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How I Dominate You

You’ve seen me around college, and we’ve made eye contact, but nothing more. So when I walk out of the lift in the library, you smile as I look at you. I smile in return and you resume your studying. We share a management class, so you know I’m here for the position paper we all have due at the end of the week. Returning to your notes, you lose sight of me.

You look around for the book that your notes mention, but it’s not on the desk with you. You study your notes again and get the reference number. As you gaze up at the stacks, you quickly realize it’s only a few shelves away, in the corner behind you.

You find the shelf, and as you reach for the book, you feel me, close to you, closer than I’ve ever been. You can smell my cologne and feel my presence, the heat of my body washing over you. You freeze at the shelf, hand on the book, wondering what I’ll do.

“You’re so beautiful” I murmur in your ear, nipping at your earlobe. “And you know it.”

You’re becoming afraid now, afraid because my closeness is starting to heat you up. And afraid of what I might do.

You feel my hands on your hips and the contact sends an electric shock through your body. You’re thrilled and scared at once.

I slowly run my hands up your sides, lifting the thin, ribbed cotton of your shirt. You feel the cool air of the library on your trim stomach and you shudder. You’re not wearing a bra, and you know that if I continue upward, your breasts will spring free. Yet you cannot stop me.

You tremble again as I move my hands around and slide them under your shirt, cupping your breasts. You don’t want them to, but your nipples betray you, hardening in my hands.

I kiss your neck, and then up to your ear. “You have a wonderful body,” I whisper. “I get hard in class, thinking about you. Did you know that?”

You shake your head and I squeeze your breasts, kneading your nipples. You whimper involuntarily, and I strip your shirt over your shoulders in one smooth motion, an eye-blink of time and you’re topless.

You can feel the moisture building in your pussy as you realize that anyone could walk by and see us. You feel my hands return to your breasts, tugging on your nipples again. I press my erection into you and you can feel it through my pants.

“If you’re a good girl, I’m going to come for you,” I say quietly, darting my tongue into your ear. “I’m going to use you, right here in the library. I’m going to fill you with my come; my hot, white come, and you’re going to love it. Won’t you?”

You nod, shakily, beyond thought or reason.

“I’m going to use you, to use your body. You want to be used, don’t you, Mel?”

You nod again, breath coming in ragged gasps as your arousal grows.

My hands leave your breasts and the cool air of the library comes as a shock. You feel me lift your skirt, exposing your panties, and then I run my fingers under the waistband.

“Don’t move,” I say quietly. You tremble, unable to see what I’m doing. I pull your panties over your ass, your lovely ass, and tug them down your legs. As the cool air bathes your sex, you quiver, half in desire, half in fear.

I put my hand on the small of your back and slide your panties down over your legs until you can step out of them.

“First,” I say, rising and putting my lips against your ear, “I’m going to use your mouth. I’m going to fuck your mouth and you’re going to swallow. Aren’t you?”

You nod quickly, licking your lips in anticipation and then trying to suppress the urge you feel within you.

You hear the ominous sound of my zipper, and you know I’ve just released my cock.

“Get on your knees,” I say, the note of command in my voice irresistible.

You quickly comply and are faced with my erection. The tip of my cock is already leaking pre-come, and you know, know in your heart, that you want to suck me. You want to be used. You are my toy.

You feel my hand on the back of your head and you open your lips. In a moment, my cock slides across your tongue. Instead of stopping, however, I grip your head with both hands and shove my length into your mouth, into your throat. You take me all the way, your nose parting my fly and bumping against my boxers.

When I stop shoving my cock in your mouth, you automatically clamp your lips around my girth. I’m thick, and I fill your mouth completely.

When I withdraw my cock, I pull it completely out of your mouth and you whimper. Now your desire is as great as my own, and you want me. You need me. You have to have me fucking your mouth.

“Close your mouth,” I order.

