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How I Become A Slave Of A Stranger Man-3

They all came 1 by 1 and they all leave and I was ling in the bed and
I get sleep then later on when I wake up I found amit is rubbing his
figuring in my pussy very badly .i told him please amit ji stop I’m
very much tired. he reply I want 2 fuck u again no 1 in the home now
only u and me is here .i say no please last night and just before few
hours u all have fuck me a lot still my stomach is paining .He slap me
so tightly in my vagina and he told me shut up don’t disturb then he
start biting my nipple slowly i also start liking
that.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooooooooooo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
. he say now spread your legs lets me suck u then he suck me for a
long time. And after he ask me now do u want to be fuck? I reply yes I
want. he start fucking me with his big 8inch penis
ffffffffffffffff suddenly the bell rang amit ji told me to go and open
the door I say how can I go ?u all hide my cloths .Amit told me I
don’t know go.. i went to the door I saw from the doorbell there is
Richard ji and the negro man they came I open the door. They saw they
bring some food again .I went to amit ji he again fuck me and Richard
and negro man was watching us .and after fucking me amit told me to
suck him and swallow him.i do that. i was enjoying that very much…
After that we all went to the bathroom .I was stand in the middle and
every body is in my side. Some body was kissing my neck some body was
sucking my breast some body was figuring me. They all made me mad. I
told them uuuuuuuauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Richard ask me
so u want to be fuck more I say yes very desperately. amit came near
to my ear and he bit in my ear he ask me with whom u want to be fuck?I
say any body.He told ok friends see this bitch is ready to be fuck by
any body. now we have made her a real bitch slave randy (callgirl)
..And they say ya…And again Richard came to me and he tie my eyes
and the took me in the bed and 1 by 1have fuck me
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooyaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaa yaaaaaaaaaa o
harder harder. And i was just shouting in pleasure…They all took my
lots of video and picture..
After all those, again I took a shower they all get ready. And when i
came out from the bathroom i ask them for my cloths they all told me
what will u do with cloths u look nice without cloths. So they don’t
allow me to wear any cloths. We all had our break first then i ask
Richard ji when will we go to our house ? Richard reply your clothes r
in amit car I ask them so how will I get that he say lets get darkness
then u will go in this way to the parking then u will take those I say
no please don’t do that……everybody laugh at me we all sit in the
dining table we have our lunch but I was only necked in front of them
.but nothing to do…. After we all went to bed we saw some blue film
and all again at 7pm again they all order me to suck them for last
time I suck all of them they all came in my mouth .i swallow all of
Then at 8 pm they all get ready .i also brush my hairs but without any
clothes i went with out them .i told them we will go from lift they
reply no we will go by stairs ….we went down on that time 2 boys was
passing from the stairs they saw me I was dying in shame….at down we
went to the parking place amit open the car key we all went inside the
car. again Richard tie my eyes….and then I took my bra and panty. I
wear those they all told to Richard she should not were any more
cloths but they gave me 2 scarf by with 1 I cover my brass and another
1 I just rap my butts which is not enough to cover my body..hey
don’t allow me to wear anything…. After 1 hrs journey we went to
my complex. Richard open my eyes thn I saw we reached our home …and
Richard open the door we came in.
Then after coming my home Richard ji ask me how do u like your this
time sex experience? I reply I love yours all ideas. I told him u wait
I’m going to the bathroom to take a shower .he say ok but don’t
close the door and the window of the bathroom. Let me see u again and
lets your neighbors also to see u …I say him please don’t do this
here because I stay here and everybody know me here…he say shut up u
my bitch go he remove my bra and panty and he push me to the bathroom
..i went there and I start bathing ..i saw our some neighbors was
watching me .I feel very shy. Suddenly I here my mobile was ringing
Richard ji receive the phone and I came to know that is Manoj ask
Richard hi how are u enjoying your slave? He reply don’t worry I
have made your wife a real sexy bitchy slave…Manoj ask what she is
doing now? Richard reply now he is taking bath by open the door and
windows .your some neighbors are now watching your wife. do u like
that ? Manoj reply now he is with u and you are our Master so do what
u likes to do. Richard ask him now tale me when will u be back? Manoj
reply tomorrow evening I will be back then we all will enjoy together
.and then he cut the phone.
