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Hot neighbour aunty-1

Hi, I am Raj from Andhra I am reading these sex stories for many
Since I came from typical South Indian traditional background I
didn’t get enough opportunities for sex.
Awaiting your comments please bare with me if you come across any

It was summer vacation. I was alone at home since everyone from my
family had gone to the native place. My mom requested our neighbor
viji to give me food for those 15 days. Viji was a very good lady; by
nature as well as by looks.
She was just 25 years of age and looks stunning even after 1 year of
his marriage. She was damn hot & sexy. Her smile is the most pleasant
thing of his beauty. She came to live in the house next to ours couple
of months ago. She was divorced. Her husband went to u.S.A last year
and got married to another lady there. And gave divorce to viji.Her
husband had given her enough money so that she would not have to work
for making the living. In those two months, she became very friendly
with our family. I shared a very close friendship with her. So close
that even the difference between our ages doesn’t matter. I used to
call her by name. We both enjoyed each others’ company very well.

She accepted my mom’s request immediately since she always feels
very lonely. She had a great body to go with her fair complexion. She
was neither too fat nor too thin. She had a nice medium sized pair of
boobs. She had a great dress sense which made her look even more
beautiful and much younger than she actually was.

She turned many heads when she walked on the road. She was a very good
person to talk with. I never got bored when I spent time with her. To
sum it all up, she was a perfect lady for me. So I was very happy that
I’ll be spending so much time with such a lovely lady. I went to
railway station to see my parents off.

When I came back she saw me entering the gate and opened her door to
ask whether my parents went. Then she told me to come to her house. I
told her that I’ll come after taking bath. Since my parents took an
early morning train I had no time to take bath. She was ready with
cups of coffee for both of us. She had made a great coffee. It was
quite refreshing.

Then she went to the kitchen to prepare lunch. I sat in the living
room reading the newspaper. After I finished with reading I went into
the kitchen to see if she needs any help. But no help was required. So
I sat on the kitchen table and started talking with her. Our subject
slowly changed to her past. She asked me whether I would like to see
her marriage album.

I said, “I would love to.” she went into the bedroom and brought
the album. I started seeing the pictures one by one. She was looking
very beautiful in that red saree. Her husband too was good enough to
suit her. I said, “you looked beautiful that day in the red
saree!” “why? I don’t look good nowadays?” she asked back.
“you look even better now.

You were quite thin framed then. I wonder why your husband left
you.” I said. But next moment I realized that it might hurt her. So
I said, “I am sorry. I shouldn’t have remembered you of that.”
“Don’t be sorry. He must have been flattered by the beauty of
firangis.” she said. “he is such a fool. If I were in his shoes I
would have left thousands of such firangis for you.

How can he leave such a nice and beautiful wife? It takes a lot of
luck to get a lady like you as your life partner.” I said. “it’s
hard luck for me that you were not in his shoes.” she smiled.
“when did he leave you?” I asked. “last year. He provides me
with a lot of money.

But what’s the use when he has already left.” she answered “it
must have been very difficult to spend life alone. One needs someone
as a life partner to spend the whole life.” she said. “why don’t
you go for dating?” I added mischievously. She looked at me with a
smile and said, “who will date me?”“why? You have all the
attributes to become a perfect date for anyone.”

“so will you be my first date?” she asked. “I am honored that
you asked me for the date. I’ll love to be with you on a date” I
said immediately. She laughed. “I am not joking am quite serious.”
I added. “but I’ll prefer my home as the venue.” she said,
“ok. That will be fine if you are comfortable.” “when we shall
go for a date?” she asked. “why not today?” I questioned back.

“ok. Get off the table now. Lunch is ready.” she said. I helped
her get all the bowls on the table and we sat for the lunch. She
definitely was a very good cook. I loved absolutely everything she
prepared. We talked about a lot of other things while having lunch.
After having the dessert after the lunch I told her that I have to do
some washing and so I have to leave.

She okayed. “don’t forget about our date. I’ll be there at 6
o’clock. Be ready!” I said while leaving.Ok!!” she said with a
nice smile. Then I went to my home. I did all the washing and went to
the bedroom for a nap. All the while I had the thought of my first
date on my mind. What should I wear? What should be the color of the
shirt? Should I wear formals or casuals?

What would she wear? And many such questions came to my mind. Soon I
went to sleep. But I didn’t forget to put the alarm on to get up at
5 o’clock. So as scheduled, I got up at 5 o’ clock, took bath one
more time and got dressed up in my best formal wear. I went downstairs
to the flower shop and bought a beautiful red rose for my date.

I looked at viji’s home from the road. The windows were closed. I
went to her house and rang the doorbell. After some moments viji
opened the door. I was stunned to see her. She was wearing which
looked the best on her; a red saree with a sleeveless blouse! She had
put light make up on. Her hairs were tied in a bun. She had few
ornaments on as well.

A necklace, small chandelier ear rings and bangles in each hand to go
with it. “come in.” she said. I went in. The room was dimly lit
with the ceiling lights. The closed windows were covered with nice
curtains and to add to that, a beautiful room freshener. It was a
perfect atmosphere for a date. She closed the door. As soon as I
turned towards her, she asked, “how am I looking?”

“stunning, to say the least!” I was surprised that I found the
words. She blushed. “a rose for a queen!” I offered the rose to
her. She took it with a beautiful blushing smile on her face. She
turned towards the music system and turned it on. It was playing
beautiful love songs. “may I have a pleasure to dance with you?” I
asked and offered my hand.