her that u r the beautiful girl which I have ever seen and u r very sexy today so that I am looking to u very much today , by hearing this she stopped chatting with me and did not talk to me at least 2 hr later I told sorry to her for what I told her and she told k and again we started chatting .

I was shock to her first question what she asked me , what do u like more in me she asked me , I told everything and I told directly to her that your husband is a lucky person to have a beautiful wife like her and I told if I was her husband I would never let her go from my room she got shock by hearing this but did not say anything like that our chat continued while going to our house also I was looking to her only. She covered all her parts. Her house came and she told bye to me I requested her to wear saree for me for which she too she will think about it and left to her house.

In night she called me and asked me why I should I wear saree I told I want to see u in that dress, she was asking y I should wear that dress y u like that so much. I told i want to see u in saree , you look very nice in it and our talk continued on this topic for some time and we said good night to each and slept. Next morning when I saw her na I was stun to see her she was looking like a angel in white saree.

We started walking on road all of a sudden she was going to fell on road and I caught hold off her first time I touched her belly with one hand and other hand was on her shoulder . her belly was really soft and I started to feel her belly on road itself it was very wonderful exp on road touching a married woman’s belly and I tried to make her stand and in that process I touched her boobs also her boobs were like mangoes there were ready to be giving me juice.

again we started walking and I was feeling very hard in my pants and same as she . while I observed she frequently was touching her pussy and adjusting herself, I gave a smile at her which she also gave me a smile I asked her is there any problem down there , she did not hesitate to answer me she told she had got a pain near her thighs and was not able to walk properly I understood the situation and

I told her shall we go to house and take some rest then return to office . she agreed and we went to her room , this was the first time I had gone to her room , her room was very nice and beautiful like her only . I sat on the sofa and she also sat beside me pressing her tights I taught this is the chance to go further and enjoy with sexy beauty married women, I told shall I apply oil on her tights so that her pain will reduce first say objected me and to my full request she agreed I was now in heaven to see the beauty of this married lady and enjoy with her.

I told her to wear a night gown so that her would spoil if she be on it only, she went in and closed the door to change the dress I went back to room and started to watch her from key hole , she was facing her back to me I was not able to see her front part. First she started to remove her saree slowly and through it on the floor next removed her blouse and to my surprise she removed her white bra also my penis was making tent in my pants

I was pressing it from top of my pants only , next she started to remove her petticoat and she removed her panty also I taught today is the day to fuck her. She wore a white color nighty again and was ready to come out I came back to my seat and was watching movie on TV. She came from her room and stood back of me she called me to her bedroom, I was walking back of her and her ass was clearly visible her crack was making me mad, I asked her where she is getting pain she told near her right leg the place which she showed me na was very sexy she directly showed just near her pussy

I told I will do oil message but I think u have to remove this. She refused to remove and she told me to apply oil by keeping hand inside her dress. I told k and took my position in b/w her legs told her to spread her legs she spread only somewhat , I was seeing her total body she closed her eyes while I was seeing her boobs were so big because of her breathing her boobs where rising in air I taught to touch them but just stood there watching the huge boobs , she opened her eyes told me to start my work to apply oil on her thighs ,

I slowly put my hand inside her nighty slowly started applying oil from toe she was feeling very hot I slowly kept on moving my hand rubbing her leg till knee I was also feeling hot inside so I was thinking to remove my shirt, I removed my hands from her nighty and started to remove my shirt she opened her eyes and asked me y I was removing my shirt I told her I was hot inside and started to remove my pant also she stopped me to remove my pant I asked y she told y am I removing

I told oil may touch pants na that’s after that she told k and I removed my pant and shirt I was only in my underwear , from which she can see my huge penis string to come out of it, I saw her face was red she was biting her lips hard pressing her pillow also I understood her situation and started my work again, I told shall I apply oil on both the leg she agreed and kept my both hands on both the legs and started to apply oil , in few mins only she was screaming uhhh

I was also feeling hot and I moved her nighty till knee she does not know about this, I kept on moving my hands rubbing till her keens only my 8inch dick was trying to get out do while rubbing I took it out and moved her nighty till her thighs she did not see my dick , because she has closed her eyes, now I was applying oil on her both thighs , her thighs were milky color if anyone see na no doubt he will bite it very hard and make it,

was moving near to her pussy , same time my penis was also getting near her pussy , I was totally in heaven , at last I moved her nighty till her stomach , the view was perfect I just taught to put my dick inside and fucker her badly , her pussy was clean shaved and due to my massage she was hot and was coming , I saw her juice near her pussy , I slowly went forward that was the first time I kept my penis very near her pussy in few inch away from her pussy, I started to massager her stomach now in process

I was touching her pussy , what a feeling dear , she was screaming she opening her eyes and caught hold of my penis and she told what I was doing to her , I told nothing dear just massaging u and myself , she caught hold it tightly and pressed it very hard on her pussy lips I taught I got the signal and I directly moved her dress total till her neck , now she was total nude in front of me and I started giving French kiss to her she responded very nice in the process I was pressing her boobs and was screwing her nipples,

She was shouting with romantic sounds It was making me more mad my penis was exact on target and I was rubbing it on her pussy , I did not want to enter her at that time I want to seduce her for more then to enter her , this went for more than 1 hr , I was just lying on her sucking her boobs , giving kisses but we both did not change the position for 1 hr, later I fucked her for about 1 hr that I will say you in my next story..How did you like my story please give comments on my story.