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How It Started With My Mummy

Hello AISS readers. I am Prabhakar Sharma, a 20 year old son to a beautiful mother. Two years back, I discovered that mom was a lonely lady who needed to be rescued from a dreadful sex life. so I decided to jump start her starved sex life by deliberately putting mom in a situation that she had to get her hands dirty. That event went on to make way for series of erotic events of mom’s sexual escapades. This story is about how the changes to mom came. I’ll be posting the stories of my mom’s numerous sexual escapades, one story after another. these stories are true and so are the names. but I won’t be disclosing the place I am from. so hang on to something cause real events are more breath taking than fantasies.

It was the last day of my high school so I had already told my mom that I will be late. I had plans to go out with my friends and celebrate the last day of 12 th standard. But things didn’t go my way. I had a quarrel with one of them and ended up in a fight so I decided to get back home at usual time. around 4 pm I reached my house. Mom had already come back from office as the door was locked from within. I rang the bell but there was no sound, there was no power. I knocked the door but there was no answer too. mom cud be in the bathroom I thought. there was another way to get in. I had a key to my room’s back door hidden under the mat, the back door mat. I went around to get it but then I thought why to show that trick to mom and spoil my late night house entry trick? so I decided to peep in thought the windows instead so that I cud spot her and ask her to open the front door. her bedroom windows were under curtains so was the living room. don’t know why I decided to check the bathroom, not because I wanted her to see me but just because I may get to see her naked!. I was a 18 year old boy back then curious about sex and attracted towards my mom.

My mom, Tulika Sharmah is a 47 year old single working lady. Back then mom was 45. It had only been 8 months since mom and dad separated. dad was an alcoholic and had this nasty habit of abusing mom every night both verbally and physically. Life back then was hell for me and mom. so mom decided to leave him. she got transferred to this new town and now we were staying together in this new place trying to settle down with our new lives. Now I must explain why I have this attraction towards mom. Tulika is a beautiful lady. she has a gorgeous face and a curvaceous body. about 5 feet 5 inches tall she has nice round bosoms and a fantastic butt. her skin is fair and smooth. having a mom like her is like having an actress at home and that’s what created my problem, she was irresistible for me!

Back to that day-i spotted some crates in my backyard and brought them near the bathroom ventilator. the exhaust fan was off cause there was no power but the bathroom remains well lit by the frosted glass on the windows. I stacked them on top of another and carefully peeped inside. what I saw made me weak in my knees. There was mom, lying on the bathroom floor on her back completely naked and drenched in the water pouring from the shower. her eyes were closed and her left hand was touching her vagina! the right hand was on her right boob pinching it and pressing it while she kept biting her lips!. I thought ill see her bathing but this was way too wicked, she was Masturbating!. her silky fair skin was looking even better covered in droplets of water. her breasts were jiggling like jelly bags as she jerked her vagina with those beautiful fingers. her deep round navel was now a pool of water. my eyes got stucked to her working fingers. she was massaging her vagina in circular motion and sometimes she paused and slided one finger inside her slit. I cudnt see the slit because of her bushy pubes which were in contrast to her fair skin and smoothe well endowed thighs. my eyes were scanning her entire body and I was bold enuf to do so as her eyes were shut. maybe she was imagining her moment without knowing that her own son was lustfully watching her from the gap in the wall. slowly, she increased her speed. moans of joy and ecstasy were escaping her mouth guarded by those juicy pink lips. her middle finger was now thrusting inside her vagina vigourously. Her right hand, now had her boobs held in a tight clutch. suddenly, she cried out loud, eyes wide oped as she stared the roof, her hips twitching in frenzy and her middle finger burried completely in those bushy pubes. long cries of pleasure echoed the entire bathroom as she withrew her finger from her vagina and brought it to her mouth. she kept licking her finger like a dirty whore.

it was that moment when I realised that ive seen enuf and shoudnt risk getting caught. I climbed down and found my dick was erect. I took it out right there and jerked my load off with those images of mom goin thru my head. My life had changed in 10 minutes. I put my dick back inside and decided not to didturb mom and went out to ponder about what I just saw and get my senses back. The scene was on my head as I walked to my usual hangout. there was no one there today. everybody was out enjoying their last day of school life. for me it was like as if a thunderbolt had hit me. I realized that beneath that caring nature of a mother, mom was also a woman and like any other woman she needed love, love from a man. it was obvious why mom was so sex-starved its been 8 months since separation and even back in those days mom didn’t get any attention from dad. dad was totally drunk up for most of the time and mom also came to know about his affairs with other women.

