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How I Pataoed Nayana – the College Hottie

Chapter One

It happened before I knew it. No accident with a coma, experiment by curious aliens or gift from a thankful entity. All by itself. Nayana Shergill, a first year girl I’d admired from afar since class 5 said “Get out of my way, Shorty” one time too many. First of all, my name’s not Shorty. I just happen to be 4′ 10″, but I know I’ll get taller eventually. After all, I’m only a first year.

Anyway, Nayana, Miss “My daddy can buy the universe,” Miss Popular, Miss “Kiss my ass, peasants,” had been picking on me for as long as I’d been admiring her.

I was trying to squeeze just one more book into my locker, but ducked out of the way as she slammed the door of hers, right above mine. She sniffed as she looked down on me and spun around.

And then it happened. I got this crystal clear picture of Nayana tripping and falling flat on her face as her books went tumbling out in all directions. I also got a picture of the back of her dress up above her waist, putting her cute little butt on display.

I was actually turning toward Nayana to warn her to watch out when I saw her books go flying as she tripped and fell right on her face, her skirt coming up over her back. She did have a cute little butt as was evident with the way her tight panties had worked their way between the cheeks at the bottom of her bottom.

I heard a couple of people snickering, then a couple more, then a girl saying “Oh, my God!” then all of a sudden everyone around was laughing. There must have been 20 people in the hallway, having a laugh at Nayana’s expense.

Nayana looked helpless on the ground and then I saw a dark spot grow on her panties as a puddle grew underneath her. She was so humiliated she was peeing in her pants. The laughter increased.

She started sobbing and looked miserable, lying there on the ground. I couldn’t stand it.

I walked around to the front of her, knelt down and held out my hand. She had her face buried in her hands, still sobbing. I reached in and pulled her left hand out from under her chin.

She looked up at me and I smiled encouragingly. She let me lift her up. She stood there, head down, not looking at anyone, still sobbing quietly as I went around and picked up all the books.

She took a step forward and put her arms on my shoulders and said “You did this somehow, didn’t you?”

I shook my head yes. “I guess so. I’m sorry Nayana, but I get so mad when you call me Shorty. I guess I flipped out.”

“Well, then you won’t mind if I do this.”

Nayana hit me in the stomach harder than I’d ever been hit before. She started walking away as I bent over clutching my belly, then looked over her shoulder. “Asshole,” she said.


Chapter Two

Well, that didn’t work out quite the way I wanted it to. Was that a one-time thing or did I have a new way to influence things? And if so, did I have any control over it?

I was gradually able to straighten up. I finished in my locker and closed it by leaning against it with all my might. I got a picture of me a foot taller with some muscles. It felt good. Nothing happened. Well, maybe I can do things to others but not myself.

I started walking down the hall to my next class. Kapil Singhal was leaning on the water fountain, getting a drink. Kapil is about one and a half times as tall as I am and probably twice as heavy. He’s three years ahead of me and has a habit of terrorizing anyone he sees as weaker than himself. Which is pretty much anybody, but he tends to leave jocks alone and concentrate on nerds. Up till now I’d been spared his attentions. I got this picture of the water fountain spraying water all over Kapil. Nothing happened except I seemed to catch Kapil’s attention. Shit!

“What are you lookin’ at, Asshole?”

“Oh, Hi Kapil. Nothing. Nothing at all. I’m just going to class.”

He stepped away from the fountain. “Oh, Yeah? Well, come over here, you little twerp.”

I was scared. And then I got a picture of Kapil down on his knees in front of me and me kneeing him in the chin.

Kapil took a step toward me and then slipped in some water on the ground. Just like in my picture, he was down on his hands and knees, right in front of me. He looked up at me as if it was my fault he slipped. I kneed him in the chin and he fell over, out for the count.

OK, now what? Whatever I do, Kapil is going to be pissed off at me. If I just stand there, he’ll wake up, shake his head like a dazed bull and come after me. If I tie him up, he’ll come after me as soon as someone unties him. I tried to make up a picture of him forgetting all about this but had no idea how to do that. “I won’t remember getting knocked down, I won’t remember getting knocked down.” Nope. It just made it worse. In the end, I left him lying on the ground and went to class.


