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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -17

Outside, the little hall was empty too. The newspaper and the milk
were still at the doorstep. Sanjay picked those up and went to check
in the kitchen. Next he knocked at the bathroom. And was hugely
relieved to find the bathroom locked from inside. Sanjay knocked
again, and called for me this time. But I did not respond. Sanjay
became worried once again. He knocked at the door once more while
calling me out. There was a definite tone of worry in his voice.

Sanjay put his ears on the door and listened carefully. There was a
sound of sobbing, coming from inside. Sanjay got further concerned and
started knocking repeatedly. He requested me to open the door and
share my worries with him. He got really scared and worried for me. A
little later I finally opened the door. I looked visibly disturbed and
been crying for some time.

Sanjay immediately took me in his arms and gave me a tight hug. But I
did not reciprocate the feeling. I was motionless while Sanjay held me
tightly in a consoling manner. That got him further worried as he did
not expect it from me. Normally I used to reciprocate his every
feeling. Something must be wrong that morning, he thought.

Sanjay’s eyes then fell on the small strip-like object in my hand.
He became curios immediately and took it from me gently. I did not
want to give it up at first. But I neither resisted much. So Sanjay
took the small plastic object in his hand and looked at it carefully
to make out what it was. He was looking at a pregnancy test strip. It
was a small white plastic strip with a film in the middle. Sanjay
looked closely to take in the details. There were two thin lines on
the film. And he was suddenly very thrilled. He looked at the strip
carefully again, as if to reconfirm. And then he looked at me, me
before looking back at the strip again. His hands started trembling.
He looked back at me in excitement. “Are you pregnant?” Sanjay
asked me. His heart was already beating faster in anticipation.

I nodded my head. My eyes were still soaked in tears. I could not look
back at Sanjay. “You are pregnant” he repeated again, still unable
to believe it. “I am going to be a father” he shouted in joy. His
heart was swelled in a sudden wave of happiness. He was still not able
to believe that his wife was pregnant. “You are pregnant” he kept
saying and then took me in his arms again. I did not resist this time.
Putting my head on my husband’s chest,I continued sobbing quietly.

“Why are you crying?” Sanjay asked, still very concerned with my
unexpected behavior. “This is great news. I am going to be a father.
Why are you crying?” and he wiped the tears from my eyes. “I feel
like the happiest man in the world” Sanjay said before kissing me.
He just loved kissing the soft and rosy lips of mine. But on that day
it felt even more special, kissing the lips of his pregnant wife.

I too felt a little relaxed in my husband’s arms this time. I too
put my arms around him and started kissing back. We stayed like that
in each other’s arms, kissing passionately. Sanjay was super excited
to find out he was going to be a father. I too no longer felt
distressed and gave in to my husband’s passionate kisses. Sanjay
then slowly picked me up on his arms and carried me back to the

Sanjay put me back on the bed and continued kissing me. He was no
longer limited to my lips only. He felt so happy and started kissing
all over my neck, shoulder, and other parts of the body to express it.
And gradually Sanjay started feeling aroused too. Already he was in a
great mood ever since he discovered he was going to be a father for
the second time. And then the passionate moment afterwards made him
even hornier.

Sanjay put his hand gently on my breast and started pressing them
slowly. He knew just how sensitive my breasts were. He started playing
with my breasts so as to arouse me as well. Gradually I too started
feeling horny. I pulled Sanjay back for a kiss, and then afterwards
pushed him down urging him to continue playing with my breasts. Sanjay
fondled and kissed both my breasts for some more time before starting
to feel restless. And so he decided to remove the maxi off my body.

I am very pretty and have a gorgeous body. I am 5 ft and 7 inches
tall, and a great physique. Sanjay always took pride in having such a
gorgeous wife. He removed my maxi, and I was not wearing bra inside.
My firm milky globes were exposed immediately. Sanjay grabbed those
firm yet soft mounds and started pressing them greedily. As it was the
most sensitive part of any woman’s body, Sanjay started fondling and
caressing them with great passion.