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How Could I Cheat On My Husband! -9

The rain continued pouring with no signs of restrain. I even tried
asking for lift from the cars passing by. But no one cared to stop and
help the lady in distress. And so as I looked in despair, there was
hardly any hope for me to reach home unscathed. But then suddenly, as
if out of the blue, a lavish looking sedan stopped just next to me. I
looked back with hope and curiosity. The tinted glass rolled down
almost at the same time and a middle aged handsome face called out to

“Can I help you madam?” he asked from inside. But I was so
frustrated by then I was almost inclined to refuse. But then I look at
him,he is none other than that stranger!! I thought, “What a
coincidence,today morning I found his paper and threw it to the
dustbin for not wanted to contact with him,and now unbelievably he
came here to rescue me from this heavy rain!”
There I was, all wet and in distress and being offered with help by a
‘known stranger’.

The stranger unlocked the door, and I slipped inside quickly. “Oh
you are so wet” he remarked at the disheveled state of mine.I
said,”where are you coming from? and this car? is this yours?”
He said,”i will give answers of your all questions,but first we have
to go now from here,it’s really been heavy rain comes,more than that
He started the car.The interior of the car was really lavish and warm.
I felt so comfortable immediately. The gentleman asked me where I
would like to go, and I requested him to drop me at the nearest
intersection. But he insisted to drive me all the way to my home. I
felt so comfortable and warm that I could not refuse.

On the way, we exchanged pleasantries and introduced each other. The
handsome man at the wheels introduced himself as Rajib, a businessman
based out of the main city.He said that his car was going to servicing
on that day,and also he would love to travelling in buses,trains like
common daily passengers,so sometimes he choose buses,local trains for
travelling to go to the office,so that day he was the co-passenger
standing at the bus stop,but due to bus strike he was also unable to
go to the office,and that’s why like me he choosed to watch movie in
the nearest mall for passing the time. we two continued chatting while
Rajib drove carefully in the heavy rain through the water logged
streets. Some distance later there was a huge line of cars. None were
moving though many of the drivers kept honking incessantly. Rajib
rolled down the window and tried to find out what was the matter.

The road ahead was completely choked with cars for at least 1-2 kms.
After which the road was heavily water logged with some of the cars
already broken down. I looked concerned as it was the only way leading
to my home. I looked at Rajib, my eyes full with frustration. With the
roads blocked I didn’t knew how to get home. My mind stopped working
and once again I started feeling so frustrated.

Rajib tried offering some consolation. The roads must get clear is few
hours. So he offered if he could drive me to his apartment and I could
dry myself up while waiting for the rain and road both to get clear. I
thought for a moment. I didn’t want to turn the offer down.
Especially I was keen to see how lavish his apartment could be. So
after some hesitation, I finally gave in and agreed to wait at Rajib’s

Rajib lived in one of the posh areas of the city. I looked awed as
Rajib drove through the various popular addresses of the town before
reaching his own building. The complex Rajib live at, itself was one
of the sought after addresses of the town. I couldn’t help but get
amazed at such opulence. I accompanied Rajib to his 16th floor
penthouse. I had never been to a penthouse before.

I felt like being in a dream. Not every day you get invited by a
handsome man to his penthouse. I had always dreamt for a house like
that for mine. So lavish, so beautiful, so opulent. “You have a
beautiful house” I could not help but compliment Rajib for such a
great apartment. “Wait, you have seen nothing yet” he said before
pulling the curtains off from the glass windows that overlooked the
city. The view was breathtaking. I had never seen something like that
before. The whole city spanning in front of my eyes. “It’s so
beautiful” I exclaimed.

Rajib sighed, it was all very beautiful yet he had no one else to
share it with. He was divorced and lived alone ever since.I found it a
little hard to believe someone so handsome and so rich like Rajib was
divorced. What else could a lady ask for? I felt a little jealous of
Rajib’s wife. At the same time I felt sympathetic for Rajib too. I
wanted to know more about Rajib and his wife, but then thought better
of it.

I was still very wet and Rajib immediately felt embarrassed for not
offering me something to dry myself with. He showed me the toilet
where I could take a bath and put on something dry. Unfortunately
Rajib didn’t have any women’s clothes. So all I could offer was
either his shirts or the bath robe. But I didn’t mind as I entered
the equally lavish bathroom, and was once again smitten by the sheer
luxury of it.

Rajib was pouring two glasses of wine when I joined him back. He had
turned on the heater so that I could feel comfortable. I had already
washed and wiped myself dry. I had left my wet clothes to dry at the
bathroom and had put on Rajib’s bathrobe. Rajib looked up as I
entered the lounge. He was immediately amazed to see how stunning I
looked. He didn’t realize before what a pretty figure I had.