The bell went off when I was about 5 feet from the door to biology class. I went through the door.

“Nice of you to join us, Mr. Ghosh.” Good old Mr. Chatterjee who thought he was the faculty wit. Well, he was half right. “Take a seat next to Miss Shergill.”

Oh, great. My favorite person. I went over and sat next to Nayana at one of the lab tables.

She looked at me with a sneer. “Awww. Poor baby. Late for class. Whatsamatter, beta? Does his tummy hurt?” She giggled and turned away. I forced myself not to react.

Gautam Hajra, the class suckup was pushing a cart around the room. He stopped at each table, picked up a jar with a live frog in it and placed it in the middle of the table.

I reached over to move Nayana’s books out of the way just as she did and jostled her arm. God. You’d think I was trying to get in her pants. “Get away from me, you pervert!” Most of the class turned around at that.

Damn, she pissed me off. What is this bitch’s problem. I got a picture of a frog jumping from the table and into her shirt.

Gautam came up and reached over behind her with our frog. She spun around. “What do YOU want?”

Poor Gautam stumbled back and pulled the jar over as he did so. Nayana must have heard the sound of the glass jar hitting the lab table. She turned around just in time to see the frog jump up towards her. She had a couple of buttons on her shirt undone and it went right inside.

Several things happened at once.

Gautam took off with his cart as quick as he could.

Nayana screamed and was struggling to reach into her bra to get the frog.

Mr. Chatterjee said “Really, Miss Shergill.”

I looked at Nayana and asked “Is there something you want to get off your chest?”

Nayana’s eyes are very expressive. Right now she was expressing hate, embarrassment, disgust and I think a little fear. Miss high and mighty wasn’t in control any more.

I laughed. I held my stomach and laughed more. I looked at her with tears in her eyes trying to get a frog out of her bra without exposing herself. I slapped my thighs and laughed some more. Another picture – frogs jumping out all over the class.

Gautam was looking over his shoulder at our table and ran into another with his cart. Jars slid out onto the table, spilling frogs as they rolled away from him. Frogs started jumping at girls near the table. I noticed a couple of guys covertly tip over jars on other tables. Before we knew it, a bunch of girls were running around screaming, trying to get rid of frogs in their hair, on their faces, wherever.


Chapter Three

It took a while, but we got the frogs caught and put back in jars and the girls settled down. I think poor Gautam peed in his pants. I know he went to the bathroom shortly after he lost his frogs and went on to gym class without coming back.

I know Nayana suspected I had something to do with the frog jumping into her shirt but couldn’t say anything. I’d been backing off from the table as she was yelling at me so there was no way I could have knocked over the jar. I know she didn’t appreciate me laughing at her. “You think you’re funny, don’t you, Shorty. Just wait. I’ll get something on you and then you’ll know. I’ll show you, you… you… you… laughing person.”

Nayana looked all flustered at that. I couldn’t help it, I cracked up. Lucky for me the bell went off just then. I think she was ready to take a swing at me for laughing at her. I headed for the door as quick as I could.

I came out of biology and turned the corner towards the gym. There, five feet in front of me was Kapil. He looked glad to see me, but not in a happy-making way. Shit!

There was no way I could stop. “Hi, Kapil. How ya doing?”

“I wanna talk to you, Butt weed.”

‘Butt weed’? That was a new one to me. “What can I do for you, Kapil?”

“You can tell me why my chin hurts, Dimfuck. I was coming over to talk to you and the next thing I know, I’m lying on the ground, waking up and my chin hurts.”

“Gee, Kapil. I don’t know. Did you trip and hit your chin, maybe?”

I got a picture of him bent over with his hand between his knees.

Kapil stepped forward and took a swing at me. I backed out of the way and his fist pounded into the concrete wall. The wall seemed to shake but I couldn’t hear anything over his scream. He leaned forward and was holding his fist between his knees, rocking back and forth and moaning.

I headed off to gym class.


Gautam was already in his gym clothes when I got there. His face was flushed. “Is Nayana alright?”

“Oh, yeah. Don’t worry about Nayana, She’ll be fine. You just need to be a little more careful about what you’re doing.”

“Gee, Rohan. I don’t understand what happened. It’s like someone was there making me let those frogs loose.”

