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How I Become A Slave Of A Stranger Man-5

Then again i was alone with Richard ji at our flat. I was tired so i
was lying in my bed. Richard ji came in front of me take out his penis
and told to suck me i suck that then again he fuck me. For a long time
and came in my mouth…After that he told me go and take your shower
but don’t dare to close the door or window. I say ok coz slowly i
was getting use to. I went to bathroom he was watching me. I complete
my bath then i came out. I rub my body then we have our lunch. Then we
went to bed. But i was necked. We went to sleep at 5.30pm Manoj cal me
and he told he have reached Bangalore airport. He will be here within
1 hrs.. Then we all will enjoy. I say ok. told this to Richard .Then
Richard ji came and lie on me and he start suck my bress very badly
for 20 min thn he leave me again we sleep.
At 7.00pm a bell rang. I understand Manoj was came. Richard told me u
remember na u cant wear your cloths until i will order u? I put my
hand inside Richard ji i hold his penis and i say yes i remember my
Master. Then Richard told me now go and open the door.
i went to open the door.. I saw Manoj and get happy he told me what
happened your not wearing any cloths? I reply him yes i want to stay
naked and u have to be also like me .Master is here. He say how u
enjoy with your Master? I say him beyond the limitation. He hug me and
we went to our bed room
He saw Richard was lying Richard and Manoj meet each other. They was
chatting them selves. I went to the kitchen to made tea. I came with
tea we have our tea then Manoj ask me have u gone out with ur Master?
I reply him no were in our flat only. Manoj say ok lets go out some
disco theque .Richard say ok but Priya have to be were micro mini and
a deep neck sleeveless & backless top without any bra or he say
ok…And we all get ready .,then at 8.30pm we all went to disco in our
white car. Manoj was driving the car and Richard was sitting beside
him i was at the back. We all were cracking valgure jokes enjoying.
Then we reach at disco every body is looking me so wildly. We went
inside the disco we take 1 peg of takila each. Then we sat and we were
watching the other people …. Then we all went to the dance floor we
all was dancing .i was not wear any bra so my bress was jumping all
boys was looking at that Richard and Manoj dance with me we enjoy a
lot then we came out from disco then we went to a restaurant we had
our dinner ….
Then we came back to our flat .we all get tired we lie in the bed
Richard indicate me to open my all clothes and get necked so I stand
up and I open my top skirt panty…and I lie between them Manoj ask me
what happened again you have open your cloths I reply I love to stay
necked in front of my sexy Master. Richard say ya why are you still
wearing cloths Manoj open your cloths. and Manoj also open that then
Richard told to Manoj that your wife is good slave but not you tonight
I will punish you and you have to do that ..Manoj say ok.
I understand Richard like that then Richard told me ok now u open my
clothes I open Richard cloths then Richard told me ok now suck Manoj
nicely. I start suck him so nicely and from my back Richard was
fingering my pussy ..i was feeling so nice then Richard told me priya
come and suck me I start suck him Richard ask me Priya how do you lik
my penis to suck ?i reply owsum thn Richard told to Manoj your wife
love to suck me and this is your punishment you also have to suck me
.you both of will suck me together. Manoj say nooooooo I cant I am not
a gay. Richard say no this is your punishment and I also force this to
Manoj then both of us was licked and sucked him . and he came in both
of us mouth… after tht Manoj was start fucking me. Then after few
minutes Richard also start fucking me
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhthen Richard was lying in
the bed and sat on his penis then he also fuck me like horse style
hole night they fuck me then Richard told to Manoj lets fuck her
together Manoj also say ok no prob then 1st Manoj was lying down I sat
in Manoj dick then from my back Richard was fuccking me I was feeling
in the heaven they all fuck me for hole night up to 4am
thn at morning we wake up Richard told us that today he will go at
afternoon so I feel bit sad .we all went to shower .Manoj went out for
some food I and Richard was there I told to my Master can u fuck me
1ce more for the last time . he told me ok but in our bathroom open
window. first I say no then he say u have to be so we went to bathroom
for shower I suck him then told me look a man is looking at you I get
so shame he made ma stand and he start putting soap in my bress
kissing me from back and he was rubbing his penis towards my ass then
slowly he fuck me and came in my mouth. we both satisfy then Richard
told me to sit in the bathroom floor I sat then Richard was did piss
in my face and in my mouth then he told also to manoj he also pies on
my mouth came out and he get ready but me and Manoj was still naked we
all had our lunch Richard pack his luggage he was going now last time
he told me u have not told goodbye to my dick u must wish him I say ok
and I bend in front of him I open his zip and i suck his dick he came
in my mouth I swallow that and he told ok by in October priya u will
come to goa .. i say ok my Master no problem…then he went out.
This was my story I will be back to u all readers again if I find out
some fruitfull replies then only in otherwise we
will know our posting is not worth of continuing any more.