It was obvious that she will be in such misery after that. Right from that moment I started thinking about ways to get my mom out of her distress, like it had become an obligation for me coz she gave birth to me, gave me life. I thought of talking to her but I was doubtful. mom was a sensitive woman and I might risk sabotaging our beautiful relation for good. I had to find a way, I had to find someone to do the dirty work. It was all clear to me now. Mom needed a partner. all I had to do was arrange a nice guy for her. a friend for her when she needed the love of a man not the love of a son. a friend to share the most secretive of desires that cud have been in her mind. To unleash her true self in front of someone cause those things cud never be shared with a son.

30-40 days had past and I was still wondering out ways. It was a windy afternoon and I was alone at the hangout. I was enjoying the cool winter breeze in the middle of February. suddenly a mini van approached and came to a stop right in front of me. I thought they might be cops in search of fellas smokin joint or drinking. the door slides open and a familiar face comes up. It was Kailash, Kailash Gagan. we used to lift weights together in the same gym. He was a dark average build guy notorious in the area for his brawls and illegal activities. I also heard that he is into trafficking and stuff like those. never seen him doing those but I knew that he was the local goon type and had that classic weakness for women. he gave me a smile and came towards me with open arms. he hugged me tight and praised me for nothing. He was stoned from the weed he was smoking. I cud also smell booze on him, definitely whisky. we talked about some usual stuff and he jabbered some bullshit. two hours later he was somewhat back to his senses and I was bored to death he offered me a lift in his van to my home and I got in. we met the next day agin and many days to come and our frndship became stronger like never before.

a month and half had passed, my board exams were over by then. we were now best of buddies and that evening we were celebrating my birthday. we were talking about the usual brawls and laflaads he had and the women he laid recently. it was all guy thing. for the first time he asked me about my family. I explained him how mom and I ended up in the new town. hearing that he said to me, “ur mom must be a lonely woman”. I said yeah dats true and everything came back to my mind, the incident that I saw. I became horny thinking about it and I had this strong urge to share it with him. I cudn’t control myself and I made him swear that whatever I was about to tell him should be between me and him. he promised me and hence I told him what I saw that day. I told Kailash everything and also that I wanted to help her and care for her. I was a bit drunk and so was he. he was listening to me like a lil kid listening to fairy tales. I looked down, he was rubbing his cock on top of his pant and I cud see that bulge well. He told me, “brother!u trust me?” I said yes, or why wud I tell u that?. “then let me help aunty ji, will u?”. That was the moment I was waiting for all this time. a perfect kind of man for the job, experienced and horny. Kailash was the type of person who fucks whores every other day hes got so many places to do it and over all he had the guts. I felt I hit the right spot!. I looked at him and asked him, “can u?”. I was giving him the innocent helpless look and he immediately said yes. I asked him wht if others come to know about it. he said that was impossible as he had so many ‘addas’ and people know that he fucks whores anyway. He also said that since I and mom were new to town nobody will recognize her even if they see her with him. he said”If anybody even sees us, he will think Aunty Ji is just another one of those women”. He apologized for comparing mom with a whore but deep inside, I liked it.

