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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -12

A chill ran down my body when I felt Rajib’s hand on my breasts once
again. This time he took both of them and started pressing. I hoped to
feel his lips once again but Rajib didn’t kiss me this time. I was
getting anxious but I didn’t dare to open my eyes. My nipples were
getting rock hard from the arousal. Rajib touched the tip of those and
then slowly put his tongue on it. I shook in excitement as Rajib
continued licking and kissing my nipples. It was the most sensitive
part of any woman’s body.

Rajib soon took my nipple in his mouth and started sucking. And put
the other hand on my other breast and started pressing. I simply stood
motionless as Rajib played with my breasts. I was completely aroused
and could not resist as my body shook in pleasure. Rajib sucked and
pressed my breasts to his heart’s fill. He gave equal attention to
both my breasts in turn.

Then he went down on his knees while I still stood tall. And he kissed
on my fat less belly. I felt goosebumps while he kissed around my
navel. Then suddenly he started pulling my panties down. I couldn’t
stop him as he removed my panties too. I was now fully naked and tried
hard to cover myself with my hands. Rajib took a while to watch me
properly. And he appraised my tensed face, slender neck, beautiful
breasts which heaved with my breath. He also appraised my toned belly,
the magnificent view of my pussy, and my long, shapely legs. I looked
absolutely stunning. And Rajib pulled me down on the floor.

He put me on the floor and started kissing and caressing all over me
with his lips. I too who was already started getting wet, reciprocated
by moaning out in pleasure. Rajib stopped for a moment and took off
his shirt. I watched as he got bare bodied. I was pleased with what I
saw.Being a middle aged 46 years old man,he maintained a gym toned
body with muscular build and perfect abs. Rajib looked so fit in
comparison to my husband who is much younger than him. I felt lucky
now being with him.

Rajib imposed himself on me once again. Kissing and sucking my lips,
and the breasts. Touching my vagina and rubbing it with his hand. I
closed my eyes once again and twisted and moaned in pleasure. Rajib
then put his hand between my legs and realized how wet I had already
become. He smiled thinking how easily he had scored with me. Rajib
stood up and eased his pants down. I opened my eyes for a moment and
just ogled at the view of his meaty cock.

I spread my legs automatically as Rajib got down between those. He
loved the way I co-operated with him. Then rolling down the condom on
his hard and erect penis, Rajib assumed position to penetrate me. I
felt the tip of his cock on my crotch and braced myself for impact.
Rajib leant forward, with his cock nicely poised and then gently
pushed himself.

My cunt was already so wet it did not need much effort. As Rajib
pushed on, I closed my eyes and bit my lips from the impact of his
cock sliding inside me. Rajib pushed his cock completely inside and
then started stroking it in and out in a steady rhythm. I clutched on
to him tightly as he started fucking me. I hugged him tightly and
threw my legs in the air while enjoying every movement of his cock

As Rajib quickened the pace, I too started moaning. Rajib started
getting faster as I too prepared for an orgasm. I was brought to the
edge soon afterwards. And as Rajib continued fucking me hard and fast,
I was awash with excitement and my free flowing juices. The more he
fucked the more I leaked. And my cunt became so slippery that more I
leaked the more he fucked. Feeling the wetness and passion in me,
Rajib became more vigorous with his thrusts. He too was nearing a
climax. I already must have had two from how much I leaked. But still
I wanted more as Rajib thrusted very hard.

We two were at the peak of our climax soon and started moaning in
unison. Rajib grunted with effort as a big white load was on its way.
I too clutched him madly as I was completely lost in the moment. Rajib
looked at my eyes and bent forward kissing my lips. His muscles
twitched and balls tightened. He held me even more tightly as he was
almost there. And then with a huge grunt he gave in. His thick white
sperm exploded in the condom. He kept thrusting madly to ensure he has
squeezed it all. And then both fell calm and silent, still reeling
from the wonderful moment between us.we felt tired so quickly we fall
into sleep.

After an hour,suddenly my phone rang out loudly amidst the emptiness
of the lounge. The same room which was filled with moans of passion
for just an hour ago was completely empty now. Both our clothes and
other belongings laid scattered on the floor. And the phone kept
ringing amidst all of those.