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How I Became a Dominant

HI, I am Jose. This story is about the one event that made me discover my wild side, one of subtle dominance. I work in the branch office of a private company as an Area Head with about 20 staff under me, in Chennai. In my team was Revathy, a woman in her early thirties with two kids. Her husband was working in the administration dept. of a logistics company. She is an assistant manager, a jovial person, mingles with everyone easily, but reserved in the lady like manner, an average middle class working woman.

Let me describe Revathy for you. She is wheatish, about 5.4 with a curvy figure. The days when she dressed in a sari was the day we witnessed an increased male crowd loitering around her and the branch. She never dressed in revealing or sexy dresses. But she knew she was well proportioned and took care to dress appropriately. She was very aware of the looks of men around and often joked about it during informal gatherings. But she was very reserved with her male colleagues. The male staff often joked that her assets attracted more customers than the products we sold.

It so happened that after about 3 months of me joining, there was a customer complaint about a payment of about 1.2 lakhs not reaching him. I looked into the matter and found that Revathy has misplaced the cheque. A detailed enquiry followed and it was decided that the money should be recovered from Revathy. A couple of months passed, then one day I had to go to meet a customer, Revathy also joined in since she was managing the account. We got into my car and left. Throughout the way Revathy was cribbing on hard it was to make ends meet and that her husband was a spendthrift etc etc…she couldn’t tell him that she had lost money in the office….…so please restore her salary….and on and on.

I had no choice but to listen to her since we were in the same car. And then she said, “Boss…..please help me I will do anything… please…” This got me thinking. Now, I have never indulged in any relationships with my office staff or colleagues, not that I have not had my share of fun, but more as a matter of policy….. Then again here I was, with this woman, who was offering something exhilarating. The thrill set in and I decided to explore my options. So I asked her, “What do u mean”. ”Sir, I need some help, I will do anything…. but please help me”, she replied. “Anything is an all inclusive term, Revathy. Please be specific so that there is no misunderstanding on anything”, I said cautiously. She was quiet, then she said, “If you want me then I will be available” I kept a firm face, knowing fully well what she meant; I asked “can you be more precise?” She said “You can have sex with me if you want to”. Ohhh …..… we were just reaching the customers office and so I left it at that. The meeting went well past lunchtime. It was around 2 when we left the customers factory. Now what do we do with Revathy?? My mind was working overtime. Will she be worth 10k a month? The company guest house was on our way back and the keys were in my bag. But before that I needed to know the way forward. So I decided to be a little indulgent while exploring options and pulled into Radisson.

We found a table and decided to have the buffet. The restaurant was scarcely occupied mainly because it was near closing time and because it was mid-week. After a few mandatory calls and well into the lunch I asked, “Revathy, about your offer of anything, tell me about it.” She blushed and smiled, after sometime she said coyly “Well, It is as I said, you can have me if you want.” “OK, sounds nice… when and where?” I asked. She paled visibly and was silent, probably taken aback by the pace at which things were moving, and then she said “you tell me… ”. This was the moment I was waiting for. I got up and refilled my plate. When I came back, I pretended to be more interested in the food rather than what she said. “Let me tell you something” I started after a period of silence, “There are some conditions, though”. She looked up, “see, I am someone who likes to be pleased. But, I don’t please.” She looked as if she didn’t understand what I said. “It is like this”, I explained……. “if you decide to entertain me, it will be me alone and no one else and you will satisfy me whenever, wherever and however I want. Agreed?” “Yes” she said quietly. The waiter came to refill our glasses and I was the gracious host and I politely asked Revathy if she had tried the fish. She said yes and that it was very tasty.

