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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -13

I woke up,took the phone and came running out of the room. I was still
naked and very concerned by then.I picked up the phone that was from
the home.Nanny (caretaker of my son in my house in absence of mine)
asked me when I will come to the home? I replied her that now I am in
one of my old friend’s house so today I will be late to come.I told
her to stay with my son,not to go home.I cut the call.Rajib was also
woke up.He listened my words from behind.Still I felt burning myself
internally.May be Rajib was also in no mood to leave me.He grabbed me
from the behind. After the great encounter on the floor at the lounge,
Rajib had taken me to the bedroom. We had fucked once again in the
bedroom and were still cuddling and fondling each other when the phone
interrupted us. It was 10.30 and I got really concerned and afraid.

I rushed to answer the phone. It was Sanjay, my husband at the other
side. I felt guilty while speaking with my husband. Sanjay had just
reached home and was concerned on not finding me there. “Ohh!! how I
forgot that today he is coming from abroad…..” I thought and cursed
myself. I also had almost forgotten about the rain and all. The call
brought me back to the harsh realities of life. The rain had ceased by
then and it was time for me to wake up from the dream.

I told Sanjay not to worry and lied about being stuck at some
colleague’s place. Then promising that I would be back in an hour, I
hung up and looked down in embarrassment. It dawned on me how I had
been cheating on my husband till then and once again felt very
disturbed. Rajib hugged me from behind and was immediately aware that
something was wrong. But he consoled me and promised to drop me home

I came back to home.I could not look at my husband’s eyes. A sense
of guilt and cheating weighed me down. Sanjay too did not poke much at
my unusual behavior. we both were very tired from the day’s ordeal
and so both went to bed without much interaction.

The next morning I woke up early. I could not sleep well throughout
the night. Images from my encounter with Rajib kept haunting me. I
made a cup of tea and stood at the balcony. But I was not interested
in the bustling scenes of the locality below. I was once again lost in
the thoughts from the last evening. I had a great time again with that
stranger named Rajib,not only once but twice. But I was feeling
equally guilty for cheating on my husband now. I was not sure how I
could face my husband now.I made mistakes two times! First at mall’s
theatre,,second in yesterday at Rajib’s Apartment.

But everything was pretty Ok. I managed to hide my emotions well from
Sanjay. And he too didn’t doubt anything. The rain played the
perfect alibi for my being late last night and I didn’t have to
explain anything. And soon things were back to normal again. Life went
on as usual again and I too almost forgot my chance encounter with
Rajib for second time like a distant dream.

Only during intimate moments with my husband Sanjay, images of that
great evening would flash in my mind,because that was more cozy
encounter between me and the stranger rather than in theatre.We had a
fuck and complete sex first time at that evening.

After that, Often while making love I would see Rajib in my husband.
And once again a strong sense of guilt would subdue me. But I managed
well so far not to give Sanjay any hint of it. But inside I was in a
great turmoil between my guilt and a desire to re-live that evening.

Another some days passed since that wet rainy evening. And everything
was back to normal again. Though Rajib left a permanent mark in my
mind, yet I managed to move on somehow. Then one day while I was
leaving office in a great hurry, I froze in my stride from what I saw
at the other side of the road.

The same lavish sedan was parked at the opposite side of the road,
with Rajib leaning against the car and looking straight at me! At
first I thought it was all my imagination. But when Rajib stood
straight and smiled, I didn’t know what to do. I was shocked! I was
not expecting him suddenly again. I had enough of the guilt which was
tearing my apart anyway. But he was there, right in front of me! He
said nothing but simply walked to the other side of the car and got

I stood still in confusion for some time. I looked at the car and
Rajib was waiting for me. And then as if automatically I started
walking towards it. I opened the door and then got in without any
words. Rajib too started driving as soon as I was inside. No one spoke
to each other as Rajib quietly drove towards his apartment.