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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -6

The stranger then shifted a bit & I saw him trying to pull his pant
down—he finally opened his pant & pushed it down (incl. his
underwear) and he spread his legs much wider. I could see in the dim
light his bare legs full of hairs, which was very appealing. He took
my hand and guided it over his naked torso, upper legs, onto his balls
and finally on his cock. Out of my own curiosity and sexual desire I
moved my hand over his balls & cupped them in my hand, scratch them
with my nails. The stranger let out a contented sigh & spread his legs
wider –he was loving every moment of my touching and I too enjoyed
his manhood.

I was hardly glancing at the movie screen. In the dim light, I was
either watching him sucking my breasts or was looking downwards where
I was stroking his strong and big cock.

Under immense passion, I pull his hairs and guided his mouth from one
breast to other for intense sucking. We both were deeply engrossed in
the hot encounter and in our own world. The stranger hugged me tight
and put his arm around my shoulders. He then my buried his face onto
my neck and started licking my earlobes, I moaned and spasms started
within my body. After sometime he pulled my face towards his and began
to kiss me madly—-pushing his tongue deep in …. I also put my arm
around his neck and returned his kiss with equal passion.

After few minutes he again let me reclined on my seat and started
hugging me tight. In our deep kissing & intertwined tongues and
hugging, I felt his hand on my abdomen and moving downwards. He slowly
opened the string of my leggings once again & slip his hand inside my
panty. He then started gently caressing my slit once again. There was
no hurry in his movements, he efficiently parted the lips and gently
slid a finger into my moist cunt.

“Uggg,” I grunted and my face buried into his chest. I dug my face
deeper feeling the hard fingers. Involuntarily with my arms I grabbed
his hand push the fingers hard into my cunt. He slipped another finger
between my ass crack and nudged at the pink puckered hole. He slowly
started teasing me by raking his fingertips in slow circles over my
ass hole until I melts with pleasure.

A small sigh escaped my lips—it did feel good. He slowly sliding
fingers in & out in my both holes it was a wonderful experience, even
I didn’t get such experience from my hubby also. I did not want him
to stop, but he suddenly withdrew his hand and brought it back to my
waist. He then started pulling my leggings and panty down – off my

Since it was in his mind to make me nude and I also wanted him to
caress me more comfortably with full access, I lift my buttock a bit &
let him to slide my tight leggings & panty off my waist.
I was now almost full nude in a public place in front of a man other
than my husband. Quickly my traditional Indian culture made me feel
guilty – I became unfaithful. However, my body and my mind shivered
with lust and I succumb to the secret enjoyment from the stranger.

He made me to spread my legs little wider to push easily his fingers
to my wet cunt and I was waiting for his touch. He again eased his
finger into my cunt and began his finger fucking, simultaneously with
his thumb, he was rubbing my clitoris as well – it just felt
awesome. I could feel an orgasm generated and my body shuddered with a
swift one. It built and needed a quick release. The stranger continued
to stroke my cunt, but I gently pushed his hand out from my cunt and
kept it to my breasts which he responded and began to squeeze my
breasts with much more pressure. He then bent down again to suck my
nipples and nibble on them too.

My breasts were all wet with his saliva as he was sucking on them very
passionately. He raised his head and we kissed again. I could feel the
passion gathering momentum again within myself. I gripping his cock
hard began to stroke it up & down fast as it was gathering momentum.
But he had something more in his mind to lift me in the height of