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My story goes back two years. The household consisted of the grandmother, another elderly cousin and Jyotsna, the housemaid. Jyotsna was a rather plain woman in her late twenties, unmarried and of an average build. She did all the cooking and cleaning and was a live in housemaid as opposed to a part time servant. She belonged to Palghat, a nearby town and would go there once a year for a week but otherwise stayed with her mistress right through.

I had of course seen this woman often during my visits but had not really noticed her. On one such visit, I had to tour the outlying small towns and reached Coimbatore late evening, fairly tired after a busy day. I had dinner with the old ladies and then retired to my bedroom around 9.30 pm. It was the rainy season in that part of the country and there was thunder and frequent flashes of lightning, a rather wild night. After I had dozed for an hour I was aroused from my sleep by someone shaking my shoulder insistently.

I saw that it was the maid Jyotsna. She seemed rather agitated and whispered, “Sir I saw someone outside walking in our compound outside my window. I’m really scared.” She kept repeating that she was frightened so I spoke to her soothingly and somehow calmed her down.

I said, “Let’s take a look without waking the others in case it was only a shadow or something like that”

I walked quietly into the kitchen where Jyotsna usually slept, and she followed close behind . Reaching the kitchen I looked outside the window and flashed a torch around. “There’s nobody around Jyotsna, you go to bed. Don’t worry,” I said. But the maid clung on to my hand whispering, “Sir don’t leave me, I’m frightened.”

As I tried to gently disentangle her fingers she clung on to me even more fiercely saying, “Sir please, please stay here.” By then the closeness of contact with this woman, plain though she might have been, started getting me aroused. I suddenly realised that Jyotsna obviously wanted to have sex. Much later I learnt from her that she had often fantasized being ****ed by me.

I pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “All right Jyotsna but I will sleep with you and do as I please.” When I saw that she was silent I went and locked the kitchen door and started kissing Jyotsna. She obviously was not experienced in matters of sex and initially her lips were unresponsive but I slowly started prying her lips apart forcefully with my tongue. When her lips opened I pushed my tongue quickly inside against her tongue.

I continued kissing and sucking her lips and tongue with increasing passion. I could feel the woman responding tentatively at first, then with greater passion. I slowly kissed her eyelids and then her neck. I could feel her tremble. I asked her to disrobe, doing so myself. I then turned her around to help unclip her bra. At the sight of her breasts with dark nipples which were already erect, springing out, my large penis became hard and swollen.

Seeing this Jyotsna whimpered, ” Aayyoo! So big! It will kill me Kabir!” I reassured her saying, ” Don’t worry Jyotsna Darling. You just relax and soon you will be able to take every inch of it inside you.”

I started kneading her breasts and then started sucking her nipples furiously. I could see her enjoying the sensation and moaning , “Please keep sucking harder my love.” She clasped my head tight encouraging me to suck hard and bite. After sucking and biting her nipples for long time, I moved further down towards the lips of her opening below. Jyotsna not being a sophisticated type had not used a perfume or deodorant and I could get a really earthy, musky odour emanating from her vagina.

I inhaled the delightful smell and plunged my tongue inside her cunt working energetically all around sucking and licking greedily. Jyotsna writhed around whimpering and moaning, enjoying the attentions in her vagina. I then suddenly lifted her arms and put my face there enjoying the smell of her armpits and licking them with fervour. I squeezed her bottom hard, Jyotsna could bear it no longer and started begging me to **** her. With equal eagerness I positioned my cock at the opening of her moist cunt.

She gasped and moaned as I slowly entered her inch by inch. Although she was very tight, the lubrication of her own juices helped me open her up and penetrate her depths. When I managed to push it inside completely I embraced her tightly and remained still for a while, hearing her constant little cries.

I then said, “My Darling! Get ready. We are going to enjoy the most pleasurable few minutes. Wrap your legs around me and try to move along with me.” I covered her mouth with mine and started my thrusts, gradually building up the tempo. As my thrusts started getting harder and deeper, she started making noises which were muffled because of their wild kissing.

I kept hammering away almost mercilessly and finally she started raking my back with her nails and bucking violently. Suddenly I plunged as deep as I could go and then started shooting my sperm copiously into her womb. We both literally went mad with ecstasy enjoying the most delightful orgasm in unison. After a long pause while we both came back to earth, I rolled off .

I slept the night with her, copulating again in the early hours of the morning and crept back to my room just before dawn completely exhausted. As for Jyotsna, she was washed out the next day, and almost unable to work.

I continued to have sex with her regularly. And found that my sex drive and libido increased whilst ****ing her because of the natural body smells from her owing to the non use of perfumes etc and in fact I prefered coupling with her rather than with any so called upper class sophisticated ladies.

Jyotsna’s marriage was finally fixed around eight months after she started having sex with me. She then confided to me of her desire to bear my child. I could scarcely believe my luck of impregnating another woman apart from my wife without any repercussion; so a fortnight before Jyotsna’s marriage, I arranged an extensive programme in the Coimbatore area and had intense sexual intercourse with her for ten days consecutively.

She conceived and delivered a boy about three months back. Since her husband works as a foreman in a factory near Bombay, he comes on leave only for two weeks a year so the rest of the time Jyotsna continues to work in Coimbatore and I still **** her often.