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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -10

The bathrobe was low cut, which revealed much of my cleavage despite
my frequent attempts to cover it. Also it was only up to the knee,
which revealed my toned sexy legs so well. My wet hairs as if were
creating a magic spell on Rajib. He realized I was not wearing a bra
inside. It too must have been badly wet. Rajib couldn’t help but
feel very aroused from what he saw.

I too started feeling a little uncomfortable under Rajib’s stare
like that. I looked at the two glasses and enquired about it, hoping
to distract him with the conversation. Rajib too realized how he was
staring at me, and immediately felt embarrassed. He then quickly
finished pouring the wine in both the glasses and offered one to me.
He insisted me to drink as it would help me feel warm. I never had
wine in my life before, but could not refuse.

I took the glass and waited for Rajib to pick his. And then we raised
a toast to their acquaintance before I took a sip. I was taken aback a
little with the pungent taste of it. But I did not want to show it to
Rajib. So while Rajib drank his at ease, I too tried to emulate him.
He then gave me a little tour of his lavish apartment. The more I saw
the more I got smitten by such raw opulence. Finally we two settled
down by the window overlooking the city skyline, on a cozy couch,
chatting, and having more wine.

I was already feeling a little heady after one glass. But still I
didn’t refused and gave good company to Rajib. The rain was yet to
ease off, but I was no more cared somehow. The rain in fact was
contributing to the wonderful ambience which got created between us.
And under the influence of the wine, both started flirting with each

Rajib told just how attractive I looked. Also how lucky my husband
must be for having such a pretty wife. He continued praising me even
more. I too was already feeling a little attracted towards Rajib, and
his charming words made me feel even more carried away. I too
confessed how I cannot believe why someone would want to divorce
Rajib. How gentle and benign I thought of him. We two simply carried
on the healthy flirting which also kept bringing us further close.

Suddenly Rajib put his arm across me. But I did not resist. I too came
a little closer and put my head on his shoulder. I loved the feel of
his strong shoulders. We two stared out of the large window looking
over the city in the rain. It was a breathtaking view to watch. I felt
so cozy in Rajib’s arms that I didn’t realized that it was not
right. I wished for the rain to never stop.

I turned towards Rajib and found him looking at me as well. Our eyes
met for a moment. There was so much passion in us that it prompted me
to close my eyes in fear. But soon I could feel his warm breath
falling on my face. It just kept growing as he brought his face
closer. I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to let go of the moment,
and not until I finally felt his firm lips on mine. Rajib kissed on my
lips and then paused for a moment. My chest swelled heavily in
anticipation. And then he parted his lips slightly and started kissing
me with great passion.