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How I fucked my friend’s mother Sangeeta Aunty and my 6 month sex buddy

I was looking for room to stay so my told me that they are looking for a
paying guest to stay in our home so without waisting any second i told
him okay.

now let me tell you about my friend his is 25 years old and i am 24
years old and his mother is around 45 years old.

I used to work at the store in day time and my boss told me his looking
for a night shift guy so i told him i have a friend he might need a job.

I work in the day time from 9 to 5 and my friend works a night shift
from 9 at night to 8 in the mourning. and his mother is a divorcee
housewife. since there was a money problem in my friend home he took the

due to his night shift i had the whole passionaly night to fuck his
mother in her bedroom. now i had to lay a plan to fuck his mother, and i
knew excatly how to do that but i had to wait until couple weeks just to
let him know that i am reliable and trust worthy with his mother alone
at night. so couple of weeks i act normal and i showed no sexual intrest
in his mother but in my mind i wanted to fuck her brain out. My First
step was to find out much information about his mother by talking to her
so i did. she said she is very tired of her boring life and tired to
staying home all day long.

So i started to entertain her a lot by joking around with her, i made
her feel completely special everynight we used to talk and i never used
to go out.

Sangeeta Aunty: “How come you dont go out anymore” me: ” i dont want to,
what if you get bored, you need somebody to talk to” Sangeeta Aunty: ”
Dont worry i am used to”

me: ” no its okay i like talking to you” Sangeeta Aunty: ” You dont have a
girlfriend? me: ” no” Sangeeta AUnty: ” stop lieing, girls must be
fighting over you” me: ” I wish, but i dont run after girls my age, i
have a different taste” Sangeeta AUnty:” What would that be? Me: ”

Sangeeta Aunty: ” Okay, fine dont tell me, i am going to sleep now its too
late and i guess you go to bed also”

She started to leaving the living room, i got so hard by looking at her
GAAND. I started to rub my dick thru my pants.

So i went to bed and slept naked with out my blanket on top of me.
becuase i knew she would get up to go to bathroom at night so i left the
door open for her to see my dick.

it was about 2am in the mourning she got up to use the restroom and
while on her way back she stopped at my door and peeked in my bedroom. i
was watching her becuase i was not sleeping i was just pretending that i
was sleeping.

so she came near the bed and i could see her eyes were locked on my big
dick but she never tried to touch it. but i knew she loved watching it.
so my second plan was successful, and my final plan was to talk to her
about it and fuck her.

so next evening after i came from work, i seen changes on her behavior.

Me: ” Sangeetay aunty, i want to talk to you about yesterday night” Sangeeta
aunty: ” what about yesterday night” me: ” i knew you were in my bedroom
and you watched my naked body and its okay” Sangeeta aunty: ” i am sorry,
i didnt not mean to look at your naked body”

me: ” its okay, its completly natural, if you were naked in your bed i
would have done same thing”

Sangeeta aunty: ” you would not like to see a old naked lady like me”

me:” rememeber, i told you i have a different taste, i like married,
mature and divorcee lady like you”

me: ” Look, we can have a secret affair and my friend doesn’t have to
know about it, i know you wanted to get fucked Sangeeta aunty, you haven’t
had a cock in years and i am sure you would love to feel my big dick
inside you”

Sangeeta aunty: ” but i dont think its right, you are a friend of my son
and i am twice as your age”

me: ” Sangeeta ji, who said you can fuck a divorcee lady and and first you
are a lady and every lady need a dick”

then while she started to talk i kissed her lip. I took her hand and
took her to her bedroom, i layed her in bed and started to kiss her
crazy all over her body.

I took off her clothes and spead her legs wide open, and started licking
her nice tight choot

Sangeeta aunty: ” ohhh please dont stop, its been a long time since i had
my choot licked”

i took my dick out and strated pounding her tight choot and she was
moaning so loud and crazy.

me: ” I am going to fuck you like you never did aunty ji”

we fucked 4 times that same night and next mouning i went to work and my
friend was home to his mother, he asked him mother why she is so happy
today she told him its you friend, he makes me laugh and he entertain me

my friend: ” oh thats nice, atleast i dont have to worry about you while
i am at work at nights”

Sangeeta aunty: ” dont worry beta, you work hard becuase you friend works
very hard yesterday ( back in her mind in bed and my friend tought that
i worked very hard a work)

we fucked for 6 months and then my friend found a job in the mourning so
we never had a chance to fuck a night, we fuck in mourning i take half
an hour off from my work and fuck her regular