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How an Old man took my virginity-2

“Get off you filthy bastard”I shouted at him and spit on his
face.He,however,showed no signs of anger.He opened his mouth and
coolly said ” Listen,baby. If you cooperate with me now,We can have
fun together and no one will know about it”

“On my dead body,you low-class scoundrel” I hissed.

“Then,you made my choice easier.I will anyway rape you,kill you and
burn this house down.You have a gold earrings,a gold chain,a costly
watch,golden bangles,a nice thin chain in your waist and silver
anklets.More than enough to take from you.Also,since you’re going to
marriage,I’m sure you will have more jewellery in the car. We will
take them all and run away.By the time,people realize,we would have
crossed 4 states.Besides,I would never get a chance to fuck a high
class beautiful girl like you.I’m ready to go to jail for that.”
The look in his eyes was so frightful.He looked like the person who
would kill someone just like that.

Think…think…think….I said to myself.You can come out of this if
you use your wits.

“My father is an army man.He will be back with the mechanic any
moment.He has killed many soldiers in the border.He will snap your
neck like a twig” I was hopeful,my businessman father could do the

“Don’t worry,dear.”He leered “The shop is around 4km from
here.The mechanic shop was a 24 hr.But after one of them left the
business.They are open from morning 7 to evening 10.So,your father
will come only in the morning.So he will not disturb your first

“My father can run 10km in one hour.He will back here when he
realize it is shut”

“Thats why I told your father to wait for sometime if its locked.He
will wait and wait.He will also be tired to come all the way back and
then go in the morning again” He was unable to hide his smile.He was
right,anyone would do what he said.

“My father has a cellphone.He will call the nearest point and he
will get an army jeep immediately”I was trying to tell any lie to
avoid this.

“Hahahh!!!” He laughed louder “This whole 4 mountain area has no
cellphone reception and only a few villages even have
electricity.Accept your fate instead of arguing.I will be gentle with
you or else”his eyes pointed at the huge axe near the door.The eyes
were dead serious.He had the look of a killer.

I thought for a moment and realized that it was anyway lost cause.This
man is going to rape me either ways.At least I can keep it secret if I
could hide it.I wish he does it quick and gentle.

He sort of read the defeat from my eyes.He slowly released the hold
from my hands and gave me a nice kiss in my mouth.This was the first
time,I was ever kissed and I always imagined a handsome hunk doing
it,not this ugly old man.We kissed for a long time.It felt like
days…Then he broke off the kiss and then started coming down.he
started started kissing my neck and slowly came to my breasts.Due to
the cold and due to my excitement,it was standing straight.He took one
nipple in his hand and slowly pinched.I was unable to contain my
excitement and gave a loud moan.Sensing my moans,he pinched it a bit
more harder.It was like having a metal clip on my nipples.

He slowly moved his head below and started sucking one of my breasts
while pressing the other.I have to admit that I was getting hotter as
he kept sucking changing from one breast to another.While sucking,he
brought down his hands and put it inside the saree Since I wasnt
wearing any panty.He was able to access my vagina directly.

The moment he touched my pussy,I felt an electric surge inside me.He
was gently rubbing on my clit.Already I was aroused by his sucking,but
when he started rubbing my pussy,I was unknowingly letting out
moans.My age,family,society,personal choice,nothing mattered anymore,I
just want to get fucked by this ugly old man in his wreck of his

Sensing that I was ready.He stopped sucking.He pulled the saree from
me and then removed the drawstrings of my petticoat.In one stroke,he
removed his lungi.Now,we were totally naked and he was top of me.His
face showed the eagerness.Using his one hand,he was trying to position
his cock at the entrance of my vagina.He then held both my hands
tightly and asked “Have you ever done this before?” I shook my
head.He smiled and whispered”I’m lucky”.

Without a warning as such,he just plunged his thick cock into me in
one full stroke.My hymen was torn and the pain was excruciating.I felt
as if someone plunged a knife into me tearing off my flesh.I gave a
loud scream.Luckily,we were in the middle of the forest.Back in my
home,I would have woken up my neighbors.I couldn’t take it anymore,I
tried to push him off.But his hands were too strong.He was just like a
stone statue.He waited for sometime for me to subsidize.

When I was slowly recovering from the pain,he then slowly started
stroking his cock in and out.The pain was still agonizing,but I was
slowly able to enjoy it.He was slowly increasing the speed.Slowly,my
pain was turning into pleasure.Seeing this,he released the hold on my
hands and began a nice thrusting of his hips into me….My intense
groaning was slowly replaced by passionate moaning.I was somehow
loving it as I felt both the bodies fuse into each other.Looks
like,once the pole and hole meet,everything else becomes immaterial.

