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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -15

Rajib was still asleep when I kissed on his toes. Then on his feet,
and then on the chin, and then on the knee, I continued kissing
upwards until I reached my goal. His dick was still very soft when I
took it in my hand and slowly started stroking it. At the same time, I
also started kissing and sucking his balls in an effort to give it an
erection. Rajib opened his eyes but did not move and continued
enjoying the treatment he was getting.

I kept kissing and stroking his cock and balls. The smell of his
masculinity was driving me crazy as I felt hungry and greedy for his
cock. Now that Rajib was fully awake it didn’t take long for his
cock to get hard. I looked up at my lover with a naughty smile as I
held his dick firmly in my hand. Rajib too smiled back as I continued
kissing and licking his now erect cock. “mmmmmm”, Rajib let out
moans of appreciations at the amazing touch of my soft lips and tongue
on his cock and balls.

After caressing his cock for as long as I wanted, I slowly wrapped my
tongue around it and started sucking it. “ummmmmmmmmmmm”, once
again Rajib could not control as I forced him to moan with skilled use
of my tongue. I was slowly taking Rajib close to a climax. But at the
same time, I too was getting very aroused. The more I worshiped
Rajib’s cock the more I got wet too. And in some more time, I
started feeling the need for that cock inside me desperately.

Rajib was enjoying the treatment so much but then I stopped suddenly.
And before he could say anything I climbed on him and aligned myself
over his throbbing cock. Rajib threw his head back again as I grabbed
his cock once more but this time started rubbing it on my vagina which
was hovering just inches above his crotch. And once I was comfortably
in a favorable posture, I sat down while pushing his cock all the way
up inside my cunt.

“urrrghhhhhhhhh”, I grunted in a mix of pain and pleasure as
Rajib’s long, throbbing cock pushed all the way up inside my pussy.
Rajib too let out a gentle moan as he felt the tightness of my vagina
around the flesh of his cock for the first time. He was inside me for
the first time without any protection and I too seemed to be not
worried at all about the lack of it. I paused for some time as my body
adjusted to the feel of his cock inside me, and then slowly started
rocking my body up and down with his cock inside me.

Gradually I picked up speed and started moaning as my body drove
itself near an orgasm. “ummm… ahhhhh… ohhhhh… sssss…
aahhhhh… mmmmm…”, I kept moaning as well as grinding myself on
Rajib’s cock. While Rajib just laid back and enjoyed the show while
I worked on his cock.

Gradually my pace quickened as I drove myself nearer to an orgasm. And
then at the final moment Rajib grabbed me and pulled me into his arms.
He started thrusting his hip at the same pace as I too let me fully
enjoy the orgasm. I was prone on Rajib’s body while he thrust his
hips to keep pumping his cock in and out of my cunt to keep the
momentum going and build up a powerful orgasm for me. And almost
immediately afterward My whole body shook and then gave up control as
I experienced the most amazing orgasm I ever had.

Rajib held me tight and continued thrusting into my wet cunt while I
just came on and on. Burying my face on his body, I bit my lips as my
body lost any control over what was going on. Rajib too held me
tightly in his arms as he slowly starting to ease up. Soon he was no
longer fucking me. Though his cock was still inside my spent pussy, we
two were simply cuddled in each other’s arms. I still reeling from
the experience of the orgasm I just had. My heart was beating faster
and my chest swelling high in heavy breaths.

I had never felt so desirable before. My entire body was trembling in
intense pleasure. I was still cuddled up in Rajib’s arms when Rajib
started kissing on my lips again. I too kissed him back and with some
renewed passion. We were not yet done. I wanted him inside me once
again and Rajib too hasn’t yet finished. So as Rajib got on top of
his girl (me), I opened my legs, already feeling his hard cock rub
against my aching cunt.