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Hot sex lesbian experience with Geethu

Hi, I’m Karthika. Friends call me Karthi and family members call me Karthu.

After many days preparation, I got the boldness to write the experience, ie my first experience. Mine is a small family with father, mother and elder brother. Ours is an ordinary family then. We live in a village. I’ve no knowledge about any kind of sex till my college days.

I was shy and not many friends in the college. I’m not so much fair. Brother visits once in a month from his job place. In one summer vacation my uncle came from Bombay with their family. They informed us that they are visiting our home on vacation and stay with us some days. Their residence was actually 5-6 km away from us. But it was given for rental. We are very happy about knowing their visit. Our family had a close friendship more than that of relation. They are visiting after many years.

My mother and I are happier. Mother can see her brother after a long gap. I’m going to get my old friend. Their family consists of uncle, aunt, a son and a daughter. They coming here leaving son there because of his job. My friend is Geethu, same age of mine.

I was eager to see her after many years. In a Saturday evening they arrived. All are very happy. I astonished to see Geethu that how much she changed. Actually I’m unable to identify her. She was little fat and her dressing makes a bad feeling on me.

She was wearing a tight jeans and shirt. Her high heel chapel and walking style projects her buttocks and breasts very much. She is a fashionable girl now. But she mingled with me quickly as in our childhood. So within some time I can get out of from my bad feelings.

At night after bath she asked me for some night dress. She told me that she like to wear some keralite dress. I gave her one of my maxi. It was fit for her. Now she looks very pretty keralite village girl. We talked all the time. We went to bed very late.

My parents and Geethu’s parents were in the bed rooms in the ground floor. The third bed room was in the 1st floor. It is my bed room. She agreed to share the bed room with me. We slept too late. In the morning when I awake Geethu was in sound sleep.

Her one hand and one leg were on my body. I kept them away. When I stand up from bed I astonished to see that she was partly naked. Her maxi sib was open and her boobs are peeping out. What a rounded, white boobs!
My eyes wide opened with more astonishment to see that her maxi came upward and she naked from her waist to downward. Her legs are wide opened and her cleaned pussy was seeing. (she taught me many words related to sexy parts and sex later.

I was unaware of such words till then. I’m using the words learnt from her. A shiver passed through my body. In my life I got the first chance to see a girl’s pussy very clearly. I was afraid that she will awake and will see me looking her pussy and she will scold me.

But I want to see more. Very cute pussy. Very big clit. It looks wet. Very fat rounded thighs. All these sights made me a good feeling. I quickly covered her with the bed sheet and leave from there. All the day I’m very restless. Why she sleep without panty and bra?

Why her sib open to peep out boobs and the legs and pussy open naked in sleep? I’m little shy to look on Geethu. My eyes are out of my control. It always checks her boobs, pussy and buttocks. I’m afraid that she will notice my actions.
I noticed that when she was talking she is using dual meaning words especially related to sexy words. Any way the day passed and night came. When going to bed suddenly Geethu asked me, “Why you wear bra and panty at night?
I not wear it on bed. It feels easiness and comfort without bra and panty.” I have no answer. I told, “I always wear it.” She told, “You try once and tell how you feel better.” She compelled me to remove bra and panty. I went to the bath room and removed it.

I feel little shy and uncomfortable when my boobs jumps when I walk. I feel a giggle on my boobs and thighs. Then we go bed after talking many things. Today also it is too late when we slept. So I’m in a sound sleep quickly. In sleep, as if in dream, I feel something is moving on my boobs and gently pressing it. I think it was dream. But my eyes opened. No, it is not dream. Geethu’s right hand is massaging and pressing my boobs. My maxi sib is open. I feel a weight on my thigh. Oh it is Geethu’s leg.

When she moved her leg I understand that my legs are naked up to waist and her naked knee is touching on my hairy pussy. A shiver passed through my body. My heart beat doubled. What is going on! I can’t understand. What is she doing with me?
Once my mind told me to pull her away. But the next moment an eagerness take place to know what she is going to do. Geethu is playing with my boobs. She is fondling it, pressing it and hardening the nipples. My breath gets very fast.
I don’t know what all happening in my body. My hairs on my body get up. I feel wetness and a flow in my pussy. I want to do something. May she understand that I was awakened and cooperating with her. Her hand moved downward and reached on my stomach inside the maxi.