He immediately told me that since mom was hot for sex she will surrender easily. but I added that she was a virtuous lady, conservative in her approach. she cud have had and affair if she wanted to long back. I said, “do u think no men hit on her at her work place?don’t u think a woman so beautiful like her isn’t teased upon or flirted by men everywhere? she cud have been in a relationship if she wanted to!”. Kailash paused for while and then said in a heavy tone, “then there is only one way bhai, we have to force her to do”. my brain got another shock. My innocent mother to be RAPED! a guy just said he wanted to rape my mom!. the numbness from the whisky blew off and I came back to my senses. My dick had already got a hard on. I asked him, “will she be hurt?”. “wht if she goes into shock after that and kills herself?. Then he came up with this witty logic, “do u think a woman kills herself after rape even if the incident remains within her and complete strangers?”. He told me a dirty secret of his. He said, “U know about Uma don’t u? well, she became my keep after I raped her 3 years back!”. That was all the assurance I wanted it cant be done if it wasn’t Kailash. that was the moment when I resolved that”this is it.. now or never”. And we sipped two more pegs and got down to the plan. I showed Kailash the pictures of mom I had in my phone. his eyes went wide open and he involuntarily pressed his groin in uncontrollable lust for my mom, Tulika. The plan was simple. just like in the hindi movies. Kailash with two other guys will knock at the door at around 5 or 6 in the evening when she just arrives from office. I will already be out with Kailash. Before he knocks the door and mom opens it, ill carefully take up a nice spot among the many windows in one of the bedrooms. since it will be dark by then. no one cud see me peeping though the window, not from inside as well. But honestly saying I was not at all sure that it will work. there were possibilities that mom wouldn’t even open the door for strangers or worse, she shouts and screams and the neighbors call the police. but the lust inside me to see mom in cunnilingus was overpowering. Kailash seemed so excited that he was too going mad to taste my mom’s sweet body. the two men whom he will be bringing were his workers. they will watch him do mom and make sure that everything was in control. Kailash promised me that they won’t do anything, just hold mom when she tries to resist. he also added that they feared him and obeyed him like dogs. I had cummed in my underpants thinking about this, rubbing my cock on top of my jeans. Kailash asked me when?. I said what better day than saturday. He and I both knew that the courts are closed on sunday. so that means that if anything goes wrong, and he gets caught, the police will have to wait for a whole day to prepare charge sheets and all and that was enough time for Kailash to use his local political contacts. the plan was full proof. That night was a friday night and I couldn’t sleep the length of it. the next day was about to change both my mom’s and my life. for better or for worse. Saturday came. It was a 3rd saturday so mom had office. she woke me up at around 9 am and served me breakfast. she was already ready for work by then. that morning she was wearing a light pink silk saree on top of a regular style white blouse. her nice round breasts were held together by her black bra which cud be easily spotted thru the material of her white blouse. her saree below navel and covered up well as usual. she was a bit conservative with her appearance back then. her beautiful face needed no make-up except for her maroon lipstik. she was putting her stuff in her purse as I ate my bread loaves and thought about whts gonna happen to her in the evening. I got aroused. I smelled her body as she passed by me and asked to close the drawing room door and said bye. I watched her as she went out of the house, from behind as her bubble ass jiggled with every step. Hours passed and it was 4 pm. I hour for mom to come back. I called Kailash and he said he was on his way and asked me to lock the house, so that mom thinks m out and wait for her in backyard as planned. That was long hour. mom usually comes back home 15 minutes earlier. Kailash called me and said he is waiting in his van outside our house. we were all waiting for the kill, the prey, my mom, Tulika. suddenly I heard the gate open. mom was here. I peeped to see if it was her and indeed it was. she was looking tired and sweaty with the hard day’s work and that long commute by bus. She knew I was not at home because I already phoned her and told her that I will be late coz my friends and I made some plans to watch the evening movie show. she opened the door and went inside the house. right at that moment. Kailash came thru the gate. he had two more guys with him and they looked dangerous with their dark skinned muscular bodies and filthy clothes. mom cud never out run these two giants. This was it, moment of total unpredictability, I thought. Now the story from here gets a different kind of narrartion. I will be explaining u in as much detail as I can recollecting what I saw with my own eyes and what Kailash told me later. Since Kailash was a pervert he never felt shy to tell me exactly how he felt everything and how mom reacted to it. Only he cud explain me the real stuff because I was just peeping thru the window.

Kailash rang the bell. he was accompanied by his men. I heard the bell and saw mom passing thru the corridor. she had removed her saree and was only in her blouse and pettycoat but had her bosoms covered by a dupatta. Mom thought it was me. Kailash told when he saw mom opening the door he went mad to see her in blouse and pettycoat with her exposed stomach and her deep round navel. Mom immediately covered herself with the drawing room door curtain. she was expecting me and was embarrassed when she found out that it was them and they saw mom like that. she enquired who they were and Kailash told some made up name and asked if it was his residence. mom corrected him and was just about to close the door when he pushed her inside. MOm shouted, “wht are u doing?”.. “get out of my house!”. Kailash with his two men charged in and locked the door. Mom was stupefied. she ran for the drawing room exit tryingg to lock the door to the corridor but Kailash got her hand and held her. It was only now that I cud hear mom’s voice. she was shouting, “let me go! let me go!”. Kailash said nothing and slapped her. I didn’t see that coz I was waiting by the bedroom window but I cud hear that well. then I hered another slap. suddenly the bedroom door opened and one of his men came in. he took a quick look around and called Kailash, “Babu!i found the bed!”. seconds later Kailash came in with his man and mom. one of them held her left arm and the other, her right. Kailash held her from behind, his hand on mom’s mouth and his other hand gripped her lovely soft fair belly. What an overpowering sight that was. MOm was being manhandled by three men she was looking so helpless. she wasnt moving her feet so they had to lift her up by her shoulders. I cud see the fear in her eyes. she didn’t know that those guys were not dacoits and that they weren’t going to harm her or kill her. they were just after the most valuable asset in the house, herself. In utter fear she peed on her pettycoat. I knew coz I noticed the big wet stain on it. wish I cud say mom that it was going to be a pleasurable and not a horrifying ride. wish I cud say her that it was exactly what she needed. Kailash threw her to the bed. Mom landed on the soft bed on her back. Her face had gone red with fear and Kailash’s grip around her mouth. she was crying as she joined her hands and begged them to leave her. I felt sad to hear her tone. I didn’t see her so helpless since she got seperated from dad. My heart broke on seeing this and I felt guilty of doing this to her. Kailash now spoke, ”we will do no harm to you. Tulika”. ”your name is Tulika, isnt it?”. Mom nodded her head in affirmation. Kailash knew that mom was too scared to enjoy it and our main objective was to give her a taste for this stuff not to shock her.