When you do, I slap your lips with my engorged member. You want to cry out, to beg me to let you suck me. I slap you again, and rub your saliva and my pre-come over your lips.

“Open.” The one word is an order.

You comply.

I slide my cock over your tongue again, stopping with just the tip in your mouth.


You do, sucking my glans, feeling me grow harder in your mouth.

Finally, I relinquish my hold on your head and let you bob back and forth, tasting my length and the tangy saltiness of my escaping fluids.

Suddenly, I’m gripping your head again and forcing myself into your mouth. My hands over your ears, I begin to thrust my cock in and out of your mouth. You know I’m going to come soon, you can feel it. Your pussy is on fire, you love being used by me, being my plaything, knowing I’m going to come for you. For you. In you. Over you.

I pull back and you can tell I’m close to coming. You catch the scent of my semen as the first spurt washes over your tongue. It’s hot and salty and sliding down your throat. I move one hand from your head to the base of my shaft, stroking myself, forcing more come into your mouth. You swallow once, then again, filled to overflowing by my seed.

When I’ve finished, I pull myself from your lips.

“Show me.”

You open your mouth and tilt your head back. Your mouth is empty, and you can feel my hot semen still, smell the tangy scent of my seed.

“Close your mouth,” I order again.

I milk my cock one last time, releasing a drop of semen. I rub it against your closed lips, smearing you with my juice. You love the feeling of my cock on your skin, coating you with my come. I rub it all around your mouth and then slap your lips with my still-erect member.

“Stand up,” I order, pulling you abruptly to your feet. “Do you want to come?” I ask you, twisting your nipples and making you squirm.

You nod immediately.

“Say it.”

You look at me blankly, and I squeeze your nipples again, pulling them away from your chest.

“Say it!” My voice is low but intense.

“I want to come. Make me come, please,” you beg.

My cock is still hard and I spin you to face the rows of books. I move behind you and lift your skirt again. My hands on your hips, I pull you against me. You arch your back and press your ass against my erection.

I grasp my cock and rub it against your pussy. You are wet, and I know you’ve enjoyed swallowing my come. Now, you know what I’m going to do. You want me to.

But I tease you, rubbing the head of my engorged prick against your sex, spreading your leaking fluids. Your pussy lips are covered in your juices by now, and you ache to have my thick cock inside you.

“You want it?” I ask, sawing my prick against your slit.

You nod and begin to tremble with desire.

“Say it.”

You know what I want this time. “Fuck me, please,” you whimper, lust making your voice hoarse and breathy.

I tease you again, rubbing against you, and you begin to despair. The heat in your pussy is almost unbearable, and there’s a hole within you that needs to be filled. Filled with my cock. Your belly aches with the need to feel my dick, to have me inside you.

I finally relent, and with a gentle thrust, I’m inside you.

Your shaved pussy spreads around my cock, gripping me with your heat. I’m thick, and you’re very tight, but you don’t care. I’m spreading you open with my girth, impaling you. You shiver as you feel me against your ass and I grip your hips.

Without a word, without warning, I am fucking you. I thrust into you from behind, pulling your hips back and bending you over. You brace yourself with your arms against the shelf in front of you, taking my thrusts, rocking back and forth as I pound into you.

You know I’ve just come recently, you can still taste me, still smell me on your lips. So you know I’m going to be fucking you for a while. Someone, anyone, could come along and catch us. I don’t seem to care, and you’re too lost in the feeling of my cock filling your pussy.

You feel your orgasm welling up as I thrust into you, spreading your shaven lips with each thrust. With a low moan, you come. I feel your pussy gush around me and you clench up, trying to keep my pounding member within you.

I don’t relent, and keep fucking you through your orgasm. You’re ready to collapse, but my strong hands on your hips hold you in place. Hold you in place for my relentless assault.

I reach around and cup your breasts, pulling and twisting your nipples. I use them, use your pussy, use you. Squeezing your breasts, I pull myself deeper into you, until you fear my thick cock is going to split you apart.

