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Hot neighbour aunty-2

As soon as she took it I pulled her slowly closer and we started
dancing. Both of us were quite good at dancing. But this was a
different thing altogether. She had her hands around my neck & I had
mine around her waist. We have forgotten about the rest of the world.
Whatever distance we had between us when we started dancing had
already vanished.

She was looking deep into my eyes with a smile on her face. After some
time, I don’t know what went through my mind. I pulled her closer
into a hug & planted my lips on her lips. I think she too was very
much into it. She just closed her eyes & responded beautifully. I had
my hands running all over her back. With every passing moment, our
kiss went on to become more and tighter.

Same was the case with our hug too. We continued for quite a long
time. We came to our senses when the song stopped. We broke the kiss
and I stepped back a bit. “I am sorry! I shouldn’t have crossed my
limits.” I said with my head down. “oh come on Raj! What’s a
date without a kiss? You haven’t crossed your limits yet.” she
said stepping forward.

In the meantime, the cd changer had finished with its task and another
cd of love songs have started playing. She put her arms around my neck
with the intention of resuming the dance and said, “in fact, I
wouldn’t have minded if you had crossed your limits!” her boldness
was a complete surprise package for me. I put my hands around her
waist and resumed dance.

In a couple of moments, she pulled me into a hug and locked her lips
with mine. This time it was a bit hornier. She entered her tongue into
my mouth and started exploring my mouth. Our first kiss was like my
appreciation of her beauty. But the one initiated by her was more than
just expressing the appreciation. My cock was already erect and
throbbing inside my pant.

Her hands which were around my neck at first, have now started running
through my hairs. My hands which were running over her back during our
first kiss have now grabbed the hold of her butts and were pressing
them slowly. I was taking small steps towards crossing the limits. I
broke the kiss and started kissing all over her face and her neck.

My body temperature started rising even in that ac room and my cock
started aching in my pant. It was at its fullest. Soon viji started
playing with the buttons of my shirt, opened them one by one and off
went my shirt. She kissed me one more time. This time she started with
my lips and continued to my neck and further to my chest.

Her one hand was caressing the huge bulge formed in my pant. She soon
took my belt off, opened the button of my pant and in just a moment my
pant was down to my ankles. I stepped out of it. Now I was in front of
her with only underwear on. She hugged me tightly. The touch of her
silk saree was just too sexy to handle. I kissed her forehead and
said, “it’s my turn now.”

With that, I took out the pin which held the pallu of her saree with
her blouse and pulled the pallu. Now I put my hand in her petticoat
from the front and pulled out the part of her saree which was tucked
in there. With that, her saree came off completely. Her cleavage was
prominently visible from the top of her low cut sleeveless blouse.

I kissed her neck and started showering kisses on her cleavage. She
laughed naughtily and turned around. I grabbed her waist from behind
and started playing with her navel. I continued with the kisses and
untied the string of her petticoat. She had her eyes closed. I just
pulled her petticoat from both the sides and as it loosened I left it.
It went down to her ankles.

She stepped out of it. Then I moved my hands a bit up and started
pressing her boobs. Soon my hands were busy opening the buttons of her
blouse. One by one all the four of them were open and I pulled her
blouse out. Now she was in pink bra and panty. She turned around again
and hugged me. Her body was fairly hot as well. I was caressing her
bare and smooth back with my hands.

The only obstacles were the straps of her bra. I found the clasp and
opened it. Suddenly her hands which were running on my back and
through my hairs for all this time went down and pushed my underwear
down at one go. My cock sprang out immediately and touched her crotch.
She stepped back a bit to take look at it and offered an opportunity
for me to pull her bra off.

She grabbed the hold of it, stroke a little and said with a smile,
“you have got a massive one.” “and you have a great pair!!” I
added while having a good look at the most beautiful pair of breasts I
have ever seen. They were really very beautiful. They were nice and
round in shape and fair with pink nipples. On hearing my comments she
folded her arms across her chest thereby covering the breasts.

I took this opportunity to pull her pink panty, which was already very
wet, out in a flash.“ you are very naughty!!” she had a grin on
her face.Her pussy was cleanly shaven and had pink lips. I pulled her
closer and hugged her tightly to feel her body. I have no words really
to describe the warm feeling of her body and the soft touch of her

I slowly moved my hand downwards and inserted one of my fingers into
her pussy. She could only say, “aaaahhh…” I kept pushing my
finger further and kept on moving it around in her pussy. After some
time of finger fucking, I pulled my finger out and pushed her down on
the sofa. She just laid there rubbing her pussy. Now it was
uncontrollable for me.

I opened her legs apart a bit, pushed her hand away and kissed her
pussy lips. She let out a moan. I kissed there a few more times,
opened her pussy lips and inserted my tongue into it. She moaned
loudly and twitched her body like a first timer. I continued with my
work on her pussy. Her juices were flowing endlessly. Soon I found one
of her boobs and started pressing it.

It was a great pleasure to have your mouth on the pussy of a beautiful
lady and your hand on her breasts pressing it. I continued for 5-7
minutes. Her breaths started getting heavier and moans started getting
louder. Finally, she let out a loud groan and a jolt ran through her
body. She closed her legs so tightly that I almost got suffocated.
Yes! She was in orgasm.

She set me free after few moments. I was very eager to feel the warmth
of her pussy with my cock. So I went up towards her face and locked
her lips with mine. Now we were in such a position that the tip of my
cock was touching lips of her pussy. To my surprise, she grabbed the
hold of my cock and guided its head into her pussy.

The warmth of her pussy just maddened me. I tried to push a bit
further. She was very tight. “you are still very tight from
inside,” I said breaking the kiss “it’s unused for last one
year!!” she grinned.I gave one hard push and my cock went in
completely. “aaaahh joe!! Do it slowly darling!!!” she almost
shouted with pain. I stayed there kissing her lips for a while till
her pain subsided.

After some time I started moving my cock in and out of her pussy. All
I could hear from her was, “aah uhhh ohhh mmmmmm! You doing great
darling! Just continue. Wow!! I have been waiting for this for so many
days. Wow!!!”I was kissing her face and neck like mad. Soon I turned
towards her breasts. First I licked her pink nipple and started biting

She started shouting in painful pleasure. Her nipples grew harder and
darker. I started sucking her left boob and pressing the right one.
“ohhhhhh! Harder joe! You are doing fine! Suck it harder…now our
act was in full swing. I was sucking her boobs hard and pounding her
pussy with my monster cock. After some time, her moans turned into

They went on getting louder and louder. Meanwhile, the pressure is
building in my loins as well. I couldn’t stand it and increased my
speed. Finally, we both came with loud shouts. I shot my entire load
of sperms into her pussy. It was the greatest ever; almost filled her
pussy completely. I just fell on her exhausted.

We stayed in that position for some time gathering our breath.
“thank you!! It was really a great pleasure to have such good
session of sex after so many days.” she said after some time. I said
nothing in reply. I just locked myself in a wild kiss with her. It
went on for around 5 minutes. I just couldn’t keep my hands off her.
But then, hunger let its presence felt.