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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -11

I still kept my eyes closed while Rajib kissed my lips. I was enjoying
the feel of his firm and smoky lips. I let him kiss and suck my lips
with great vigor as I enjoyed the feel of another man’s lips on
mine. For a moment I forgot that I was married. Rajib pulled me closer
in his arms and held me tightly while enjoying my soft, rosy lips to
the full.

I did not resist again though I started feeling a little hesitation
from inside. While Rajib kept kissing me, my conscience started
troubling me suddenly. He pulled me even more closer in his arms,
hugging me tightly. Still I was unable to think clearly what I wanted.
Rajib was unaware of the turmoil inside me, he was lost in the
intoxicating beauty he had in his arms. He just wanted to be lost in
me forever.

Rajib put his hand on my shoulder and felt the silky, slender, touch
of my bare skin. It felt so smooth and warm. He wanted to feel more.
So he slowly started exploring more of my body. I too was getting very
hot with his touch. And so I could not resist when he started
exploring me more. His fingers slowly traced down my slender throat
and on to my chest. Then putting his finger in my cleavage he paused
to check my reaction.

I still had my eyes tightly shut. The turmoil inside me was clearly
visible on my face. Yet I was not sure what to do. My chest was
heaving up and down in excitement. My entire body was throbbing in
pleasure. My lips were shivering with excitement. Rajib liked what he
saw. And once again he kissed on my lips while putting his hand gently
inside the robe. My heart quickened, it started beating faster as he
touched my breast.

My 34c breasts were quite a handful. Rajib loved the feel of my soft
yet fuller globes. It felt so sexy and his rock hard dick started
poking at his pants. And he started pressing my breast gently. Only my
husband had the privilege to touch me like this. But there I was with
another man, a known stranger, who touched me intimate parts so
easily. And I felt like a slut.

It was enough. I was no more able to bear it. There was a part of mine
which did not wanted him to stop. But there was also a part of mine
which knew how wrong it was. I was already married, and loved my
husband a lot. I was a little smitten with Rajib and his opulence but
that was no excuse to allow him do what he wanted. And so I found a
renewed spirit to resist his advances.

Rajib was still pressing and feeling my soft boobs when I resisted
him. I forced his hand off me and then clutching my robes closer to
each other, I stood up. “No, this is not right” I mumbled before
moving away from him. Rajib was taken aback for a moment but did
nothing rash. He understood the confusion in me and simply watched as
I walked away.

The fire of passion was still burning high in his eyes when I looked
back. Our eyes met for an instant and I could not run away. I stood
frozen in the middle of the room, still away from Rajib, and holding
the robe tightly on me. I looked scared. But I looked so absolutely
stunning as well. Rajib was once again mesmerized as he kept staring
at me. His face was betraying his inner-feelings.

“Please don’t look at me like that” I pleaded as I found myself
so wanting to be back in his arms. “It’s not right you see” I
argued more with myself than anyone else. The part of mine which had
helped me to resist was slowly getting over-powered by the other part.
I was caught between my desires and morals. But slowly I was losing
control on me. While I kept saying it was all wrong, but I did
something completely opposite.

I could not bear the passionate stares from Rajib and my hands
automatically reached the belt of the robe. And while I continued
saying it will be wrong, my hands undid the belt and I removed the
robe from my body. Rajib smiled as he looked at me almost naked body.
I only had the panties on me. And as I closed my eyes once again,
Rajib stood up and slowly walked up to me.