After some nice time of intense fucking,he said let me increase the
speed and then he started pounding mercilessly.His penis was hitting
deep inside me.I was unable to contain myself.I hugged him so tight
that my nails scratched his bare back and my legs were locked around
his thighs.My intense moaning was in the top of my lungs.I was
delirious in pleasure as he kept pounding me.I wish it would never

Suddenly,my entire body stood like an arch…My leg was high up in the
air…For a brief moment,I was totally lost,detached from the
world….I felt as if my entire body just become light,then I could
feel my insides release the pent up pressure.I had my first orgasm.

When I reached the orgasm,the old man stopped fucking for sometime
allowing me to savor the moment.I was enjoying the moment.I wish I
could have this feeling forever.

When my orgasm subsidized,He once started pounding me.Within a minute
or two,he let out a huge groan and collapsed on me.I could feel a jet
of warmth flow inside me.I knew he had cummed inside me.I could also
feel that his strong penis which was pushing my inner walls slowly
relax.We were totally spent.I left as I ran a marathon in full
speed.We just lay on top of each other as I could slowly feel that his
warm liquid lava overflowing from my vagina and running on my thighs.

We were in the same position for sometime and then rolled away from
me.He got up and went to the bathroom.He came back after urinating.He
asked me to get up.I refused,but he pulled my hands and made me get
up. He made me stand up as I was weakly able to.He then asked me to
kneel down.I immediately understood what he wanted me to do …I said
“No way,I cant do it”.

He looked at me for a moment and then punched me in the stomach.The
air went out of me and I doubled up and was writhing on the bed with
pain.He waited till I stopped crying.He pulled me by my hair and said
“When did I ask your permission to do it.?Tonight you’re my bitch
and you need to do everything for me.Hear it and if u complain again.I
will break your head”.

I nodded and kneeled down quietly.He came forward so that his penis
nearly touched my face.It was the first time I was looking at an adult
cock in real life.It was black and repulsive.He had grey hair around
it in coarse manner and hairy balls.It was limp but it was glistening
due to the juice of my vagina and his semen.

“I know you love it,but show it by sucking it” He laughed and

I looked up at him and begged “Please”

His eyes flared again and said “You want me to beat you again??
Remember,even if one drop falls out,you are going to have

I knew I can’t wriggle out of this.So I took his limp cock and put
it in my mouth.It tasted awful.The combined taste of urine,semen and
my vaginal fluid made it totally unbearable,but before I could think
of taking it out.He put his hands on my head and forced me from taking
it out.Then,he slowly started pushing and pulling my head to make me
start the rhythm.

As I kept doing it,I could feel his cock start to enlarge in my
mouth.This was the first time,I could feel the size of his cock.It was
coming all the way to my throat and was very thick.I was literally
choking on it.I kept doing it for around 15 minutes and could feel a
bit of pain in my knees as it was bruising on the hard floor.I could
feel that his penis was bulging on the sides and he is about to
cum.But he too sensed it and pressed my face right into the cock and I
couldn’t escape.

With a groan,he once again orgasmed and it hit my throat.Since he was
holding my face firm.I was choking and the only way I can breathe was
to swallow.I tried to swallow but it was flowing like a water
gun…Part of it fell down and ran on my face and fell on my breasts
and on the floor.When he finally released me,I felt like throwing
up…He immediately took me to his makeshift bathroom and I vomited

“Are you ok??” he asked.I just nodded.He had a glass of water in
his hands and I drank it with one gulp.He slowly brought me and made
me rest on the bed again.Using a towel,he wiped off the semen from my
face,breasts,while I was trying to come with terms on what I just

“Since you made me happy,let me make u happy” the old man said
standing at the edge of the bed near my legs.He first kissed my toes
one by one.and then he started sucking them.He slowly came up kissing
my ankles,calfs,inner thighs and came upto my vagina.

He then opened my legs and plunged his face straight into my pussy.He
used his 2 fingers to widen my pussy lips and put his tongue inside.I
felt an electric surge in me when his tongue touched the sensitive
inner walls.He raised his hand up till he caught my boobs.I was
literally crying in pleasure as he kept lapping my insides.

Pretty soon,I had my second orgasm and cummed all over his mouth.He
kept drinking it like a hungry dog and when he finally lifted his
head.I could see his beard and mouth covered with cum and he was
looking satisfied like hell.

He waited for me to become normal and then he asked me on be on my
fours.He kneeled behind me and touched my ass.I shouted “No,please
dont do this”

“Why?” He asked mockingly

“I heard its painful.Tomorrow is the marriage function.If I’m not
able to walk properly.They will find out”I begged