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Hot Sex with Kamwali Bai

My second experience that i am going to share with u all. This experience was with one of my kamwali bai at my home. Her name is Mohini, she is 5 ft tall adn slim, she looks beautiful and is very hot. She came to our house through our neighbours as we were looking for a servant and i was especially looking for a babe. She came to our house and within 10 minutes i started to interact with her.

And i knew that she had a craze for sex. She is very talkative and alert. After one week my family went to native and i was alone at the house for the next ten days. That time i was in second year Bcom. I knew this was the ten days i was waiting for and as soon as my family left i started to plan how to trap mohini. The next day she came by 9o clock at my home. I just got up from the bed a i planned not to go to the college for the next ten days. I was wearing only my bermuda when i opened the door, and as soon as i opened the door she was staring at my muscles. She came inside and started to do wor. I was sitting on the sofa and she was swoping and she was talking about her family and her problems and i was staring at her boobs. We spoke for about ten minutes and she went to wash the clothes. While washing the clothes, the bathroom door was open and that was the first time i saw her milky thighes and instantly my weapon was fully ready to fire. she saw me while i was staring at her body. Then i went to the bed room and switched on the AC to the full and it was chilled in the room. After washing the clothes, she came in the bedroom and put the clothes for drying and as soon as she entered the it was so cold that she started to shiver because she was wet. She was putting the clothes in the ropes and i came from behind and i pressed her ass very tightly suddenly she made noise and asked me what are u doing. I didnt hear her words and placed my hands on her milky thighes and started to masssage upwards and grabbed completely from back and i was kissing on her neck. Within minutes she started enjoying and was maoning with pleasure. I completely lifted her saree and i was playing with her pubic hairs and with the other hand i was pressing her boobs and opened her blouse and bra. Then i turned her to me and told i am going to fuck u hard like animal and put my tongue inside her mouth and and removed her complete clothes and she was now naked. I removed my bermuda and lifted her to my stomach and i was kissing her lips and she was making noise ah ah ah faad do mera…. Then my lips came to her boobs, her boobs were small but very tight. I sucked herr both boobs and nipples and she was saying fuck me hard ah .. come on…come on…. then i went down to her pussy and licked it very hard. It was smelling but was very tasty and this was the first time when some one licked her pussy. She cummed and i sucked it. Then i told her to give a good blow job. She removed my underwear and suced my 9″ cock to full mouth and licked it very hard. After ten minutes, I lifted her to stomach and inserted my cock into her pussy and held her tight in her asss. She was crying with pain when the nine inch weapon went inside her body ahhhhh. ah ah come fuck me hard ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahb ah ah ah a h aha aha . I increased my speed and put her on the bed and i inserted again my cock in a dog shot position and moved inside her body very hard. We both were fully wet in the chilled room and i cummed in her body after five minutes again i inserted my cock into her ass and fucked her roughly and she crying with pain, the i changed the position and held her legs and inserted my cock in to ther pussy and moved her legs front and back with my movement as i increased the speed she said in desperate pain that i will die with pain, hearing this i increased the speed and removed the cock and cummed inside her mouth and she drank the completed fluid. That day i fucked her four times. By 7 oclock i asked to stay in the home for the whole days. She happily said yes and i dont know how many times i fucked in that ten days. She got pregnant and i took her for the abortion and after that that i fucked her 12-15 times in a month.