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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -14

The passion rekindled once again at the 16th floor penthouse of Rajib.
As soon as I followed him inside, he could no longer bear the
distance. Rajib grabbed me immediately in his arms and started kissing
all over me madly. I too didn’t resist as I myself was once again
overwhelmed with so much passion. Rajib took me to the bed room again
and stripped me slowly before starting to kiss all over my naked

Neither rain, nor wine was needed this time as I gave in to my desires
willingly. All my feeling of guilt and wrong-doing was left outside
the flat as I surrendered myself without a second thought. All those
pent up passion and desires were slowly getting into form as Rajib
made me all his once again. Our naked bodies got intertwined with each
other in a quest to get as closest as possible.

Rajib fucked me three times that evening, each time with a renewed
vigour. For me it was hard to believe that it was possible to get so
much in one evening. I had completely surrendered myself as he made me
come for countless number of times. By the end I thought he will drive
me mad before the evening gets over. Such was the passion and vigor
between us. There was no complaints, no words, just raw passion. And I
was easily engulfed in it for the rest of my life.

I don’t know why but I was no longer felt any guilt after that
evening.My Life was fully turned and changed.I couldn’t stop myself to
continued meeting with Rajib secretly from there on.The
conservativeness within me was just vanished suddenly. I was no more
concerned about cheating on Sanjay. All I wanted was a great time and
share the great passion with Rajib. I didn’t realize how and when I
fell in love with him and was not able to think anything else. On the
other hand, I kept a healthy relationship with my husband too. Doing
all that was required between married couples so that Sanjay never
become doubtful. Later Rajib confessed to me that he was following me
that day from the Bus Stop to the mall.He was intensionally seated
beside me in the theatre.After movie,he secretly followed me to my
house.After that day he was watching me from a distance.He got to know
where I was working,when I leave from the house,when I came back,
everything! He was looking for an opportunity to meet me again,and
then that evening gave him that opportunity.I was very much shocked
after knowing the fact.In fact he gave me a paper after the show,where
he written his number,but still he was not stop himself,he kept eye on
me till I meet him again.He was addicted on my beauty so much.I was
little bit angry after hearing those things from him.He felt sorry for
what he did.After sometime I forgave him. And within a few months, I
got accustomed of living two lives, as Sanjay’s wife as well as
Rajib’s lover.

It was just the few months after, Sanjay again had to go out of the
town for an official visit. Just the opportunity Me and Rajib had been
unconsciously looking for.That time only me and Sanjay lived in our
house because we sent our boy to the boarding school. So, as soon as
Sanjay left for his trip, me and Rajib were too headed to a nearby
coastal town Digha to spend some carefree time with each other.

It was a magical getaway in every way. We had driven to a small
coastal town popular for the sea, golden sands, and the huge open sky.
I had last been to the seaside when I was 14 years old. And now at
this lovely little spot, with my lover by my side,I just wanted to
make most of whatever time we got together.

The morning was fun. After four hours of drive, we two had gone to the
beach and had loads of fun in the gentle waves. Afterward, we had
checked in to a posh resort where we spent the afternoon making love
like there is no tomorrow. I never had such a great time, and we two
were so exhausted that we fell asleep naked in each other’s arms.

After I had woken up I went to take a shower on that day. The cool
flowing water was making my body feel so relaxed and fresh once

It had been a wonderful day so far for me. I had never felt so
liberated, neither so carefree before. Just thinking about how
passionate Rajib had been in the afternoon was making me wet all over
again. I had been so desperately waiting for this time. No worries for
returning to my husband at the end of the day. No fears of being
caught, just me and my lover (whom I met first time at the mall) in
this whole new world. And I wanted to make it more special while it

I came out of the shower and then gently dried myself and wrapped the
towel around my naked body. Rajib was still asleep when I stepped out
of the bathroom. His naked body was spread across the bed. I looked at
him greedily and once again my heart started racing. My body started
to ache for his touch and almost immediately I let the towel fall off
my body as I climbed on the bed to worship the naked body of my