After the waiter left, I leaned back and looked at her. She was quiet and but her face was bright as if things were going as planned. The restaurant had closed and we were more or less alone in our section. “So Revathy, tell about you.” “you know everything….” and she started telling about her family etc. “No….. no…….. no…” I said. “What is your boob size?” Her face turned red. She was surprised by the bluntness of the question. “40” she said softly. I smiled, that was wonderful. I like big boobs, which red blooded male doesn’t. “You don’t seem to have such big boobs, what do you do.” “It is the clothes”, she said “and a tight slip that does the trick. You like big boobs?” “Hm hmm………. what is your full figure” She leaned back in her chair with a sly smile on her face. She looked at me, smiling, and twirling on a strand of hair. “I………am a …….. 40……32 ………36”. This was getting better. “Is your pussy hairy?” “No…. it is shaved”, she said smiling. I was sitting and trying to understand the conversation that just happened. A woman, whom I have known for just over five months, was discussing her most intimate details with me in public. Man, was it erotic. She rested her elbows on the table, looked at me and asked,” your conditions………. I did like to know more”. “Go ahead”. “How do u like to be pleased?” She asked. “Well essentially you become a slut, Revathy, you do whatever you are asked to. And as far as pleasing goes, it is easy. I like someone who plays with my cock. And of course, I enjoy a nice blowjob” I replied. “Do you suck cock, Revathy?” She nodded her head, “but I don’t have much experience.” I looked at her quizzically. “It was in the early days of marriage.” Ahh I know that, couples are willing and trying out everything and anything before the first delivery and then after that the interest wanes. ”Let us get some dessert.” I said.

“How is your wife? Is she big breasted?” she asked as she sat down. “No”, I said “she has size 32 tits.” “And sucking?” she asked, spooning a piece of cake into her mouth. “Not as often as I would have liked to,” I replied, smiling. This conversation was heating up, and the temperature did shoot through the roof when the modest Revathy started asking questions to match my own. “What pleases you the most?” she asked. “Blowjob of course”, I replied. “Any other men other than your husband?” No she said. Smiling, she asked “and, what about you”. “I don’t let opportunities slip me by”. The waiter bought our bill. “How is your husband in bed?” I asked. She frowned as said “OK…. Nothing great.” “Do you masturbate, Revathy?” I asked. She blushed and nodded her head. “How often?” I asked probing further. “Maybe once twice a week”, she replied. I guessed that then it was almost every day. This woman was all hot and horny. No wonder why she was so frank. The waiter returned with our charge slip just as we had finished our dessert. The timing could not have been more perfect. It was time to proceed to the next step.

We left the hotel and I drove towards the guest house. Revathy realized the intention as soon as I turned off the main road. She smiled and leaned back in her seat. She seemed relaxed. We went into the apartment, I locked the door and did a quick check of all the doors and windows. Revathy was standing in the living room, not knowing what to do. She leaned against the sofa and was watching me. I took a bottle of water from the fridge and walked towards her. I could see that she was breathing faster because of the excitement. I ignored that and sat in the sofa opposite her. I slowly drank from the bottle and switched on the TV without looking at her. I. She just stood there looking at me wondering what was going to happen next. I flipped through all the channels once and settled on a new channel. I looked at her. “So” she asked, twirling her hair with her finger. “Strip” I said “let me see you in your underwears”. She stood frozen, and looked at me as I would do something. Then she let out a deep breath, and stepped out of her sandals. She reached for the edges of her churidhar top and lifted it over her head. She was wearing a slip inside. She slowly untangled her hair and hair clip from the dress. She dropped it onto the sofa. Then she got the end of her slip and removed that. Revathy was standing in front of me in black bra and churidhar pant. God, her boobs were filled her bra. The lower band did not touch her body, it was as if they would burst out. Revathy reached for the knot and undid it. She loosened her pants, looked at me and let it drop and stepped out. She lifted the churidhar pant with one foot and laid it next to the top. She took two steps, put her hands on her hips and stood in front of me. “So, you like what you see”, she asked. I simply smiled. How could I not like? There was not a hair on her body. Her armpits was clean shaved. Her cleavage was rounded on all sides in her bra. Her body was fairer than her face. Her stomach was flat. There was not an ounce of extra fat on her body. The black panties that she wore looked as if it was pasted on her body. Revathy took great care her body, even after two kids.

Ohhh…. Yes…… I liked what I saw. You can guess where it went from here.