He said, ”look Tulika, I have been watching you everyday since I first saw u a few months back, I fell in love with you the very instant I first saw u in the bus stop”. “A woman like u, so beautiful, being endowed with such good assets should not be keeping to herself, she should let the world enjoy her”. Mom was still crying and she said in a submissive tone that she was the mother of a young boy and a respectable lady. That she will be stripped off of her dignity and have no where to go with a bad name. On hearing this, Kailash and his men laughed. He said, ” don’t worry dear, no one will ever know what happened”. On hearing this mom cried harder as she now knew well that she will lose her dignity to these men for sure. She is a homely lady, a lady who cares so much about her Image in the society and could never think of being raped some day. I was seeing all these and cud hear the discussion just partially. Kailash told me that even he felt bad inside on seeing her beautiful face begging for mercy like that. But the lust for her body was overpowering for him and the two men. They grabbed her and pushed her limbs against the bed. Mom cried out loud again and Kailash punched her stomach so hard that she swallowed her screams and opened her mouth in agony without uttering a sound. Kailash bents down, holds her face and kisses her lush lips. He liked the taste maybe, he was not stopping at all. licking and sucking on to the juicy opening on the beautiful face. His tongue was probing into her mouth rubbing against her toungue. The scene made me hard again. Kailash’s hands were now moving from her shoulders to her bosoms. he cupped them from top of her blouse, feeling their volume and softness, he pressed them hard and mom gave out a sharp cry. His hands were now working on her breasts pressing them to make them harder. His hip was rubbing mom’s lower abdomen, maybe even her pubic reason, I couldn’t tell. I couldn’t help but notice the bulges the other guys had in their trousers. After playing with her breasts from top of her blouse and sucking her juicy wet lips dry, he slowly unbuttoned the hooks on her blouse. And what creamy jugs were those. fair and round with the perfect shape being held by a black bra which brought together her two awesome mounds to form a deep cleavage, even when she was lying flat on bed. I wondered how erotic and deep mom’s cleavage would be when she sits strait up. their eyes went wide. Kailash puts his hands on them again and this time he gets under the bra and starts pressing them, feeling her silky smooth skin. Mom had stopped resisting by now and so his men let her hands free. Mom immediately takes her hands to her breasts and keeps them on top of Kailash’s hands which were working under the bra. She was weeping now but the expression on her face was neutral. Kailash now went for her belly. While his hands were touching mom’s bosom he brought his face to her belly and started kissing it all over. He could not resist her deep round navel and started licking it with his tongue. Mom would try to take it in by working on her abdominal muscles everytime his toungue touched the insides of her navel. For the other two men, it was a classic mallu soft porn goin right in front of their eyes. with their free hands they could now unzip their trousers and take out their tools to relieve them of the buliding urge and they did exactly the same. They had about 6 inch hark cocks whith pink tops. They were whacking them while watching their master working on a beautiful lady, about whom they could only dream about. Kailash was busy pressing mom’s boobs and sucking her navel to see them doing that behind him, he also couldnot see the change in mom’s face as her eyes were glued to the erect dark dirty cocks. As far as I knew, the sight of a cock was enough to turn on a woman and there were two in font of mom as another guy fondled her breasts and licks her belly. This was way too irresistable for even a woman like my mom. The natural urge in her could never contain itself under such evocation. Mom was no exception, she was a lonely woman after all. And her poker face was doing no good to hide that feeling. Kailash had enough of her navel.