Her soft hands touch made me a firework inside me. Her hand massaged my belly, naval, pubic hair and pussy. She touched my clit. A lightning passed through my body. I shivered. She played with the hair and clit and slowly inserted her finger inside.

HOOOO… I can’t lay there. My body want some more. I turned side and hold Geethu tightly. I embarrassed to know that she was totally nude. I want to crush my boobs on her breast. She also holds me tight. She whispered, “Hey sweety Karthi.”
She kissed on my lips. She sucked the lips. She is moving her lips all over my face as if she is mad. Her hand is pressing and crushing my boobs. She caught my hand and placed it on her boobs. Oh, very smooth big boobs it was.
I also pressed and crushed her boobs as she does. Her nipples were hard and erected. Geethu caught my maxi from down and tried to remove over my head. My body came upward to assist her. Hey, when she untied my skirt! She removed the dress and I also nude.

I’m very much shy, but my body was thrilled with the touch of another nude body. The heat of her nice, smooth body is making me more and more hot. She holds me tightly pressing my boobs with her boobs and pussy with her pussy. She is now also kissing my lips.

Her lips began to come down and she kissed my neck and then on my breast. She kissed both boobs and began to suck as if a kid is sucking milk. I feel my nipples hardness. My body shivered. Inside my body what all happens I can’t explain.
Every inch of my body is eager to press and crush. Geethu sucked my boobs one after another. Now I’m lying on my back and she is on my top standing on her knees on both side of my body. Her boobs are hanging. My hands are working on her boobs.

Her lips come down. She licked my belly. She played in the naval with her tongue. OOOHHH… Bloody bitch is killing me…. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHh… My belly is pushing upward to get more friction. She then moved to my pubic, then to thighs.
She licked all over. Then her lips came to the pussy lips. Geethu licked and kissed there. I feel my pussy is wet and is leaking. She is licking the juice. Her tongue began to play with my clit. She is squirreling the clit with the tongue. AMMMEEEE…

My hips began to move upwards. She is sucking the clit. OOOHHH…. AAAAAA HHHHHHHHHH….. Ho, her tongue is going inside. Hey it is sliding down. I began to make noises. I’m going mad. What all she doing there!
What a magic is it! What a pleasure! Geethu is dedicatedly sucking and tongue fucking my pussy. My hips are going up. I am pushing her head to my pussy to touch her tongue inside in deep. In this time she changed her position.

Her knees are on both side of my head and her pussy was on my face. She is now also playing with my pussy. My lips and tongue also began to do all that Geethu is doing. I sucked her clits hard. Her pussy is pressing on my face. I began to tongue her pussy. Her body is shivering and her wet is leaking to my mouth. She is pressing more her pussy so I’m very difficult breath. This time I’m also pushing her head to my pussy. OOOHHHH… I’m to loud cry. But sound is not coming out. Something is bursting inside.
I can’t remove her pussy as she is pressing hard. Her hips are shivering. She is making noises. My hips are pushing up. OOOHHHH….. My mom… what is happening to me… I’m going to die…..OOOOOOOO….UUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM…. something bursting inside. AAAAAAHHHHHHH….. UUUUUUUUUUIIIIIIIIIIIII.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… AA body suddenly bend forward and flood take place inside my pussy. My hip come forward three four times with a shivering and fell down and lay still.

At the same time Geetuh’s pussy showered my mouth and face with her juice. Her hip pushed three four times with shivering and fell on my body. We both fell there with great pleasure. After a while she changed her position and lay near me.
She licked and cleaned my face. Seeing this I also cleaned her face with my tongue. I tasted two juices. One is mine and another of Geethu’s. We both hold each other and slept that night on nude. I’m with my first sexual satisfaction. This was a starting.

Geethu taught me different kinds of sex activities before returning to Bombay after vacation. She gave a new light to enjoying sex.