I felt sorry for the guy. “Don’t let it worry you, Stan. I’m sure it wasn’t your fault.”

He looked relieved as I walked away, out towards the field.

We were playing cricket today. The coach picked a couple of seniors for captains and they chose teams. Gautam and I were the last two picked. I was chosen to play fielders, of course.

The first innings went OK. We scored twelve runs and were able to keep the other team on their toes. I had one high catch come in my area and I fielded it and threw the runner out at first with no problem.

Next up was Rocky, Kapil’s brother. Rocky liked class XII so much he took it twice. He was big like his brother. I hadn’t paid attention to him when he was up before. Now I noticed him. He was looking at me with hate in his eyes. He must have talked to his brother recently. I saw his mouth move, “I’m gonna knock this ball down your throat.”

Our bowler ran up and threw the ball. Time seemed to slow down. I got a picture of me being carried on the team’s shoulders… I enjoyed the feeling for a couple of minutes, then woke up. The ball was still traveling towards Rocky. He tightened his grip and raised the bat higher and a little further back.

Rocky’s swing took about five seconds. I heard a loud “WHOOOOOOSSSSHHHH” as the bat came around, then a “CRAAACCCKKK” as the ball and bat met. He seemed to push the ball with the bat, turning it so it was aimed directly at my head.

The ball was coming right at me, slowly spinning. I saw Rocky take off, heading for a run. I caught something moving with my left eye and backed up just in time so the runner didn’t knock me over.

I lifted my hands. Holding my right hand on the back of my glove, I positioned the glove to catch the ball. I was able to catch it. It hurt, it was coming so hard. I actually had to take a step back so I didn’t lose my balance.

Rocky was out. The other runner was skidding on his feet, about two thirds of the way to second, trying to turn around. I felt sorry for the guy as I lobbed the ball over his head to the wicket keeper. A triple play! Pretty damn cool.

The coach blew his whistle. “OK, guys. Put away the equipment and hit the showers.”

I wondered why everyone on my team was heading towards me instead of following Coach’s orders when a few of them picked me up and the team carried me off the field. I tell you, it felt pretty good.

We all headed into the locker room and hit the showers. For the first time, I felt included instead of being the freak nobody wanted anything to do with. I slapped Gautam on the back and he was treated as if he belonged there, too. He got a stupid grin on his face that didn’t come off.

Life was good.


Chapter Four

History was my last class of the day. I walked out of the locker room with my head held high, smiling, feeling pleased with myself. Things were looking good.

“Hey, Freak.”

Shit! Not again. I turned toward the sound and there was Kapil. Rocky was right next to him.

“I’m tired of you messing’ me up, Dork.”

“Come on, Kapil. Leave me alone. What am I supposed to do? Just sit here and let you pound me to a pulp?”

“Sounds good to me. Maybe I can help.” Rocky this time.

My picture was both brothers laying on the ground, Rocky’s head and shoulders on his brother’s thighs.

They started separating. Just what I need. They’re going to come after me from two directions. They got further apart, then started to move down so they were both at my sides. Each was about 10′ away from me when Kapil said “NOW!”

It was like two trains taking off. They gathered speed until I had two runaway locomotives headed right at me. They dropped their heads and kept on coming.

I waited till they were about a foot away, then took a step back. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Both of them ran full speed into each other. The sound their heads made when they hit was unlike any I’ve heard before.

Neither of them cried out. I think they went unconscious as soon as they hit. Rocky must have had a little more momentum than Kapil. Kapil went over backwards, Rocky fell on top of him with his head and shoulders on Kapil’s thighs.

That was enough of that bullshit. I was able to move them around so they were facing each other. I took off their belts and tied all four of their wrists together. I was just looping the other belt around both necks when Gautam came up.

“Ooh, Ooh. Hang on a minute.” He ran to his locker just down the hall, opened it and dug around for a few seconds. He slammed it shut, then ran back with a rope in his hands. He took off the belt around their necks and said “Do their ankles.”

As I was binding the brothers’ ankles, Gautam tied their necks together, ran the rope down their bodies and under their crotches, then back up around their necks. He brought the leftover rope down and was able to get it around their waists a couple of times before he tied it off. There was no way these guys were going to get out of this by themselves. Maybe humiliation would do what pain hadn’t.

