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Hot sex with Neha in Jaipur

I am Aakash. I am in Delhi for quite some time. I am 27. 6ft. Avg built with boy next door features. Let’s start with the story.  Last month, my company sent me to jaipur on a job assignment for one month. I came to jaipur without any expectations as I knew that these small towns can never give the excitement and fun of Metro cities. My stay was arranged in posh hotel near railway station (can’t tell the name). Initial 3-4 days were very boring but it all changed on first Friday. There was a small party on the client site where I met Neha. A common friend introduced us to each other. She was damn hot man…. Dusky but sharp features, 34-24-34, Capri type jeans and one shoulder top.

I get hard on then and there but somehow controlled. She was also impressed by my guitar playing skills. After party, to my surprise she was there in the cab with me for the usual drop. We exchanged numbers but the real surprise was still pending. When my hotel came, she also took her bag and started moving towards hotel. I was shocked. She noticed and told me that she checked in last night and will stay for one more month as this hotel works like a company guest house. I started dreaming of fucking there but it was too early to do anything. We went to our respective rooms and planned to meet at dinner.  During dinner, we had normal talk but there was some spark in the air. She had bath before dinner and that fragnence was killing me. After dinner, we went for a small walk as I had this urge to have a smoke and she happily gave me the company.

I asked that would she like to have a drink. She said no but got ready to have a beer instead. We went to my room. I had a small peg of vodka and gave her a can of fosters. I knew it gonna cost me 200 bucks but with that hot chik on my bed I was ready to spend 20000.  While having beer she started to check my music collection on my laptop. I asked her to be cautious as there is some adult stuff on the laptop which may disturb her. She said its ok as it is common these days. By the time, it turned midnight, I finished half vodka and she was down with 4 fosters. Then alcohol started its magic and she asked me if she can watch some porn. I was more than happy to give my approval. I played my favorite movie in which in Indian couple make love in a hotel room. U all might have seen that stuff. She got more aroused by this and started feeling herself.

I also removed my shirt and was in just a boxer with my cock almost giving a salute to her. She smiled at me and gave me some compliments.  I still don’t remember that who started it but after few mins, we found over selves kissing each other passionately. Soon after, I was playing with her 34D boobs. They were perfect for my big hands. I was kissing each part of her, face, neck and all the visible part of her flesh from her top and she was responding well beyond expectations. Without even asking, she removed her top and put my hand on her red bikini type bra. I felt as if my cock will tear the jockey to come out. So, I removed my boxer and jockey. She felt shy and stunned at this. I asked her to hold my dick but she refused. I begged a little and she agreed hesitantly. Oh my god, oh my god… those little hands worked magic and I got crazy. I almost tore her bra to reveal those juicy milky boobs with sharped bright red colored nipples. All other nipples that I saw till date were in no comparison to this.

They were flawless. I hit on the left boob… kissing, biting, licking and with my right hand I was playing with her right boob. Her breathless voice now turned to moans and very slowly she whispered in my ear that she loves it but would love more if I switch off the lights.  I came to my senses as I had no idea if lights are on or not. I switched off the lights except the one in washroom. Very dim light was coming out of it making the atmosphere more romantic. After this short break, we continued and started exploring more of each other. I started playing with her navel and thighs and she was playing with my face and hair. Slowly, I removed her Capri and there she was lying on my bed in just a throng type skin color panty. Before that night, I saw such panties only on fashion TV. It was just a thread covering her waist and ass with a small piece of cloth to hide the gateway to heaven.

When I said that I liked this, she blushed and hid her pussy with her hands. I licked her hands and with some force, managed to remove that smallest piece (panty) from that diva like beauty. It was a night of surprises and this was one of that. It was a freshly shaved pussy. She told me that she shaved it last night as it was getting really messy.  I said thanks and made a kiss on those pink pussy lips. She almost jumped of bed by this. I started licking her pussy and whenever I bite a bit she pinched her long nails in my back. This aroused me more and I asked her to suck my cock. She said no straight away and said it only looks good in movies and she is not going to do it. I was disappointed but thought that I will manage that some other time and continued licking her pussy. She started moaning heavily and after about 10-15 mins, her body started getting stiff. She pressed my mouth on her pussy, wrapped her legs around my head and had her first orgasm of that night.

I drank all that and then kissed her. She got taste of her own juice and was exploring my mouth with her tongue. I teased her saying if u like that juice so much then try mine. It’s more dense and u would love that. She ignored that started giving handjob to me.  I asked her to stop or I would also discharge and I m not willing to discharge by handjob as this is what I anyways do every night. She asked then what else I want. I said that obviously I want to make love to u. She said no as she is not willing to loose her virginity. This was KLPD. I removed her hand from my dick, made a large peg and started taking sips from it while sitting on the sofa. She felt bad about this and sit next to me and held my dick in her hand. I again removed her hand and asked her to stay away calling her a selfish bitch that enjoyed her part and now making excuses.

She took the peg and drank all in one go. Then she forcefully started kissing me, sat on me with her legs on both side of me and my cock touching her pussy in excitement. After few minutes, she went down and made a kiss on my dick. It was hot like a rod and with a little shyness she opened her lips and placed it on the top of my dick. Then, slowly slowly she had half the cock in her mouth. I pushed her head and in no time the entire length was in her mouth. She started taking in and out of her mouth. It was all wet and was making ‘slup’ ‘slup’ ‘slup’ noises in the room.  After few minutes, I threw her on the bed and again started kissing and licking her entire body. Then she said k do whatever u want to do, I m all yours. I put a durex on my cock and placed it near the entrance. She said not to tease her more and enter with full force.

I said it will pain a little so hold ur cry. She said not to worry. I made a gentle kiss on her boobs and then pushed a little. She cried but I put my right hand on her mouth and pushed a little more. Half of my dick was inside her and she was trying to escape the rest saying she can’t bear it, plz remove it, plz remove it. I ignored that plea and made a final push and the entire length was inside. Tears rolled down from her eyes and she was breathless. I stopped for a moment and started to in-out. Her cries turned to moans and she was moaning…. Oh aakaaaash…. Harder…. Aahhhhhh… aahhhhhhhhh…… oh god……………… slowly……… yes…….yes..yes..yes… oh m coming……… oh no… oh no………aakaaaaaaashhhhhhhhhhh……… you….. lov uuuuuuuuuu……… ah. Ah. Ah…….. ah ah ah ah ……. Hhhhhhhh…. Oh yes… oh yes….. come on…. Yes yes yes…. M coming…. M coming…. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. With this she came so hard that there was a big wet patch on the bed sheet. But who cares…. I was wet with my sweet and to my surprise it was taking longer than usual….

I was also moaning and was about to come. I asked her that where she want me to come. She said wherever u want, u can … no issues, just discharge it as her body can’t tolerate more thrust. I said I want to come in her mouth. She immediately opened her mouth in affirmation. I removed the condom and put it in her mouth. She started sucking the shaft and playing with the balls. With a whispering cry, I also came and this was the best discharged I had till date. It filled his mouth and when she stood to go to washroom, I held his neck forcing her to drink it all. Having no other option, she drank it all and maybe she liked the taste bcoz then she cleaned the cock without even asking for it. After that we had a hot bath but had no power in our bodies to have another session. So we slept on the single bed. Anyways, a single bed is more than enough for a crazy boy and girl like us.