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How I Become A Slave Of A Stranger Man-2

Normal days Manoj come back at 7.00am to 7.30am.But on that day he
came at 5am.Manoj was have our door key so he open the gate and came
2our bedroom he saw i and Richard we both r lying necked in the bed my
head was in Richard chest and my hand was holding his penis. Manoj
slowly came inside open his dress then he starts kissing my back.
Richard wake up and i was ling between 2of them they both was rubbing
my brass from both side and they start gossiping with each other.
Richard told Manoj how you are. He reply fine how have u enjoy your
slave today he say very much after a long time. Now it will b more
exiting coz u my another slave also came. Now we can start our 3sum
which we all like he say exactly. Then they both start kissing my neck
ear lips brass and all. Slowly we all start enjoy then I took both of
there penis in my both hand and I start sucking both of them. Richard
ji start fucking me and I was sucking Manoj that was amazing. Then
after sometime Manoj was fucking me and I was sucking Richard ji.
Atlas thy both came in my mouth and i swallow both of there sperm…
Then next day we wake up at 11.00am then we all together took our bath
then Richard went out to buy a news paper and when he came to our flat
again then he saw that we was wearing our dresses then Richard told us
what happened? Why you both have wear your cloths? You both forget
that im both of yours Master forever and you will do all what I will
say u .and last time I was told u both that you both will be naked
always in front of me.. we say yes and we both get naked. In front of
him and Richard was teasing Manoj small penis.
Now afternoon in lunch table we all was having our lunch suddenly
Manoj boss was call him in his mobile and he told Mr. Manoj today only
u have to go Delhi in a meeting for 2days and your flight is today
evening at 8pm by hearing this Manoj and I feel a bit sad but I saw
Richard ji face he was very exited by hearing that. Then on that
moment only I understand in my mind that now I will be alone here with
Mr. Richard for 2days I don’t know what he will be do with me but I
understand 1thng very clearly that in this 2day he will made me a full
Randy but no problem I can be a randy also for my Master…
So we was bit sad and Richard told no problem Manoj your work is first
don’t worry let me enjoy this 2day with your sexy naughty bitchy
wife then after u return back we all will enjoy together …Nothing
2do then we all complete our lunch and we start packing for Manoj that
at 7pm Manoj car came 2pickup him to airport then Manoj hug me tightly
give me a big kiss and handshake with Richard and told him enjoy with
your sexy slave and do what you want Richardji reply for that reason
only I have came here u don’t have to worry. Then Manoj went away.
Now Richard ji and I is alone at our home and im naked also I was much
exited. I was just thinking that now how will I spend this 2 days?
Richard ji came near to me and with his left hand he pull my hairs and
he told me o my sexy naughty slave in this 2 day I will make u a well
trained wild bitch randy.
Richard ji told go and get ready we will go to meet with my some
friend. I ask your friend in Bangalore. He replies yes.
He was calling somebody and talking we are coming and I went to my
change room’s came out wearing a t-shirt a jeans. He say don’t
wear this dress wear some sexy dress. Let me select. He choose a blue
color sari sleeveless deep neck backless blouse pink bra and pink
panty. Long hair rings deep lipstick with glitters eyebrows. In that
makeup I was looking so hot…
We went out hire a taxi and he told where we will go. Then I went
inside the car he also went inside the car then the driver start the
car .Richard take out his handkerchief and tie that in my eyes. I ask
why you are tinging my eyes. He reply so u cannot see where we r
going. While going in the car he put his left hand in my shoulder and
with his right hand, he was rubbing my thigh and my virgina very
gently. Then slowly he rise up my sari and put his hand inside my
panty .i was saying him Richard ji please don’t do this here the
taxi driver can see me …he reply so what ?u just shut up. again he
start fingering me I was moaning so hardly
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I stretch my
both legs .my Master pull down my panty half to my legs .then he start
opening my blouse I try to stop him but I cant he open my blouse hooks
.and start suck my boobs I was so hot
this was making me feel so nice slowly i spread my legs so that he can
finguring me bit nicely.. I ask him why are you doing me this in
taxi?the taxi driver can watch us.He replies you are my slave so u
will do all what I will tell u and you have to fulfill my all desire.
I will do whatever i want to do. I reply yes Master. However, i like
his manly naughty vulgar dominating.
After 30minutes journey. We reach the destination. Richard ji open my
eyes. I saw we went to a big 20stored complex.i dnt knw where it was?
Then we get down from the car went inside of that complex .We catch
the lift and went 10thth floor. After that, we came near of a flat and
Richard ji ring the bell .I saw a 6ft tall very strong man open the
door. We came inside the room. I saw there is a big glass table with 4
chair there 1 a negro man is sitting in the chair. While watching the
2nd man I get surprise because the last time with whom Richard made me
to sex by tiding my eyes he is that person i understand tonight
Richard and his 2frnd r going 2 make me mad.
