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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -16

Then just as Rajib bent forward to fetch a condom from the bedside, I
stopped him. Rajib looked at me in confusion and I nodded my head. We
two were looking into each other’s eyes. His naked body was nicely
lying on top of my naked torso. Our heart was beating fast but in
unison. I once again nodded my head but Rajib was still confused.
“not today”, I said in a low voice, “I want to feel your seeds
inside me”.

Rajib has overjoyed once again and as I opened my legs further he
started poking at my cunt with his bare cock. There was a smile on my
face while Rajib put his cock at the right spot. And then he bent
forward, pushing it inside me while he took my lips and started
kissing. I too wrapped my legs around his waist and the two remain lip
locked while Rajib pumped his cock ever so viciously, in and out of

Rajib’s passion was multiplied manifolds with the liberty to come
into his girl. He started pounding me with a new found vigor. I too
wrapped my legs around my man, urging him to reach deeper and deeper
in me. Our two bodies transformed into one as Rajib kept thrusting
deep into me while the two remain lip locked throughout. Our bodies
started shivering in pleasure as both of us started nearing yet
another climax.

My toes curled up as I felt another powerful orgasm building up. Rajib
too quickened his pace as he reached the crescendo of his passion.
Soon he started grunting in the effort as his balls filled up with his
come. And the room was filled with his loud grunts as he put all his
energy into those last few strokes in and out of mine. I loved the raw
power with which my lover was fucking me and I closed my eyes as I
completely felt drained out of all emotions. All I wanted was my
lover’s seeds in me.

Suddenly my body churned and yet another powerful orgasm shook me as
my entire body trembled in passion. And I immediately held tightly on
to Rajib, digging my nails deep into his flesh. Rajib too, as if in a
perfect tandem, thrust deep inside me and laid collapse as his cock
started ejaculating his balls full of the load in my womb.
“uuuuummmmhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa”, I let out a loud moan of pleasure
as I felt his seeds rapidly filling me up. There were again tears in
my eyes as I started experiencing the divine feeling of being bred by
a man. We two once again lip locked and remained like that until Rajib
has drained his entire load inside me.

After spending some memorable days at Digha,we came back.After some
days,Sanjay was also came back from his official visit.

Days passed……..

One day I woke up quite early.I looked at my cell phone, it was just
6.25 am. I put the phone down and looked at the other side of the bed.
Sanjay – my husband – was still sleeping peacefully, another one
hour before my husband wakes up. I would need to be quick. So I got up
urgently. There was a deep sense of tension etched on my face.

I stepped out of the bedroom, into the small hall of our cozy two
bedroom flat. Normally I loves to make myself a cup of tea and laze
through the daily chores. I loves enjoying my tea from the small
balcony attached to our second floor flat. I loves watching from over
as the locality slowly gets into action. But on that day I was a
little preoccupied. I didn’t even pick the newspaper and the milk
which was left at the doorstep.

I went to the small kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Inside I had
hastily hidden a small package wrapped in a brown paper yesterday. I
took it out and then immediately checked if Sanjay was up by any
chance. But the hall was still empty. I felt a little relieved and hid
the box in my gown before quickly disappearing into the bathroom. I
locked the otherwise tight door properly and took out the package with
trembling fingers.

Sanjay flipped over in sleep, reaching out with his hand towards the
empty side of the bed. He would always reach out for his wife (me)
like this. Then cuddle me before falling asleep once again. But that
day he could not find me at his side. And his hand rubbed the empty
surface of the bed. Sanjay woke up with a jolt.

It was still quite dark in the room. Sanjay took his watch out from
under the pillow. It was 6.45 am, still very early for his wife (me)
to wake up. I usually wakes up and makes myself tea at 7.30. So Sanjay
became a little concerned about me. Especially because he had been
noticing how tensed I looked over the last few days. Which I had
carefully dismissed whenever he tried to raise it with me. So Sanjay
decided to get up and find for himself.