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In spite of love marriage

Hi AISS Readers I am a regular reader of the site and very fond of reading to wife sex story. I don’t think so that all the story posted are true but I consider few of the stories are real like mine. Friends, I m an intelligence officer in Indian army and posted in New Delhi. I had an affair with a girl since 2005 and married with her in the month of april 2011.

She used to teach in school before marriage and wanted to continue it. She is a very beautiful and sexy girl and loves me a lot. I wanted to break our relation in 2008 but I could’nt, although I did not talk to her for 15 days and later she called me and told me that bring me the poison. I need only you or death. I cant live without you. Even she protested against his orthodox family and convinced them too for marry with me. I consider myself very lucky to get a lovely, sexy and lovable wife. Now I come over the story. However, I am in army I regular visit my home in dehradun twice in a month and stayed with my wife 2 month after my marriage. Between it we went for our honeymoon in Goa.

I came Dehradun on 2nd September to meet my Joint family and my wife Poonam. I reached Deharadun early 6 o clock in morning and found my wife on railway station to pick me up. She was looking Damn Sexy in a short skirt and top. I kissed her and sit in car. We reached home and I met all the family members and rushed to my room to take some rest. My wife came in the room and told me that she was going to school and decided to change her dress. I picked her in my arms and took in bed. I knew she wore that sexy dress only to seduce me. I put of her skirt and sucked her boobs, Remove my cloth and make her nude and saw she was very wet in her pussy.

I licked her pussy and she took my penice in her mouth now we were in 69 position. Suddenly she started moaning and begging for fuck I inserted my tool in her vagina and we both were enjoying a lot after long days. She was sit on the bed and told me that fuck her in this position. It was new and she never done it before so I feel little suspect but filled her need and explore my cum on her naval area. She kissed me and expressed I love you approx 50 times and went for change the dress. Then she rushed to her school in her scooty because there was already late. She always wear sexy suits or may be her assests are sexy. She is very good in bed though he is very polite but in bed she uses very rough language. her figure is 34 Size breasts 26 west and 38 Hips. On that same day I felt very horny and decided to take her from school and went to her school in my bike at 11 o clock.

I reached there and Guard told me that ur wife Has gone to market with one of the sir to select a Teachers day gift for all the teachers. She has a very good sense of humour and she is very clear to things as well as she has a knowledge of the gifts, so I think she must be selected by this good attitude. I made her phone call she picked phone and told me that she is in market and will come within an hour. I told her about my fantasy and further told her I m in her school. She promised me to come home at 1230 and fill my fantasy. While talking to her I heard a sound from her behind that welcome to Great value sir, it must be a voice of receptionist . means she was not in market she was in a 3 star hotel great value but with whom.

I took a quick decision and ride my bike towards hotel although it was only 2 km far. I engaged her in phone while driving and reached hotel. I parked my bike and slowly entered in hotel. I saw my wife standing near the stairs and talking with me then she told janu now I m going to enter I shop so I called you when I will be free. I hide my self near the window and saw she was going up the stairs. I went to reception and handed him 500 note and asked. She told me she came alongwith hubby for two hrs. then I showed a photo from my purse and convinced receptionist that she is my wife. He gave me master key and told me that if any thing will happen wrong tell to the manager I did not take key from me but I stolen.

I agreed and went up stairs. It was room no 116, my heart was beating fastly. I opened the door slowly and saw there was a very big curtain 2 mtrs far. I closed the door slowly and hidden my self in curtain and peeped inside I saw her colleague Rajeev laying on bed only in his trouser and she sit on the bed. I heard their conversation ……. Poonam – I m a very bad women who love my hubby so much instead of I m with u here in hotel where I never come with my hubby. Rajeev – don’t feel embrace jaan I love too and you know I want you……… Heard this I thought why I don’t bring my pistol with me……. Then I decided to here them whats my wife think for me….and take my mobile and stared recording the video. Poonam- I know u love me but never as my hubby. If he will kill me for this act I will accept my death willingly. Rajeev – then why you come with me ? Poonam- I don’t know, me kabhi apne pati se jhoot nahi bolti aur aaj mene ………. She is starting crying. Rajeev – please jaan lets enjoy and he came to her and kissed her.

She protested and said lets Rajeev please I m going and please break this relation today…… Rajeev- no jaan please and started massaging her tits. he entered his hand in her cleavage and kissing so deep. I decided go inside but I saw my wife also enjoying so I stopped. He put of kurta of my wife and then white lacy bra wow she was looking so sexy. I felt horny too. He started suck my wife and she was moaning. Poonam – yahi chees to mujhe pagal kar deti hai. When you cup and suck my boobs I become ur Rajeev. Rajeev – I know jaan now ready for take my lund na ? poonam- haan mera salwar to utaro pagal ? he did. Poonam – please hamesha ki tarah meri choot ko acche se chatna.

I thought means they are doing it from long time . Rajeev – when u wore saree at 15 august that day I decided to enter my lund in our choot and I succeeded only 4 days later. Poonam – I did not want t cheat my hubby ever but ur lund make me crazy. Today 4th time I m going to take ur lund please Rajeev insert it don’t seduce me. Rajeev while kissing her in his breast stroked very fast in her choot. She cried Rajeev slowly in morning I already fucked by my hubby. Rajeev- please don’t take his name now you are mine Poonam- no no… no .no ….. chodo jaan jor se chodo but keep in mind that you never take a place of my hubby. Rajeev- ok … but you keep taking my lund till you are in dehradun. Poonam- (with pleasure ) yes jaan please meri choot kop had do … jhatke do jor sr jhatke do meri bacchedani tak le jao please when you want to fuck me I will be ready to take ur lund.

She said Rajeev come on that me favorite position. And she sit on bed and told I did same thing with my hubby and he asked me from where you learned. He feel suspicious over me. Then Rajeev made his stroke faster and faster and poonam criying and moaning in very rough language. Poonam – I m going to cum jor se jhatke maaro. Keep ur seed inside my choot. I want feel your hot sperm. Spray it inside my choot. Rajeev- sperm. Spray it inside my choot. Rajeev- Yes jaan but you might get pregnant. Poonam- no ander daal Rajeev chod mujhe tera lund kha jaungi jor se chod mene dawai khz rakhi hai ( I have taken the medicine you fuck me and give me ur seed ) With lot of noise and 20 min of session they tied in each others arms with full relax . Poonam told him ur fucking make me your but still I will try to break the relation.

She stood and seeking her cloth Rajeev said jaan please stop I need another round. Poonam – no yar my hubby is waiting for me. I have to go and she started wearing cloth while Rajeev was playing with her lips, breasts etc. I slowly left the room and came home after ½ an hour she came and asked me to fill your fantasy but still things was going on my mind that she bloody slut came from a hotel where she sucked and fucked and cheated me. Then I undressed her and found no panty underneath. Must Rajeev took her panty with him to masturbate. I saw her pussy still flowing the mixture of both cum. I fucked without any excitement. DEAR WHAT SHOULD I DO ? PLEASE SUGGEST ME ON