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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -4

The stranger was really enjoying himself.I too was amazed by him.I
grabbed his hair and pushed him more to my bare stomach in
excitement.Looking around I saw that others in the theatre were
watching the movie and nobody was aware of such erotic activity
between two strangers in the last row.Holding my back by his left
hand,he kept kissing on my stomach.

My vagina was already wet and was drenching heavily.He slide his hand
inside my panty straight onto my cunt and started to stroke it
gently.My cunt was clean shaved.He initially started rubbing his palm
on my clitoris and then put his finger into my slit.He pushed his
middle finger inside the hole and started gently masturbating
me.Unknowingly I spread my legs so that he could get better access.I
didn’t know what happen with me.That time he is so much overwhelmed on

He continued his fingering into my cunt while he still sucking on my
bare stomach.This continued for a few minutes as his finger movements
become faster and faster.I knew I would very soon reach my orgasm and
yes, soon enough I felt my body shiver uncontrollably as a strong
electric shock like emotion went through my body and millions of
tingling sensations spread all over every nerve my body as the deep
orgasm took me over.

It was mind blowing as it lasted a good 2-3 minutes and left me
panting and totally satiated.This stranger was really good and knows
the tricks of finger-fuck.He knew I got my orgasm and removed his hand
from my cunt and licked his finger.

After that he slipped his hand under my kurti onto my stomach and
finally up onto my breasts.He managed to get one breast out of the bra
cup and started fondling gently and passionately.He squeezed the
nipple which by itself was already erect and gently tugging on it with
his fingers.

He pulled my other breast out as well and caressing and fondling them
quite passionately.After pulling out my both the breasts he started
fondling and groping my two large boobs with his right hand and
holding me from my back by his left hand.

I am now totally under the custody of his two hands.I closed my eyes
as I was in the height of ecstasy, a man other than my husband is
fondling my assets and playing with it and my cunt juice was dripping
down my legs and started moaning.

He again caught my hand and placed it once again on his cock while he
resumed fondling both my breasts.My hand was resting on his throbbing
cock and inspite of my initial fear and nervousness,I let my hand
remain on his cock,gently begin to touch and feel it.

My breasts were outside so before I realized anything he bend forward
and started to suck my boobs.He managed to get the nipple entirely in
his mouth.In that heat of the moment,I too begin to grip his cock
harder and also caress it all over.I started to stroke it harder and

The stranger became successful in exposing my breast to the cool air
conditioning of the hall and was merrily and greedily sucking my
breasts,interchanging between the nipples.He went back to sequeezing
my breasts with one hand and sucking the other one with his tongue and

He put his hand on my hand which was stroking his cock & signalled me
to move it faster.I obey his instruction and increased the momentum of
my movements on his cock.I gripped his cock harder and begin to pump
my hand up and down,getting carried away by the situation.

Soon I also sensed that his body tensed up and almost at once before I
could remove my hand his cock twitched uncontrollably in my hand and
his semen came spurting out.The semen was dripping all over my hand.I
removed my hand from his cock and not knowing where to wipe all the
drippy semen, then took my dupatta and wiped it off.

I quickly and quietly adjusted my clothes as did the stranger next to
me. It was just on time because after sometimes the lights came on
with the announcement of interval. There was no exchange of words
between us and the stranger quickly got up, without even glancing at
me left the place.I was really been so scared and nervous about the
whole incident, as all happened in a public place, moreover we were so
vulnerable that anybody could have caught us.I tried to make myself as
ordinary as possible by sliding low in my seat.I looked around and saw
that the hall was nearly empty, nobody even bothered to look at the
back rows,almost all the people were in the front rows.I was pondering
should I also leave but doubted about the rainfall outside.I was
indecisive but planned to stay back to watch the full movie. I went to
the washroom and freshened up myself and saw that it was still raining
and came back to my seat.

Closing my eyes, I was rewinding about the events of past 90 minutes
or so. I was stunned at what was happened to such conservative
housewife like me and how I allowed so much to happen–letting the
stranger fondle me, open my bra, suck my boobs & even allowing him to
masturbate me; as if that was not enough even I returned the favour by
fondling his big cock and masturbating him too.