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How we lost virginity at Mumbai

Hi friends, how are you? I’m Kunal from Mumbai just completed my studies and have started with my job. This story is about how we lost virginity. Any women , girl or bhabhi want to have fuck than mail me. I was placed in good corporate company. Company had a staff of 25 people and there was a girl in my office whose name was karishma. She was very beautiful and had a very cute and innocent smile on her face all the time. Even karishma join the office 2 days before me. Because of her smile I started liking her. As time passed we become good friend.


We started spending time together , we left office together , help each other in work and I was very kind to everyone and more to her.One day we plan for a movie in the evening on Saturday as we have half day in office. We decide that I will pick her up below her building and then will go for movie. I was very excited to go movie with her. I got well dress and went below her building. She made me wait for 10 min as you people know girls take a lot of time to get ready. When she got down her building she was looking dam beautiful and I comment that she is looking dam beautiful and she did the same for me.While driving I could feel her boobs behind my back as we were on bike. It was making me go crazy. We reached and I got the tickets of movie baahubali and went inside

I offer her a sit and she thanks me and I took my sit and to my surprise it was corner sit. I was thinking that what would she be thinking that I got corner sit , as I was thinking she place her hand on my hand. I could feel her soft hand and it was making me go crazy.

But it didn’t reacted to it. After interval she again placed her hand on my hand and this time I could not control and slowly I pulled her cheeks to which she gave me naughty smile. Again I pulled her cheeks and while pulling cheeks I touch her lips and I got no respond from her and I went ahead and than she looked at me and we kissed each other.Than we smooch her and kept my hand on her thigh and enjoyed the movie and to my shock she told me that she is wet.

After the movie got over I asked her whether she wanted to come my place or should I drop her. She told me that she is ready to come where ever i’m taking her. As we both were horny and we both wanted to have sex badly.

We reached my flat as my parents were out of town and offer her a sofa and got her soft drink . She told me that she is too horny and cant control it any more.

She kept the glass and pushed me on sofa and came over me. We started to kiss and smooch. We both were breathing heavily and her warm breathing and it was making me for horny. She started removing my shirt and I did the same. I was half naked and she was just in her black bra. She remove my pants and I was left with underwear and she could she that my dick was standing at 90 degree and remove her pants and she was left with panty and bra.

I took her to bedroom and made her laid down.I started pressing her boobs and could her morn getting louder and the she was kissing my chest.She hold my cock tight and was masturbate .After that I was kiss her tummy and naval. I started sucking her boobs and was biting her nipple . It was getting hard and she was biting my ear and I was breathing heavily. Slowly I kissed her forehead than slowly move down and kiss her eyes and her lips and than her chin than ears and she slap on my butt and was playing with my dick, I kissed her neck and than she started to rub my dick against her pussy .I asked her to took dick in her mouth but she refuse as it was her 1st time and nor did I licked her pussy.

On my 1st try to enter pussy was fail and my dick side away.Then little bit of cock went inside and half and she was crying in pain and push me away . I again tried it and again she push me back.This time I told her tight and whole dick went inside and she was crying in pain.

As I slowly started my speed she was enjoying it and I could hear her morn. Aaahhh fuck me baby . Fuck me kunal hard. I am your slave today and you can fuck me .While she was making sound I kissed her on her lips .We just had sex for 10 min and we both cum. Her pussy was bleeding. She went inside wash to clear her self and I followed her back. Again I kissed her in washroom and had good fuck in washroom under shower .

Then she clear her self and I drop her down her building and at night I got her call and we had a good sex chat and we do enjoy sex chat and some time she me hots pics. After that we are not able to have sex as my parents are back

Waiting for a good opportunity when my parents will be going out of town

But we got for movie and have a lot of good time and enjoys a lot in movie.

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