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I admire my friends wife

Hi this is Mohan from Chennai(madras) 27/M unmarried a great fan of story16 which gave me so many ideas and to know that lot of people are interested in sex all we need is to approach in a proper and safe way the stories which I have read gave me courage to enjoy my sexual life and I am happy about it, my humble suggestion to all the dear readers is enjoy life with safe sex and mutual consent, I would like to share one of my true incidents which happened in my life hope u readers enjoy this any comments from girls or wishing to enjoy can mail for decent sexual relationship.

I am a self employed professional working in Chennai, I have a good friend of mine name Rahul and we where very close from the college days we had lot of fun, partying, flirting and life went so happily for us and we regularly meet and my friend got married 11/2 yrs back and even after marriage our friendship was fine and now comes the angel is wife Asha very young around 20 yrs of age slim, fair like a Barbie and a Brahmin beauty but I am a strict non vegetarian she was so good no one could just miss their eyes.

My friend is very fond of alcohol and he used to drink regularly, even I used to join him once a week and we discuss a lot of issues and we were the same going out to parties since Rahul had a lot of girl friends but since he his from a orthodox Brahmin family he hides most of the activities from home.

Whenever I go to my friend’s home, uncle and aunty would talk to me very freely and I used to feel at home. Even aunty has a great structure and maintains her body with regular work outs she use to serve us food and sometimes even Asha but she is a quite girl reserved very rarely speaks and there was no chance of even picking up a conversation. However, her eyes are so powerful that it could even speak.

Since my friend Rahul had lot of affairs and a regular drinker sometimes after party I drop him home but I do not enter his house since if aunty finds me she will feel bad that I am spoiling her son but the story is different my friend has a habit of saying lies so beautifully that he will make u believe he his so innocent. At times I have noticed when dropping Rahul the dull face of Asha from the balcony but one day her eyes were so strongly looking at me not angrily cannot say sexy but something different.

Slowly I started to admire and dream about her but I was just wondering how to communicate with her because she was quiet, reserved and some one or other will always be in their home. I have even masturbated many times thinking about her even though she was my friends initially I thought its not ethical to dream about others wife but I could not control my imagination and day by day it was becoming stronger for this angel Asha.

Days went on I was waiting for a chance and it was when my friend applied for a U.K. visa for a job and u know its hard to get he was busy in preparation and I used to help him my visits to his home increased and more chance of seeing Asha whenever I got a chance to see her I enjoyed and started to develop eye contact with her and casual talks. At last my friend got the visa and he was very happy and he had no feelings he his leaving his wife he was interested c more girls from him marriage was just a social knot even I was happy that I would get a better chance with Asha.

On the day of departure I went drop him with his family in my car this was the first time all of us were going in same car I was admiring Asha in rear view mirror whenever I got a chance it was so nice to c that Barbie angel in my car I just wished that I was near her. We reached the airport and started to unload his luggage Asha was also there this was wonderful moment when one of my shoulders brushed against her firm sexy breast while taking the bags there was pleasure, and enjoyment for me but we had to immediately move she dint mind and was normal she would have understood it was not intentionally done but I was happy v gave farewell to my friend and I dropped them back.

Then I regularly visited their home and chat with uncle and aunty she was bit worried because Rahul was their only son and Asha was continuing her college. Now I thought this is the best time if anything could happen. One day I invited them for a lunch and even Asha came in a light blue saree perfectly dressed we had a nice time and I slowly started speaking more with her and even casual phone talks she is so short and sweet even in her speech. I sensed she was feeling lonely because my friends call her once in a blue moon. She felt comfortable speaking with me. She has caught me several times my eyes admiring at her sexy structure hope she should have understood that I am interested in her.

One day I received a phone call from aunty that she wanted to urgently leave to Mumbai to visit her family and brother for some important property disputes and she requested to arrange me the tickets for her & uncle immediately I was happy because Asha was not leaving she will be free for few days. Then they left and next day morning I went to their house and Asha opened the door as usual she was amazing she was wearing her nightdress and I informed her that I am off today and I had some important work In Rahul computer which my friend required and she also felt happy she had some company and the house was free after a long time then I went to their room were the computer was, started my work she gave me coffee and was talking her clothes for bath since I was there she used the aunty room I wondered if could join her then she went and after sometime she came freshly dressed in a saree with the breakfast and even I was tired after typing for a long time then ok lets watch TV for sometime v were chatting and watching some music channels she was also free and laughing for my jokes she really felt free because no one was there.

Then she asked me if she could help me in typing I said ok then she took the computer and then I took a towel went to the toilet to fresh up my self when I came back and went near the computer I just saw something thing was wrong she had accidentally deleted a important file and I expressed my shock O god Asha what have u done she was worried and telling sorry and I tried to restore while all this was happening after few min I noticed that v were very close and my hands and elbow was brushing her I totally forgot about the file and was feeling the pleasure of having her close to me she was curiously looking at the computer worriedly and I was in no mood to move away from and I said in pleasing voice ok Asha don’t worry mistake happens to everyone and I really lost control and put my hand over to comfort her she came to reality that she his very close to me in my arms and looked at me but it was to late then she turned her face my hold was strong and at the same time comforting her she was silent and little shivering I just said I love u my dear Asha I love u and kissed her neck she was just wondering what to do confused but I could feel her softness and the urge for the sex her body reacted slowly we moved Then after some time she turned and faced me. Our eyes met. I went closer and kissed on her lips our intensity increased. After long time we got apart. We looked at each other. Then she looked down. Now she was feeling shy. I was so aroused that my dick was at its full length. It was touching her near her stomach. However, I know that she is not going to mind it. I pressed her more close to me. Her grip was also tightening on me.

We smooched for long time. I roamed my hands freely all over her back from her head, then neck, then shoulder, then wais, and then her beautiful ass, took her in my both hand, and led her to the center of the room.

Then I started slowly removing her cloths one by one. First, I took hold of her loose end of saree and pulled it. She rolled around herself and it all the way came into my hands.

Then I slowly removed her blouse. Her eyes were closed. Now she was standing in bra and petticoat in front of me. Her boobs were so firm and cute just hiding inside her tight bra. Then I turned her around, opened the hook of her bra, and removed it. Her bare back was looking so beautiful. I caressed it slowly and kissed her on shoulder. She shivered and stepped back to rest on me. Then I turned her again. Now she was facing me with bare boobs. I went near and had a closer look at it. I took both nipples in my fingers and played with it. Her breathings were heavy and her chest was moving up and down rapidly. She tried to hug me and was becoming restless. Then with one hand, I removed her petticoat. Now she was complete naked.

I was not able to believe my eyes. She was so beautiful. She was trembling. I had a complete look at her from top to bottom. She had a sexy cunt. I was also standing nude in front of her. She had a quick look at my dick. Then she looked in my eye. She was feeling shy. I asked her to touch it a trembling hand came forward and touched my dick. It felt so good.

Then I made her to lie down. Then I parted her legs and adjusted my manhood slowly inside her juices were flowing and her cunt was tight and it was heaven on earth she was giving such a good company with her hip movements and v were madly fucking each other as if there was no tomorrow and at last I came inside her with a heavy load and v were un separated for a long time and just slept it was so fine and after many times v had sex in different ways, whenever we got a chance v had a lot of fun and recently she also got her visa and went to U.K. I miss her a lot but the moments spent with her r always memorable.