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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -3

That day I was wearing a top and skinny leggings and his hand was
softly touching my thigh giving me a tickling sensation. I was too
nervous to react and became frightened, getting no immediate reaction
from me, he placed his hand softly on my upper thigh & gently caressed

I did not know what to do & though I moved my legs more but was unable
to shake his hand off. Next few minutes he was gently caressing my
upper thigh (with his left hand). I was staring hard at the screen as
if nothing was happening at all, while he kept on caressing and slowly
squeezing my thighs. He was slowly moving it up & down both in my
inner and upper thighs. I did not know what to do & was feeling very
helpless. My mind slowly started behaving differently, through the
corner of my eye I again glanced to my right – he was staring hard
at the screen, his cock was standing hard & erect and he was stroking
it with his right hand. I continued my glancing at the cock.

He by then slowly moved his hand upwards on my thigh towards my crotch
area. I then put my hand on his hand & pushed it off my leg. His hand
felt very hot. For next few minutes, nothing happened and I was
staring hard at the screen and tried to concentrate there. My mind was
all in a tizzy and was wondering for his next move. My mind
unconsciously wanted to stare the huge cock.

I then felt his hand once again on my thigh as he started to caress it
again. I sat motionless closing my eyes. He now moved his hand fully
over on my thigh and was squeezing & caressing it more passionately in
a slow pace. He by his hands trying to make me spread my legs, I
resisted it by putting my hands down on his hand. But he was prepared
for it and before I realized anything he grabbed my hand and held it

I was too taken aback by this move. He then started caressing my hand
gently and as if to reassure me. I tried to pull my hand away from his
grip, but his grip was quite firm. He swiftly pulled my hand, holding
it firmly and placed it over his hard cock. I was really surprised by
this bold move. My hand, at that time, was on his cock and was
enclosed in his bigger hand. He then made me move my hand up & down on
his cock. I was stunned by his act – his cock seemed very
large–throbbing & pulsating within my hand. His grip was so firm
that I could not remove my hand and I had no other option left than to
hold his erection and moving it up & down with the movement of his
hand. I was so confused, but he was also very gentle & at the same
time, my hand was gripping his hard & hot cock.

Slowly and slowly he was taking me under his control as my senses
start burning and my mind started playing in his tune…..
Interestingly half of my mind was enjoying the situation. More
interestingly he also slowly sensed that he started to take me under
his control.

He un-gripped his right hand and let go of my hand and started
gradually caressing my upper stomach. He swiftly slid his hand under
my dupatta & placed on my left breast. He began to gently cuddle &
squeeze my boobs. I was too horrified, shocked, spellbound to resist
him and he continued to cuddle my left boob firmly. After that, he
shifted to my other breast. As he was cuddling my breasts, I felt his
hard cock pulsating in my hand.

He then moved his hand off my breasts sliding upwards onto my neck. He
suddenly put his hand inside my kurti on my bare stomach from downward
and started pulling his hand upwards to get inside my bra. His hand
was hot & rough on my soft skin. I was astounded by the run of events
and lost my senses to resist him, rather one part of my mind was
enjoying it. He managed to slide a couple of fingers inside my bra &
caress my nipple. I had an involuntary shiver—this was becoming too
much for me and I did not know what to do but just let things

The stranger now smelled that I was under his full control and he
could do with me whatever he wanted to do and his movements became
bolder & firmer. He then began to caress my both the breasts more
firmly and urgently with his two hands. He fully reclined my seat by
his one hand to have better access.

After that, he shifted his hand & placed on my inner thigh near to my
crotch area and started squeezing and caressing gently and trying to
make me part them and ultimately managed to get his hand between my
legs. He pressed a finger in between and started grouping my crotch

He untie my leggings and put his hand under there.He put his finger
into the vagina and caressing it.He slowly started finger fucking.I
got shiver by his action.Then he lift my kurti upwards and managed to
get it reasonably up so that my stomach were outside.Then before I
realized what he was upto,he bend forward to lick on my naval and
finally started to sucking my naked stomach.