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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -18

Soon I started moaning in pleasure. Sanjay was slowly kissing and
licking all over my breasts. My nipples had already become very hard
with arousal. Sanjay simply put his tongue on them and started licking
those. Cupping my breasts with both hands, he licked, kissed, and
started sucking both my nipples in turn. It was slowly becoming
unbearable for me too. I closed my eyes and kept moaning in pleasure.
I was already put so close to an orgasm.

Sanjay kept playing with my breasts and nipples for a long time,
before starting to go down further. He stopped at my belly first,
touched and kissed it lovingly. Though there was still no bulge,
Sanjay could already imagine his baby breathing inside. It was a
lovely feeling for him to touching his pregnant wife’s belly, and
almost feeling his baby within. And it drove him mad once again. He
kissed on my belly one more time before going further down. I was
still wearing my panties. But Sanjay was so impatient already, he just
couldn’t wait fucking me. And so he removed my panties too.

I was finally fully naked. I had a shaved cunt. Sanjay always felt so
great looking at my bald pussy. He put his fingers on mine and touched
and caressed my hairless crotch slowly. I too opened my legs so that
Sanjay could see and feel my vagina more intimately.

Sanjay put his fingers on my beautiful pussy, and started rubbing
along the edge of my vagina. He rubbed his fingers ever so slowly on
the moist lips of my cunt. I felt my clitoris throbbing and shivered
in excitement. My cunt was already quite moist with so much attention.
So Sanjay simply stood up and started undressing himself. Just a look
and feel of his wife’s cunt had made him a hundred times hornier. He
could wait no longer to put his cock inside me.

Sanjay took off his clothes and got naked. I too was eagerly waiting
for him on the bed, with open legs. I was already pregnant, so there
was no need for a condom anymore. Sanjay gleefully jumped on the bed
and took position between the open legs of his sexy wife. He bent
forward and started kissing me all over again. I too kissed him back
with equal passion. He was still unable to believe that he is going to
become a dad. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to love

He kissed my soft lips with great care and passion again. His cock was
already throbbing, and rubbing between my open legs. He simply put it
on top of my cunt and started rubbing it slowly on my vagina. I moaned
out louder as my body shivered in excitement. I always loved the feel
of a cock on and inside my pussy. Soon I started begged to my husband
to put it in.

Sanjay too, willingly pushed his cock inside. I was already so wet it
didn’t need much effort. And his cock slipped inside me ever so
smoothly. Sanjay kept pushing gently until his cock was half way
inside. He then paused for a moment and then slowly started a gentle
to and fro motion inside me. A wave of pleasure ran through me as my
husband started pounding me gently. I could not help and tears of
pleasure started flowing from my eyes along with the occasional

“I love you so much”, “Thanks for giving me the best gift of my
life”, “I am the luckiest person in the world”, Sanjay kept
saying these in my ears while fucking me. He still could not believe
that his wife was pregnant. But it was the best feeling in the world
for a man. He could see just how much more attracted he felt towards
me. He kept pounding me gently, taking care that he doesn’t hurts
me. I too was feeling so much loved, cared, I almost cried out in

Sanjay kept pounding me gently while also kissing my lips and
caressing my breasts. I already had an orgasm and was getting ready
for one more again. Sanjay too was nearing a climax. Momentarily he
was concerned if he could cum inside his pregnant wife. But I assured
him it was completely safe.Because I wanted to feel his hot seeds
inside me badly. There was still something which disturbed me from

Finally Sanjay hit the crescendo as his cock started oozing loads of
his hot white sperms. He gave out a large grunt almost immediately as
he made the final efforts to empty himself in me. It was all so
exhausting as well as fulfilling. Sanjay immediately felt so great.
Once again the feeling of becoming a dad overwhelmed him. And once
again he took me in his arms and started kissing on my forehead and
lips again so lovingly.

“Don’t cry, everything will all be fine” he told me caringly
after noticing that I was still being troubled. It was great news, a
great feeling, so Sanjay could not understand what troubled me so
much. He thought,I must be thinking too much about the financials and
other complications of being a mother. Sanjay was sure that they could
manage it together. And so he hugged me tightly again until I too gave
up my troubles and hugged him back with same vigor.

Sanjay looked at the clock, it was already too late and he could no
longer afford to lay down with his wife like that. No matter how much
he wished to be with me the whole day, he had an important meeting at
work. So he got up unwillingly. I too did not want my husband to leave
but knew that he had no choice. I too got up to prepare a quick
breakfast while Sanjay was already in the bathroom, taking bath and
getting ready.

Sanjay asked me to skip work for the day. He also told me that we
would go for a romantic dinner once he was back from work in the
evening. I nodded my head with a big smile on my face. I kissed my
husband goodbye as he finished his breakfast and rushed so that he
didn’t miss the 9.40 local. I stood at the door watching as my
husband took a turn and disappeared round the corner. I let a long
sigh and then closed the door.

I walked back to the bedroom. My eyes fell on the crumpled part of the
bed which reminded me of the great time I just had with my husband.
Once again my eyes filled with tears. I touched my belly and as if
could feel someone alive inside. I then quickly grabbed my phone from
the side table and switched it on while walking out at the small
balcony attached to our bedroom.

It was almost 10 am, and the locality was already bustling under my
balcony. But I didn’t care. I was as if in a different world
altogether. I went through my call list and dialed back one of the
frequently dialed numbers. And then putting the phone in my ears, I
waited impatiently for it to be answered.