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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -7

Suddenly he released me and sat on the floor on his knees between my
legs and put his mouth into my cunt…. Ohhhh… I was not ready for
it …. He started licking my wet cunt with his tongue and started
sipping my juices I was in the seventh heaven. I was then moaning
heavily as he was licking my love-hole vigorously….. I caught his
hairs with both hands and buried his head into my cunt….. I could
feel the passion gathering momentum – I had a very powerful
orgasm…and he drank all of that.. The stranger then come back to his
seat. After that he put his hand on my head and slowly pulled me on

I realized that he wanted me to suck his cock. As guided by the
stranger my face made contact with his cock. I was still holding his
cock in my right hand. He then gripped the cock in his hand and rubbed
it across my cheeks, nose, eyes and lips. It was really hot and was
throbbing. He pushed it against my lips into my mouth. I voluntarily
opened my mouth and took his cock fully in my mouth. It was really
big, but somehow, I managed to take the full in. It did feel odd but
his cock had a slight salty in taste and the test was different than
that of my hubby. He continued to push his cock into my mouth in a
rhythm of up & down. I adjusted my position for better sucking. I got
the hang of it & began to bob my mouth up & down on his cock. I began
to move my tongue across his cock. I continued to suck on his cock –
licked the side of his cock – simultaneously scratching his balls.

The scene became very erotic – I am sucking the cock of an unknown
person being naked in a public place. He in the meanwhile with his
other hand started caressing my thighs. He again pushed his finger
into my pink hole and start finger fucking. Simultaneously I continued
my sucking his cock—and it was soon covered with my saliva & which
was getting mixed with his salty pre-cum. He then tugged me a little
more forward & kinda onto his body so that my breasts would also rub
on his cock.

He then again pushed me back to my seat, crouched onto floor and
spread my legs, this time he sliding my leggings & panty fully off my
foot and make me complete nude, he began to lick up onto my inner
thighs, my cunt and my ass-hole—his tongue parted my pussy lips and
darted inside….. it was really felt lovely. I admit, he really knew
the art of pussy licking. I spread my legs more so that he could lick
better with clear access. He continued to lick & lap and after a few
minutes I could feel again an orgasm build up within me, this time I
really had soul stirring, deep & extended orgasm. The episode was just
too good & I felt much fulfilled after this.

The stranger got up and sat at his seat – held my hand caressed it
– I too squeezed back. He held my hand for a few minutes & then
leaned over & kissed me again —a deep kiss & said “I love you
For a few minutes we sat like that, then he placed my hand again on
his cock —which had again become kinda flaccid. I began to caress &
stroke it again, soon it started becoming hard & erect. I enjoyed the
feeling of it growing and swelling within my hand — it gave as sense
of satisfaction & power. I could feel the passion building up in him
again. I began to pump his cock up & down.

He told me – to suck again and tugged me forward. I stood up and sat
on my knees between his legs and kissed the tip of his cock which felt
salty taste of his pre-cum. He then rubbed his cock across my
face—on my nose, my lips, my cheeks, my ears & I could hear him
softly sighing in contentment. I then stuck my tongue out & began to
the lick the length of hic cock from the top to bottom. I guessed it
would have been at least 6 –8 inches long & it was rigid like a rock
now. His cock was glistening with my saliva. Soon it was fully in my
mouth & I began to suck on it —up & down like lolly-pop. He guided
my hand onto his testicles which I gently caressed & squeezed. I took
my time on sucking & licking his cock & slowly build up the tempo—I
knew he was loving it & I was enjoying it too.