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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -8

Then all of a sudden what happened to me I don’t know… I sat on
his lap and started rubbing his big cock against my wet cunt and
hugged him hard. I pull out his shirt. Our bare bodies are hard
pressed against each other we both are in the absolute height of
ecstasy. I was rubbing heavily his giant cock in my slit. I gave his
giant cock a sweet pussy massage. Our two naked bodies were melted
against each other. We two got absolutely mad. After that I told him
to recline his seat and move in the six-nine position started stroking
his cock with my hand while sucking his cock. He too started sucking
my cunt. Then suddenly without any warning, his body stiffened &
before I could react, he ejaculated his semen in warm spurts which
filled my mouth with its salty taste. I tried to pull back, but I felt
his hand on my head firmly it down on his cock. His warm semen filled
my mouth & I swallow it, while some of it dribbled out of mouth.Then I
also released mine on his mouth and he licked it very nicely. I then
managed to sit up. The stranger was looking so very content & I took
my chunni & wiped the dripping semen off my face.

The movie was still going on & I adjusted my clothes & I could see the
stranger too doing the same. This had turned out to be so mind
boggling and honestly I enjoyed this sex-episode very much.
The movie got over & we both got up & left the seats. He turned &
slipped a paper in my hand and walked away from me. I caught an auto &
went home. Rest of the day I kept thinking about what had happened. I
thought about this the next few days too & felt that what happened was
an experience worth remembering. In fact it was an experience in two
parts. In the pre-interval phase when I was too scared, nervous and
did not even have the courage to resist or even get up & go away to
another seat. He took advantage as I allowed him though I had choices
of avoiding it. I had initially “tolerated “his advances till he
pulled my hand on his cock and began to fondle my breasts. My reaction
after that was more of “reluctant curiosity “till it started
getting better, till he began to fondle my breasts and finally a
“reluctant pleasure“. Since he was gentle not rude or rough helped
me to ease up & cooperate with his uninvited advances.

At the interval stage, I was willing to accept this as one of the
unfortunate exploitative situations of life, putting myself more to
blame & would have left the theatre at that stage. But–the stranger
returned. I was a bit taken aback, but nevertheless relatively
unperturbed. It was like – if he tried something more – “well,
no big deal” anymore but if he did not, the movie was there. Either
way I was prepared. That he bought popcorn, coke for me was sweet of
him and it broke the “negativity” that I was feeling till then.
After that the situation developed once again—. I was more
confident, assured and earlier hesitancy completely disappeared and I

What we did post interval was truly amazing. I did not feel that I was
being taken advantage, but rather it was far more participative,
instantaneous & mutual. It was as if I had discovered the pleasure
possible & had no hang ups anymore. It somehow did not seem to matter
that I did not know the stranger, or that he was married, much older
than me. The pleasure & the passion was paramount for both of us and
it was just happened and we both agreed to it. I enjoyed the every
moment of it. I had allowed him to caress & fondle my breasts & even
to open my kurti – open my bra – lick & suck my nipples. He had
opened my leggings, panty & masturbated me – not once but multiple
times (each time he ensured that I had my orgasm), which were very
pleasurable. He had even licked my cunt as well, which was really
heavenly experience for me. For that matter, I had willingly caressed,
stroked his cock and masturbated him also I had performed oral sex. I
had willingly sucked his cock not once but multiple times & to top it
all, I had even tasted & swallowed his semen. Above all I massaged his
cock with my cunt. It was surely mindboggling sexual experience to
remember and moreover it freed me from my inherent shyness.

Some days passed,,one day i noticed that paper which I found in my
bag,was given by the stranger.I saw that he wrote a phone number on
that paper which might be his contact number.But I threw it to the
dustbin because I didn’t want to contact that stranger.. Yes,,that day
was the memorable day in my life but I forgot it and want to move on
in my life.Being a loyal wife to my husband,I didn’t want to repeat
that incident any more.So I refreshed myself and going to the office.

It was an extremely wet evening. It had been raining throughout the
day and it was still pouring with the same vigor well into the
evening. I finished my work and got out to leave for home. But my
heart sank as I stepped outside the office. The roads were crowded
with people. Everyone was stranded in the rain. The buses didn’t
have an inch of space left as people fought to get aboard one. The
taxis too were nowhere to be seen. The porches too were simply
over-crowded and there was not even an inch for someone else to take
shelter from the rain.

It was impossible to get a bus from there. So I decided to walk down
towards the busy intersection from where I could get more options. It
was still a good ten minutes walk from my office, and it was still
pouring cats and dogs. But I was ready to brave the rain as I stepped
out with my umbrella and started walking rapidly towards my supposed

I tried to cover myself with the umbrella, but it was not enough for
such incessant rain. And so despite my efforts I was already wet in
parts. But I continued walking with determination. Cars went past
without caring to stop. Some even splashed the pool of water from the
road, making me further wet and even madder. All in all I was in a
complete mess. Also wet, angry, and frustrated for not getting a mean
to get back home, or vent my anger.