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How I Become A Slave Of A Stranger Man-4

Now on the next morning we was sleeping.Suddenly our bell was
rang…Richard told me Priya some body have came go and see who have
came? I told him how can i see? He reply why? Because You have order
me not to wear anything so how can i go to see then…He reply i
don’t know you have to go. I told him please don’t do like this
then he told me ok go to the balcony take that towel rap your self
…I say but this is morning everybody can see me they are our
neighbor …Look Mr. rahaman is having tea and reading news paper in
the balcony. He is sitting just opposite our balcony. He reply just go
and take that towel rap itself and go otherwise go nakedly.. So i
thought nothing to do i went to balcony and i saw Mr. rahaman was
looking at me very strangely definitely because i was necked. Then i
took the towel from balcony i came in and i rap that. Towel very short
which can hide only my brass and up to little bit of my leg.. I open
the door and i saw the milk man have came .he was very surprise
because from last 2year he always saw me in nighty .he came inside my
room. We went to our kitchen then sat in the floor i just turn back
and bend down to take the pot. On that time then milk man was looking
at my big ass very clearly coz I was not wearing any panty. Which i
understand very cleanly. Then i turn at him he gave me the milk and he
I again went to the bed room Richard ji told me open your towel and
tale me what happen i again open my towel and i get necked and he ask
me u enjoy i say no i feel very embarrassment. He told i don’t care
u have to lessen to me. I say him i know. he told me ok now u go to
the bathroom and wash your that towel my half pant t-shirt your bra
panty so I went t the bathroom and I wash evry thng the he told me now
hang those in the balcony. I say no please why are you dominating me
so badly why you are not try to understand i stay here they all know
me. What they will think about me. Look u told me to satisfy your
friend I have done that .Last night when i was taking my bath on that
time also some of my neighbor saw me today also Mr rahman saw me
please excuse me.i am begging to u plz dnt do this He wake up put a
cigarette on his mouth then he pull my hare came close to me and he
put the burning cigarette in my nipple i shout. He reply lessen u my
bitch slave if u don’t do what i will tell u then i will tie u in
bed then i will give u this burning cigarette in your brass pussy ass
and many place i get afraid i told him ok don’t do that i will
lessen to u everything .He say ya that’s like my slave and he smooch
me. So passionately again 1 time he touch his hot cigerate in my ass i
shout ouchhhhhhhhhhh…..He then bite my lips so hardly i cant say him
i went to the balcony i saw again mr rahaman is looking at me .I was
necked there .i start hanging the towel his half pant t-shirt .my bra
panty .It took almost 5to7 minute at least…Later on i saw some more
people was watching at me. I came in i get so shame…Richard ask him
wowwwww that’s nice.
Now i went to the kitchen to made some tea bread butter…Richardji
went to the bathroom. After 15 minute he came out then i was making
food he came to me and he hold me from back start pressing my brass
kissing my neck shoulder fingering in my pussy.And telling me u know
Priya you are my real sexy naughty bitchy slave. The very first day
when i was saw u in the hotel of goa .U and ur husband came and join
me in my table on that time only i was decide i will make u my
personal randy slave who will always open her clothes in my order
…In front of my friends her husband even her neighbour.. U are like
that…I like u my slave…I was start getting so hot
.Aaaaaaaauuuufffffff suddenly he left me .went to the dining room and
start watching news…The way he made me so hot. And suddenly he went
away that i get angry.
I came out from the kitchen we was having our break first…Then we
both complete our break first and he ask me when ur body massager will
come. I reply he will come at 10am.I ask him why? He reply coz i will
also take message from him.
After some time we went to our bed room and we was gossiping and
Richard was just playing with my bress rubbing his hand in my body..
Sudenly the bell was rang i told to Richard Master i think this is my
body messager. He say ok go and see. I wake up went to the balcony
took the towel rap myself with that. I went to the door i saw my body
massager was came. He is 6ft tall faire strong body but very naughty
type. I told him come in .He told me wow your already ready. I like
it. I say ya. He told but ur this today’s towel is bit short than
before. I get shame, I ask him do u message men’s also? He say no i
message only ur type of beauty queen asked me Why are you asking that.