You feel another orgasm welling up, boiling over, and you know I’m not going to stop for this one either. I continue to pound into you, now seating myself firmly in your pussy, buried to the hilt with each thrust.

With another half-muffled moan, you come again. Your pussy clutches at me, at my invading member, and waves of pleasure wash over you. Once again, I continue to thrust into you, my cock hammering at your pussy.

Two quick orgasms behind you, your clit is now throbbing. As I bore into you, spreading your pussy lips with each thrust, they rub against your fully-exposed button of nerves, against your clit. You feel another orgasm welling up, a big one this time, and you can tell that I’m getting close too.

I knead your breasts and you begin to thrust back against me, driving my desire to new heights.

Your orgasm slowly builds, and you begin to panic, fearing I won’t come when you do. You fear I’ll come too soon, and fill you with my hot seed before your release.

“Are you going to come for me?” I ask, my voice husky with emotion.

You nod wordlessly.

“Are you going to come for me?” I repeat, forcefully.

You nod again, feeling the truth of your answer building inside you.

“Then come for me,” I hiss, ramming my length deep into your depths.

I feel your pussy spasm around me as my first spurt begins to fill your pussy. You can’t help yourself, and a low, tearing moan escapes your lips as the pleasure washes over you. You feel your chest and face flush, and know that your pussy is gripping me fiercely. You can feel my spurts inside you, competing against the strength of your pussy. Your pussy squeezes my erection, which forces more of my semen deep into your belly.

You’re shuddering with the release, hips quaking against me. I can feel the heat in your breasts and I know it’s a good one. A powerful orgasm.

When you are done, you almost collapse. My hands, and my hard cock, still impaled in your quivering pussy, are all that hold you up. Your breath comes in ragged gasps and you can feel the sheen of sweat covering your face and neck.

I hold myself inside you, slowly softening, while I gently knead your breasts, being careful to avoid your suddenly sensitive nipples.

Slowly, oh so slowly, I withdraw myself from your depths. You hiss as the cool air washes over your pussy, wet with our combined fluids.

“Clean me off,” I say. My voice compels you, and you find you want to obey me.

You drop to your knees and devour my slowly shrinking cock, sucking and licking, hoping I will get harder in your mouth and come for you again. You quickly have me clean, and I pull you off my cock.

“Close your mouth,” I order again.

When you do, I smack your lips with my dick. You start, and I do it again.

I reach down to lift you, retrieving your panties and thin t- shirt as I do.

Then I pull you close, kissing you. My tongue darts into your mouth and you melt against me. My shirt brushes your sensitive nipples and you shudder again.

I break the kiss and look into your eyes. You slowly focus on me and realize that I am smiling. I kiss you again and you respond against me, my lips insistent. With my hand on your ass, I pull you to me so you can feel my semi-erect cock bump against you.

“I’ll see you in class on Friday,” I say softly.

You wonder where I’ll be on Wednesday, and begin to panic.

I shake my head and grin wickedly at you.

I lean close to you, and you can smell my cologne again, mixed with the scent of my desire, so recently sated.

“When I see you in class on Friday,” I say, my lips close enough to your ear that you can feel my breath, “I want you to tell me how many times you masturbated while you were thinking about me. If you’re a good girl, a very good girl, next time, I’ll come three times for you.”

“And maybe,” I say with a mischievous wink, “I’ll fuck you the old fashioned way, and let you see my face as I fill you with my come.”

With that, I release you.

I hold your panties in front of you so you can see them; then I shove them in my pocket. You watch every motion as I tuck the last bit of fabric into my pants and then stare into my eyes. I slowly put my cock back in my pants, never breaking eye contact with you.

I put my hands on your face and kiss you one last time, tenderly this time, longingly.

“Masturbate for me,” I command.

Overwhelmed, you nod.

“I’ll be waiting. Friday,” I say quietly.

And with that, I am gone.