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How I Became a Lesbian : after marriage !

I got married at the age of 27. My name is ramya and i ws working as an IT professional in a reputed company. my hubby was my colleague and v got married after some long dating sessions.after marriage v lived in a join family..v were with his elder sister (who was married) and his mom. in our tradition there’s a custom that after the suhaag-raath the newly married girl must be bathed by her siz-in-law. Now let me descibe about myself, im 5’6 tall and got a voluptous structure of 36C-24-34, im fair and always prefer the traditional saree in every occassion, because of the reason that the way it drape’s around my body is very sexy! and to describe my siz-in-law, her name is kavi, she’s 5’4, and has huge round shaped ass her figure is 34C 26-36.. my 1st night had made me damn and my hubby had performed all sorts of things which i had never ever dreamt in our life he had fucked me in all three holes with his 9″ hard cock..he had a hard-on the whole night.We even had anal. so if u could imagine my situation i was damn tired and was’nt able to move a bit from my bed. kavi banged the door..i arranged myself in the saree in the hurry i forgot to wear my lingerie just got myself into the saffron coloured transparent saree with matching blouse and petticoat. When i opened the door she saw me in huge bulging eyes as if she ws seeing something alien ! i asked her ‘what was wrong ?’ she was like nothing bhabhiji lets go u have to bath right now’…but i had noticed that she was slowly reading my body inch by inch..!

And so i taken to the bathroom, and kavi too came inside..i asked her what was going on and she explained me about the gud old tradition and craps. But i ws hesitant never in my life that too after my adoloscent age..i was bathed by anyone leave alone a lady. i told her that i was not comnfortable with all this but she was not going to listen me in anyway et al…

than she came up with an idea, she told me that i need not remove my clothes, and that she would just bath me upon with clothes just for a formality i had no choice but to agree. she started pouring the semi boiled water upon me..within 2-3 cups of water…she came to know that i was not wearing anyting within my clothes..and than without any warning started applying soap over my shoulders,
i asked her to stop and she pleaded to remove my saree alone as she found it disturbing while applying soap..i dont know y, but i removed my saree..

finally she started off with what she had been craving for, she started rubbing my back with her slippery hands, than slowly…meticulously she dip her left hand inside my blouse..i was shocked and closed my eyes…she was rubbing my deep navel now..very slowly with sensitive touches..than without any warning she grabbed 1 of my boobs..and started fondling them..getting the nipple b/w her index finger and thumb..she was tryin to milk it..while her whole hand was fondling my boob..i bitmy lips..remained motionless..and started moaning suddenly..!

Her hands were creating magic over me..i had no idea as what i was into..but i surely was enjoying myself with this mature lady and that too with my chooth was wet by now..i was praying that my crotch part of my petticoat should’nt get wet by the pussy juices..but it was of no use..i was having a mild orgasm jus bu her touches and the crotch bcame wet..she noticed it..and removed her saree too..she had a mishevous smile and suddenly kissed me on my lips..and her tounge was rolling inside my mouth..tryin to get hold of mine..i finaly gave in..and joined her the mean while..she shifted her hand to the next boob..and with other hand unhooked my blouse..the already thrbbing boobs sprang out in a swift..!she was fondling both of my tits with her wet slippery hand..and was kissing me passionately at the swame tym..

And than..i clould feel my petticoat being taken above my thighs..she was slowly rubbing her hand on my wet thighs..
she stopped it and,unhooked her blouse stripped her blouse and petticoat..adjusted her bra in such a way that her tits were waverin out freely in her panties near her ankle…
gave me a push that i came down flat on the floor..and she got over me..
pushed her juicy boob in my mouth..and i started sucking her nipple..she was moaning out in pleasure..her moans sent chills down my pussy…and i was cummin non-stop..the pussy juices were al around the tiled floor..she was now gaing acess to my clean shven chooth..
and sudenly inserted 2 fingers at the same made me jerk in shock..
and she inserted 2 and 4th..finger..simultaneously..i moaned out..deeply…

and she was pushing and pulling out her fingers vigorously that my whole boddy was throbbing…she into a 69 position..and bite my pussy lips without warning..i cried in pleasure..she signalled me to do the same..but i had no expereince in this..
i went near the l’ll bit hairy chooth..and sniffed the clits..without any warning she had cam and her pussy juice hit rite upon my nose and mouth..i was very much excited sexyally..and it aroused me so much..that my wetness was now preparing fr a big orgasm..coz of her sucking and biting down my chooth..i inserted my tounge in her chooth..i cheard her cry…’ramya..dont stop..dont stopppp…unggghhh…unnhhhhh…unghhh….’ she was flushiong my mouth wid her hot juice..i was njoying every bit of her cum and suddenly i sensed that she hit my g-spot..there i cam..1 by 1 of my jerks..were letting out..huge amount of juice over her face..but she didnt stop,..she was nt gonna stop suckin et al..v were like 2 hungry wilde she-beasts..eating each other…

and finally v both got exhausted..and lied over each other in the same posture for a while..she was in her lingerie..almost stripped out..and myself…in my unhooked blose and petticoat..was stenched with my pussy blouse was soaked with water and armpits..were very sweaty..v both bathed..finally..together..and came out..she winked at me..and i gave her a sext smile…there started journey…!!