For your husband? I reply no for my 1friend he came from goa . .Vinode
reply ok & from our bedroom Richard came out he introduce himself with
vinode. Richard told us mou lets go to the bedroom .And we all shift
to our bedroom.
Richard ask to vinod which part of body do u message of Priya? Vinod
reply her head neck hand shoulder legs.. Richard ask to vinod isn’t
u give full body oil message .Vinod exited and he reply yes y not. I
told this many time to Priya ji. But she always say me no. Richard
look at me and he reply lessen priya today he will give u your full
body message. I get so shame i say no i no need. Richard told again ur
not lessening to me? When I have told, u then u have to do. I say ok.
Vinod was so exited by hearing this.
Now vinod take out his oil cloth & he put that in bed. Vinod took out
2 small hand towel for cover ass and my bress but the tower are to
small to cover my bress and ass.Vinod told me ok madam u get ready im
coming from ur kitchen .For make a bit hot oil. I say ok . Vinod went
out of the room and Richard snatch my towel which i was wearing. I
again get necked. I turn back and I lie down to the bed 1 towel i take
under my bress and another 1 i took in my ass .Vinod came in our room
he saw i was lying in the bed this way. Richard ask vinod how do u
like ur dish today? Vinot reply hot & spicy he put some oil in my back
and start messaging my whole back side my hands shoulder then he put
few more oil in my both legs on that time i feel he was slowly
touching my ass also. I was got so horny that i cant explain i was
wanted that lets vinod to remove my towel. So slowly i stretch my both
legs now he can see my jussy pussy also .Slowly he start touching and
figuring also..i start moaming
vinod told me now u turn front ur back side message is complete now I
have to take care of ur front side. u just get ready im coming from
next room …I say ok .Richard came to me give me a big smooch .i turn
front Richard put 2 towels 1 in my brass another in my pussy. vinod
came again he put some oil in my navel and start messaging my shoulder
neck upper part of my brass ,navel thigh legs I was really enjoying
that so much then suddenly Richard cam and he remove both towel from
my breess and and frm my pussy he told vinod why u are not taking care
of her bress? message them…vinod get surprise I was enjoying so I
dnt reply anything. then vinot put some more oil in between my bress
and he start pressing my bress so hardly.i was just taling him
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo vinodddd
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Richard then again take my
another towel he told to vinod now u take care of her pussy he start
pressing those then he stretch my both legs put his figure inside my
hole.. I was getting so pleadgure aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
. he start pressing my bress. Aaaaaaaa Richard ask vinod are you
liking that vinod yes friend. Then Richard ask me mou ru getting the
pleadgure i reply yes. So why you also not giving some pleadgure to
vinod. Richard told vinod give ur penis to suck her he get so exited.
Vinod came in front of my mouth he open his zip and put that inside my
mouth. I suck that for 15min.And he was pressing my bress. Then vinod
priyaji do u need some more pleadgure i say ok.Then he came to my
pussy and he start sucking my pussy i was geting so hot. Then he start
fuccking me. I enjoyed that. while fucking me vinod told to Richard
frnd u know this was my 1 fantasy …I want to fuck priya ji from long
away…Vinod was also enjoying me now Richard came to me and he start
pressing my bress. Aaaaaaaa Richard ask vinod ru liking their vinod
yes friend. Then Richard ask me mou ru getting the pleadgure i reply
yes..So y uralso not giving some pleadgure to vinod. Richard told
vinod give ur penis to suck her he get so exited. Vinod came in front
of my mouth he open his zip and put that inside my mouth. I suck that
for 15min.And he was pressing my bress. Then vinod priyaji do u need
some more pleadgure i say ok. Then he came to my pussy and he start
sucking my pussy i was getting so hot. Then he start fuccking me. I
enjoyed that.I was shouting aaaaaaaahahahahahahauahuahu. Vinod was
fucking me and he bite my lips so hardly then he told ur frnd is to
good .I will fuck u this was my dream ur frnd make it success. Then
after fucking me for 25min vinod take out his penis from my pussy. And
he came in my navel. I enjoyed that. Richard told him vinod u will
always give him full body message. And full sexually satisfaction when
ever u will want. Vinod say ok frnd thanks and he went .