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I finally get my sister

I’ve became a sick psycho. I, for one, screwed my own sister and then, I am so excited about the whole thing that I’m writing a story about the whole episode. Or perhaps writing this story will help me get over it.

Let me start by telling a bit about us. I am a 22 yrs old software engineer and my sis is a 23 yrs old MBA student. She is a pretty woman; in fact, more sexy than pretty, and I am also quite good-looking (or so I think ). Since I’ve had most of my education away form home, I wasn’t really very close to her and our relation was more of a ‘hi hello’ kind.

Then I got a job in Pune (where she was doing her MBA). I’m kind of an asocial guy, so I found myself a single bedroom house, and very soon got busy with my work. Since both of us were in the same city, we used to meet once in a while and within six months, we got close. Perhaps she was enjoying the new found freedom away from home as she was getting courageous with her dressing day-by-day. I wasn’t really fond of this fact, but I kept those thoughts with myself as I like to believe that I give enough freedom to everyone around me. Since I was busy with work and my hunt for pretty faces, I wasn’t giving her enough time and she used to complain about it all the time. I used to encourage her to get herself a boyfriend, but she’s so choosy that everytime someone would propose her, she’d reject. I was having my share of luck with girls, but none of them was as attractive as my sis is (and of course I was comparing all of them with her, as she was the only one that I was really close to).

And then happened one (un)fortunate event. I was checking some web-sites with a friend of mine when he told me about this site about desi fantasy-stories, and the one and only story that I read that day was about a guy having sex with his sis. Although I didn’t ACTUALLY think about having sex with my sis, but the thought did click somewhere in the back of the mind ‘cos since then I started appreciating the beauty that she was gifted with. I obviously started meeting her more often and used to look for opportunities to get a glimps of her adorable breasts, and I used to stare at her rear like crazy. I started wrestling with her and used to lift her and drop on the bed just like that. That slight physical touch with her used to send shivers down the spine. The passion started getting into me and I started thinking of the possibilities of having sex with her. But then I went to UK for some project work. There I went to some nude-bars and had good fun. When I came back, I told my sis about my adventures with the lap-dancers at those nude-bars and she looked very uncomfortable but interested.

Now one day she came to my house and told me that she was planning to spend the day with me. She was wearing a black t-shirt and perhaps the best pair of denim ever made on earth. We talked about almost everything and then somehow we got to the topic of the lap-dancers. This time I told her everything that I did with those lap-dancers and she looked pretty interested in knowing more. When I was telling her about how I got one dancer on my lap and licked her breasts, I started doing that act as if I was licking the dancers breasts. Suddenly she said, “Hey, you were licking her breasts, not mine …”. Then I realized that while showing her the act, I was staring at her breasts. Embarrassed but encouraged by her bold joke, I also said, “Well, hers were better than yours anyway.”, to which she said, “You wish!”. I don’t know what gave me the courage, but then I said, “Can I see yours?”. The next five seconds of silence were the most deadly for me. I had realized that I had taken a stupid step and I didn’t h ave the guts to look into her eyes then. Add to that the fact that she wasn’t saying anything. Gosh! And then I heard a sweet “I think so”. She perhaps was amused at the cute demand of her younger brother. Then I don’t know when I said, “Oh my God!” and when I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bed. She said, “Albs, we are not having sex, okay!”. “All right”. I rested on top of her on the bed and started kissing and caressing her all over. Her breathe-strokes told me that there was no way she was going to stop me at any level now.

And then I touched those wonderfully soft breasts. Man! I had never felt like this in my life. I knew that I would come the moment I see them free from the confinements of the bra, so I decided to go slow and first explore the rest of her. Going slow would also have given her enough time to reach her peak. So after fondling her boobies, I started working on her jeans and pulled it down. Then I started licking her thighs and after a while, moved up and started licking her panty. She was moaning all the time. Then I pulled up the t-shirt and started licking her all over, from the neck to the belly. And then I slid her bra down and started licking her tits lightly. Man! I was absolutely, totally, completely spellbound by the look and taste of the boobs. Both were so juicy, so soft, so beautiful that I can’t describe. I think it’s just impossible to improvise on them. I licked and caressed and sucked them for long. My boy was fully erect and she could feel it on her, so she said, “Put it in Albs”, and so I did. Oh! it was just an extreme feeling … I took my time inserting it and all the while it felt just fabulous. She was finding it painful initially, but was enjoying it at the same time. But it didn’t last for long as I came very soon. Although she said that she enjoyed it to the full, I still think that she must not have come.

Anyway, we just lied there for a while and then she went back to her hostel …