He stopped licking to watch mom’s face. When he saw her eyes glued to something behind him, he turned to give a glance too. He sees his men enjoying and smiles at them. they were so happy it was obvious from the wide grins on their face. Kailash looks back at mom and says something. I cudn’t get what but mom pointed towards the windows and said, ”please ask ur men to close them, If the neighbours see me like this with you people, ill die of humiliation. Kailash ordered them to close the windows and the drawing room door. That son of a bitch didn’t care that I was peeping. one of them went out of the room to close the door and another one was coming straight for me to close the windows with his erect dick swaying side to side. I stepped back and hid myself behind the small pinetree resting my back against the boundary wall. I didn’t know if Kailash told them about me. And if he sees me then hell blow this up. Luckily he didn’t see me and closed the windows and pulled the curtains. I could not see anything. I was mad with rage and tryingg to work my way out. Without wasting a second I entered the house with my secret back door key. I quietly made my way to the corridor. Looked around to make sure that the men were in mom’s bedroom and then mustered all my guts to go near the bedroom door. The door was half open and it had a silly deformity. I remember mom telling me that the stupid door opened outward and not inward as it should be. Now that mistake by the stupid carpenter was about to give me a front row seat to the greatest show on earth. So I hid myself on the other side of the door getting a clear view of wht was happening inside mom’s bedroom and hear everything too. There was no way they cud spot me in all that excitement and I was behind the gap of the door hinges with a dark corridor behind me. this was the closest I cud ever get to the action. Kailash slowly lifted mom’s petty coat and started caressing and kissing her fair thighs. slowly moving upward he reached mom’s inner thighs and her groin and started kissing and sniffing it. mom was reacting to it and was deliberately tring to clapm shut her legs. But Kailash held them wide open. In no time mom got hotter. she had her eyes shut and her hand on Kailash’s head playing with his hair. All of a sudden Kailash pulled her panty down. It was a pink panty of the regular boring design and he threw it to the floor. It was not dry but wet because mom had peed on them in nervousness earlier. Immediately one of the men lifted it up, took it to his nose sniffed it and started rubbing his cock with it. Damn, I thought, this man was using my mom’s panty to whack his dirty dark cock!. Kalilash then made mom sit up and helped her remove the blouse.

When he did that I got to see mom’s gorgeous and shapely shoulders for the second time. they were so sexy. When she lifted her hands to remove it completely out of her shoulder I cud she her hairy underarms. They were thick bushes and seemed like mom didn’t care to shave them back then. I guess all her from her smooth hairless skin accumulated densely under her arms and the pubes. as usual, her thick pubes obstructed the view of the slit of her vagina. And also that Kailash was obstructing some of the view as well. But I must mention that her silky, fair skind on that curvaceous body and the contrasting dark black pubic and armpit hair was giving her a sexy natural look. Mom had stopped crying by now and Kailash had her lay on bed again. He got those lovely jigs to play with, he must have been in heaven. Mom’s bosoms are as good as her rest of the body nice round shape with a light brown areola and nipple. My eyes went to her nipples, they were erect and her breasts seemed firm now with all that fondling and caressing. Kailash laid on top of her playing and sucking on to her lovely tits teasing her with his tongue and pinching the other nipple just like mom was doing when I saw her masturbating a few months back. But this was the real deal this time. seeing her bra on the bed the other guy took it and started doing the same, rubbing his cock like the man with my mom’s panty. I had to do it too, my dick was fully erect so I took it out and started whacking it as well. by that time Kailash got mom completely wet. mom wud occasionally open her eyes and look at those men and their cock and caress Kailash’s hair and back, encouraging him to continue doing her. Mom Finally Kailash had it enough and he unzipped his trouser and took it out. Damn it was big, it was bigger than mine and the other two guys. It was a seven incher and it was long, as thick as mine. mom’s eyes got its glimpse and were glued to it. Kailash rubbed it and showed it to mom and asked her, ”do u like it?”. Mom looked at him and smiled, nodding her head in affirmation. oh she looked like a whore when she did that. she wanted it too. Kailash climbed higher up mom’s body on his knees to take his thing up to her face. he held its tip and started rubbing it on her face and lips. Mom moved her head side to side to avoid it touching her lips. But she cud resist no more and finally stopped moving her head and letting Kailash part her lips with its pink turgid head and enter her mouth. Mom was now eating my friends dick!those lovely lips being parted by that penis and probing inside her mouth. I always thought mom to be obsessive with clean spaces and personal hygiene but what I see now was a complete disagreement of both!The thirsty sex starved woman inside her had awaken and Miss Tulika Sharmah didn’t look like my mom anymore. was liking it now and I was kind of relieved of the guilt I had for an hour since it all started. She was not sucking it. just kept it n her mouth as Kailash was moving it to and fro, fucking her beautiful face. At that moment the guy with her panty started moaning. he had cummed on mom’s pink panty and everybody was watching him unloading on it. mom got so aroused seeing a stranger cum on her panty that she took one of her hands from Kailash’s hip, down to her groin and gave her cunt a good caressing.