Now I have complete my bath .i came out from the bathroom without any
cloths. However, I was not feeling any type of uneasy but I was
enjoying. Richard ji call me told me to come I went to him and I sit
on his lap. He starts pressing my brass then He asks me how do u like
my friends? I reply good .then he ask me who do u like most. I reply
amit ji and you. He ask me y not that negro man? i reply him because
.he is dark and his penis is to big and fat .when he was fucking me I
was getting so pain but when I was sucking him then I was enjoying
him. Then I told him now you go for shower and I went to the bed room
for sleep me wait I’m coming I went to a another room and I were a
nighty and a bra panty I brush my hairs .i came to our dining room I
saw Richard ji went to the bathroom so I went to my bed room and I lie
down to the bed because I was very tired. now he came out from
bathroom he was only in a half pant he look at me very angrily I get
afraid and I ask him what happened he came to me and he told me still
your Master has not went to bed so how you went to the bed ?and have I
told you to wear your cloths? Therefore, y has u wear your cloths. I
told him I am very tired for our last days so I went to the bed…he
shout at me & told shut up you randy fucking bitchy slave first u open
your all clothes nowwwwwwwww .I need to see u always necked in front
of my eyes. I again start removing my all clothes. i get again necked
.i ask him now this is ok Master ? he say yes but for this I will
punish you ..i asked how? He reply lessen this is the last time I am
telling u that until and unless I don’t go from here u will be
always necked in front of me Richard told me ok now u suck my
penis…he sat in the bed and he told me to sit in the floor…and I
start licking on the head of his penis then slowly I came down I start
liking at the sown part then I came at his balls I start sucking that
Richard was telling me yes u dirty slave that’s better suck it
.after that I put his penis in my mouth. he start pressing my head
from the back towards his penis and I was rubbing my breast on his
legs .and he was fingering me with his toe figure’s was constantly
sucking him
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…now he pull my hair to his mouth and he told me
lets have some more fun. I say ok Master do whatever u want to do. He
told me then it was a long time that I have not seen your dance so get
ready for a strip dance but u will dance with a English song like a
English bar dancer. Moreover, u will wear a same colors bra and panty
white colors shirt and a dark colors pant. ok Master u wait I’m
coming .i went to the next room I get ready. I came back to the room
and I saw he open all the windows of my flat I request him please
don’t open the windows but he don’t lessen to me .he on the CD
player and I start dance on that. He sat in the and watching me. I
start slowly open my shirts buttons first then I threw my shirt to
him. then I open my trouser .now I’m only in a set if black colors
bra and panty I dance in that dress .then I open my bra hoop and threw
my bra to him but I cover them from my hands slowly I remove my hand
from my brass then I put my hand inside my panty and I start fingering
my self he told me open that I open my panty now for him then I was
totally necked he told me now u show me some lap dance .i went to his
lap I was dancing from back he was squeezing my brass fingering my
pussy them. now he threw me in the bed he open his dress and start
kissing in my neck lips ear brass belly he start sucking me
….my Master lie on me in 69 position then we suck each other for a
long time then he came to me and start fucking me
uoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooofuck meeeee harder harder
.ooooooooo Master fuck meeeeeeee fuck meeeeee………..Master fuck me
I’m your obedient slaveeeee ……he was continuously fucking my
juicy hole and biting my melons brass . I ask him then ooooo Master
can u please fuck me from my ass hole in doggy position he say ok I
sit in doggy position he split on my ass then enter his penis in side
my hole and start fucking me and slapping me with his hand and that
electrical racket
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that was
so nice wildddddddddddddddddddddddd and painful also
enjoibleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love that from back another hand he
was squeezing my breast and figuring in my pussy….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
after having sex for 1hrs he came inside my ass .and we lie down….i
told him oooooooooo Master your so hot I love u I love the way u
explode me…
My body is paining so badly tomorrow i have to call my massage to
massage me ..he say ok how he is I told him he is of 35years a man
.Richard ask how he message u?i told him he message my hand neck back
portion and my half legs ….he ask me don’t he gives u full body
message? I say ya he gave but I don’t take …he ask me why I reply
him because I get shame and he will toutch and c my whole body then..
he say ok …and we lie down and we sleep.