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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -5

I somehow had overcome my natural shyness and fear I had & let passion
to take me away. My secret will of fondling by a stranger in a public
place happened and I eventually cooperated with the stranger. It was
really wild & I did have a lovely & shattering orgasm. No doubt about
that –my body had reacted to the situation. I was convinced myself
that in the back of my mind I somehow nurtured the idea of the
encounter of a person other than of my husband. Even at that time, I
was in my very remote corner of mind wanting him to come back and sit
beside me and took me again in that secret journey of sexual vulgarity
and ecstasy.

The second half started and lights dimmed, I settled down to enjoy the
show with the confidence that I could relax & watch the movie.
Suddenly I saw the stranger returned back and sat next to me. I was
surprised on his return, as I had thought that he might left. At the
same time, I was happy to see him back. My body and mind were not
cooperating with my conservative attitude rather wanting his touch all
over my body.

This time I was not as nervous as I was before and was far cooler. The
stranger brought a packet of popcorn, chips and two glasses of cold
drinks with him which he offered me. I accepted the offer and shared.
No words were still spoken but a conscious bond of mutual consent was
developed. After few minutes or so, while I was having the coke, he
held my hand – gripped it – took it up to his mouth and kissed it
very passionately. I was not so tensed and scared about him like in
the first half but may be enjoying his company, so I did not protest
but cooperated.He held my hand for a while.He constantly gripped my
hand & continued his caressing.

He then again reclined my seat and I heard him unzipping his fly
again. I could feel my heart bouncing faster once again. He took his
mammoth cock out once again and I saw through the corner of my eyes
that it was semi erect. He then carried my right hand on his cock once
again. This time without much nervousness I took it in my hand and
started playing with it. He did not have to force my hand on his cock
as had happened before the interval. It did feel nice and wonderful in
my smallish hand and I had no qualms about stroking it further. I
glanced down at what I was doing – in the dim lights could make out
my smallish & fairish hand stroking his dark cock.

The Stranger pulled up the divider hand-rest between the two seats and
leaned towards me. He put his right hand directly on my breasts and
began to fondle & massage them. The movements were “sure” and less
hurried now. I let him continue the massage and enjoyed his fondles.
The passion was building up. He was firmly and expertly fondling my
breasts & it was really feeling good. He then moved his hand down and
slipped inside my kurti, reached out for my breasts inside – began
to squeeze them hard over the bra. He tried to push my bra upwards so
that the breasts could be freed. He was struggling and I was wondering
how to help him. He then withdrew his hand totally outside, with his
left hand encircled my shoulders and pulled me towards him hugging
tightly. I confess it was one of the best ever hug I had. It was a
deep, warm & passionate hug as with his right hand he was pushing me
hard on his chest.

He made me move a bit sideways towards him so that he could hug me
better –a real bear hug. Our faces were almost touching each other.
He then softly kissed me on my cheek & before I realized it, his mouth
was on mine kissing me passionately. It was really mind blowing – I
felt his tongue force – its way into my mouth – pushing & toying
with my tongue. He was pushing his tongue deep into my mouth & darting
it across my mouth & then he began to suck onto my tongue. (This was
really crazy–even my husband had never kissed me this way before). I
too returned his kiss & also tried to push my tongue in his mouth,
which he let it enter into his mouth and sucked on my tongue. This
deep franchising continued for some time and we both enjoyed a lot.

While we were still in deep & wet kissing with intertwined tongues, he
had slid his right hand inside my kurti and fondled, squeezed my
breasts really hard. He managed to get one breast partially outside
the bra & was kneading the nipple & caressing it hard. It was feeling
awesome. He while caressing my stomach below the kurti, moved his hand
to my back onto my bra strap. With his skillful fingers he deftly
unhooked it and started caressing my naked back under my Kurti.

Though we were deeply engrossed in kissing he without wasting time
moved his both hands back onto my breasts & pushed the loose bra
upwards and released both my breasts and started massaging, curling
and twisting them in full earnest.

I was leaning sideways towards him while he started to tug & pull my
kurti with the bra upwards and I too cooperated him to pull it up
easily and released. I became topless and I could feel the cool
air-conditioning on my naked boobs. I glanced down & in the dim light
of the movie hall I could see my breasts fully exposed & his large
hand squeezing them hard.

“What am I doing, I cannot let him to do all to me” I thought.
Suddenly the orthodox Indian upbringing made me feel guilty. However
my body trembled with lust and I found myself too weak to say stop to
all what he was doing. I was in a dilemma whether to escape or
surrender to my own feelings.

He then hurriedly bend down and started licking my breasts — flicked
the nipples with his tongue & then to suckle on it (as if a suckling
child).He again took my hand and placed it on his cock,and then I
started gently gripping his cock–which had miraculously regained its
past splendour. It grew fully standing—proud & erect and getting
ready for a fuck. It was throbbing in my hand and I felt it so hard
and powerful. I closed my eyes and imagining that it was entered into
my love-hole…. It was so big and wmmmm.. much bigger than my hubby