Reaching his climax the guy puts the panty down and zips his trouser back and sits on the dressing table to enjoy the rest of it. Kailash had his shaft quite wet and lubed up from mom’s saliva and from the way mom rubbed her cunt, it was clear that she was wet and ready for the invasion. Kailash went back to her hips and placed the top of his dick on her cunt’s opening. mom held his dick and guided him the way and there it was. the moment I was waiting for so many days. A man, not her husband, inserting his penis into the most private of her parts, her vagina. Kailash pushed it in slow at first making sure that he gets it to the hole at the right angle. well I didn’t know about it then, Kailash told me later. he also said that mom’s pussy was as tight as a newly wed young woman. that was obvious as she was deprived of sex for years. Back to the scene, Kailash then gave a jerk and a sharp cry of pain escaped mom’s mouth. He stated pumping her nice and slow. at that time I remembered something. I asked the son of a bitch to bring condoms and he was fucking my mom without one!. well I cud do nothing now and just watch. mom’s face had that expression of immense pain as she had her eyes shut tight and eyebrows arched. 3 or 4 minutes later Kailash increased his tempo. now his long slim dick was going in and out of mom and I cud see the froth that was oozing out of her vagina and making his dick appear slimy with white substance, that was love juice from mom’s cunt. mom’s eyes were now wide open and she mas moaning in a low voice. 5 more mins passed, I had already shot my load on the door and Kailash started giving jerks to mom. her moans now became short cries of guttural sounds. suddenly she started moaning loudly and jerked her hips involuntarily, she reached her climax and she let Kailas know about it by biting him on his shoulder and running her nails on his back. a few minutes later, Kailash started moaning and slowed down to one push in a second and slowly after 4-5 pushes he pressed his entire hip against mom. he had spilled all his fertile seeds into my innocent mom’s vagina. it was like she lost her virginity all over again. After resting for a while on top of her, he withrew his limp cock with a strange sucking sound and got off the bed. Mom laid there spread eagle as she took some long heavy breaths. she had lost her dignity and all her chastity. but she must have liked it. she was robbed of all her self esteem. she was no more the woman she was earlier that day. she must have enjoyed the warmth of the healthy semen that a stranger just injected her with. there was no going back from wht just happened to her. Kailash and the other guy were just about to leave when they stopped to see the third guy. he went close to mom lying on the bed with is erect dick and shot all his load on mom’s body. the cum drops were landing all over her belly and boobs. he had the best jerk of his life and mom received another warm cumshot, this time on her body rather in it. Kailash made them leave the room and out thru the corridor. they passed right me and didn’t see me hiding behind the door. I almost got my nose pressed to the door. but Kailash before leaving asked her from her rooms doorstep, ”did u like it?”. mom was still lying on the bed with her eyes shut. she said nothing, just gave a moan, like “mmmmhhh”, affirming it. ”you want to do it again?”, asked Kailash. ”take my number”, said mom and Kailash noted it down on his phone. he left with his men without saying anything else. I was still hiding behind the door watching mom’s sweaty cum drenched body. mom opened her eyes, slowly feeling her body and the drops of cum on it she smears it all over and takes her cum covered hands to her nose and sniffs the smell. she might have liked it as she then took her middle finger and slid it inside her leaky wet vagina and licked her wet slimy finger, tasting the mixed juices of both their cum oozing out of her slit. mom continued to shock me with her behavior as she left her bed and lifted her cum soaked panty from the ground and took it to her nose. I was shocked to see such kinky stuff from mom. I didn’t wait any longer. slowly going back to my room I came out of the back door, locked it and sat there for a while to jerk off one more time. I thought of watching mom bath but I thought I had enough for that day and happily kept jerking in the dark.