Gautam and I took off toward history.


Chapter Five

We were both late for class. Luckily, Miss Chatterjee was so busy pointing out a map in a book she was holding up in front of the class that she didn’t notice us. Even if she had, she wouldn’t have done anything. Miss Chatterjee was old enough that she’d probably experienced most of the stuff she taught about first hand. She was so timid that I guess nobody had the balls to act up in her class.

Stan and I shot into the first empty chairs we saw. I ended up next to Nayana. This just wasn’t my day. Here I had this new power I’d just discovered. You think I would be using it to fight for Truth and Justice or something. But NOOOO. I’m checking out underpants, letting frogs loose and trying to keep one step ahead of the school bullies. What a nerd.

History was boring. Miss Chatterjee was talking about the ancient Greeks. I’d seen Hercules three times and knew all about it. I glanced over at Nayana.

I was kind of surprised. I caught her turning away from me. Now she was paying attention to Miss Chatterjee but her face was turning pink. She also looked like she’d been running. I glanced down at her chest. It looked like she’d undone another button or two in trying to get to the frog. The cream colored swell of her breast was very visible, moving up and down as she breathed. I felt my wanger start to work its way down my left pants leg as it expanded. Great, just what I need – a fucking hardon in class. I opened my history book, put it in my lap and pretended to pay attention to Miss Chatterjee.

Of course, this caught Nayana’s attention. She looked at me real quick, looked down at my book, then looked at me again. She leaned over and I could see a little more cleavage.

“Hey Shorty,” she whispered. “I’m up here.”

My turn to blush as I looked at her face about a foot away from me.

“What are you hiding with that book?”

“Wha… Wha… What are you talking about? Nothing. I’m trying to keep up with her.” I glanced toward Miss Chatterjee at the front of the class.

“Then why don’t you turn it so it’s not upside down?” She laughed out loud at that.

Shit! Shit Shit Shit Shit Shiitt! Everyone turned around to see what was going on but Miss Chatterjee who had moved on to Rome. Nayana covered up her mouth with her hand. She was smiling at me as if she meant it, not because she was making fun of me. Her mouth was smiling under her hand, her eyes above it.

Since there wasn’t anything to see, everyone turned back around. Nayana leaned over, lifted up the side of the book closest to her, and flipped it around. As she opened it back up, her right hand ended up under the book, on top of my leg. I had started to diminish but this motion caused augmentation, especially when she flipped her hand over so her palm was right on top of my manhood. She cupped her hand around me and moved down till she was about three inches away from my knee.

Her eyes were wide and the smile was much bigger. She leaned over and whispered into my ear. “Remind me never to call you Shorty again.”

Well, she took my hand in hers and we sat through the rest of Miss Chatterjee’s lecture till the bell rang. We got up, picked up our books and held hands as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do. Which it was.

A few steps out of the room, I let go of Nayana’s hand. “Wait here a minute. I need to take care of something.”

Kapil and Rocky were down the sidewalk. They both looked pretty messed up, their shirts halfway out of their pants, their hair a mess. Both were red faced and almost panting. They looked like a couple of bulls ready to attack.

“Hey, Foot Fetish, you’re dead.”

” Do you want me to whoop your asses?”

All three of us looked back at Nayana. She had her hands on her hips and looked ready for anything.

I heard both Kapil and Rocky mumble “No, Nayana.”

“Then leave my boyfriend alone. Or I’ll tell your mother and neither one of you will be able to walk for a week.”

“Sorry, Nayana.” Heads down, mumbling. They turned with their tails between their legs and shuffled away. Nayana came over to me and said “Don’t let them bother you. They’re harmless.”

I put my arm around her, hugged her close to me and said “Yes, Dear.”

Nayana leaned over and kissed me and I was in heaven.


So, that’s how I got together with my true love. Nayana and I went together for her last two years of College. By that time, I was able to graduate. I forgot to tell you I’m pretty bright. That’s why I was in so many classes with a first year. We both went to USA for another year before we got tired of going out together and got married. Gautam was my best man. We have three beautiful children and couldn’t be happier.

By the way, I stopped it with the pictures. Who needs pictures when you can have the real thing?