Richard ji introduce me with everybody. Then I came to know that man
with whom I meet last time his name is Mr Amit decusa. He told me hi
baby how is you? After a long time I we are meeting.. Ur looking so
hot and sexy today..Come sit in my lap i say no its ok. Richard say
lessen I’m your main Master and this is my order for tonight my
these 2 friend will be your Master and u are the slave all of us ok? I
look down and i say ok.. Then I went to Amit lap I sit there. i found
he got so hard. He came near 2my ear and told me do u remember how I
was fuck u last time I reply yes .He ask do u like that ?I reply ya.
He again asks me how much do u like that? I reply very much..He asks
me do u want to try that 1 more time tonight with 3 of us? I keep
quite. then He put his hand inside my sari and press my boobs so
hardly and he told tonight we all r going 2 fuck u like a bitch… I
get nervous at the same time.
Then the Negro man told me you are looking so dam hot sexy slut…Y
you do not show us some strip dance. I get so surprise by hearing this
and i say what. He reply here we all know u can perform good strip
dance even we all was saw you are some strip swimming nakedly in
swimming pool video also but in video Richard was gave us that. U want
2c that?? Wait let me show u. Then he on his 48inch LCD TV. And play
that recording. They all start demanding me come u bitch show some of
your real strip dance.. Richard told me cant u here. Start dance. I
understand now i have to do all whatever they will demand. So now they
on a song. I stand and i start dance. First I was start dancing
normally then Richard hold my anchal and he pull my sari .Then
1another man hold me form back and he open my petticoat then after
sometime that negro man came from in front of me and start pressing my
boobs so hardly .And he was kissing in my shoulder .He remove my
blouse also. Now I’m in just a purple bra panty in front of 3 men. I
of the man came near to me and take me in his shoulder then put me in
the table where thy all r sitting. Everybody start rubbing my body 1of
them remove my bra start pressing and sucking my breast. My amit
remove my panty start rubbing and finguring in that i was filling so
hot i was moaming
And Richard was recording that. After some time Richard came 2me and
open his zip put his penis inside my mouth …Ooooooooooooooooooo that
was really owsum .. After some time they all told me to suck their
cocks so we all went to the bed room the all r sitting in the bed. So
1 by 1 i suck all of their cock.Muuuuuuaaaaaaa.Now i was sucking Mr.
amit and with my 2hand I’m rubbing Richard and Suddenly I found a
big fat is pushing me i look back and i saw the negro man is rubbing
his penis head in my juicy virgina that was to nice aaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooooo then he
start fucking me his penis is sn big and fat i start
shout.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I cat take this ooooooooooooooooo please
don’t fuck with this ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
noooooooooooooooooooo I understand they r not going to lessen me and
he continue fucking me I was shouting so Richard push my head towards
amit penis slowly I also came in the mood I start enjoy 1 by 1 they
start fucking me and i was sucking there cock after 2hrs i was tired
then they took me in the bed. And we all sleep.
Next morning we wake up they order me to go and made some tea for them
but I cant wear any clothes .if I wear then they r going to lock me in
the balcony everybody can see me from there .so I obey them but I was
enjoying there so valgure and dirty dominating .ACTUALLY I LOVE TO BE
DOMINANT VERY VERY MUCH. After that I went to the kitchen and I made 4
cup of tea. I came to them and I serve that .they told me listen you
are our slave so u will sit in the floor .so I sat in the floor only I
also start drinking tea and they was gossiping on them selves. and the
negro man call me come and sit near my leg .i went to him and I sit in
the floor but near to his fit he told me to suck my toe finger I say
ok and I did that then he told Richard from where have u arrange this
bitch? Richard told him I have not arrange her they have only came to
me .then the negro man ask Richard how? and that negro have take out
his toe figure from my mouth and he start pressing my boobs with his
toe and he was also put his toe fingering in my pussy .Richard now
told him that she and her husband was came to goa in there honeymoon
and over there they was decide to have sex with a stranger man but the
person should be very angry dominating and wild man so 1 day they meet
with me in hotel and I understand there intention I invite them next
day at my place and we done it from that time she and her husband
called me there Master. then by on that time the negro man already
made me so hot …Mr amit then he told me come and suck me .so I did
oooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and from my back Richard was
figuring me.. and the negro man was pressing my breast …I told them
please fuck me I needs to be fucked .they all told no we will not fuck
u now I told them please please please please fuck me I will do
everything u will order me …Richard told ok only in 1 condition we
will fuck you. I ask them what? They told me u have to go to the
balcony and show us how u do masturbation I say no pleaseeee
……negro man gave me a tight slap in my ass and he told me go and
do what we say u.. so I went in front of the balcony door I open the
door they all was laughing at me then slowly I went to the balcony I
saw some of the people are there those can see me I run away from
the balcony .but they again force me to go there in the balcony .so
nothing to do I went there and I sit in there and start fingering for
20 min Richard amit and that negro man they was talking my many pic in
there cam and mobiles .. now the negro man called me and told me to
sit on his lap …I sit there and his penis went inside my juicy pussy
a moames in satisfy
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa then slowly every body start fucking me
..i enjoys that .