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In the locker room

Joey watched as his girlfriend transitioned from merely enjoying the sex to a horny, sexy animal, furiously working for her orgasm.
She flipped her wet hair to the side to dry off. Water cascaded down her body in small streams as she climbed up out of the pool, the droplets shimmering on her skin. She grabbed a towel, her chest heaving up and down in her swimsuit.

She had needed a good workout. She was stressed at some of the changes happening at her job and, even though her work day was mentally exhausting, she needed a physical release after the day was over. Tonight, by the time midnight rolled around and she was still tossing and turning, she decided to give up and head to the gym.

Drying her hair off as she walked into the locker room, she paused in the doorway when she heard a mischievous female giggle echo off the tiles. In the women’s locker room, that sound wasn’t odd but the following male laugh that made her pause.


She stopped to listen for a moment, unsure of what to do. It sounded like the couple was against a set of lockers and the high pitched moans of the young woman reminded her of what it had been like to have a libido. Her job had taken up her time and energy and transitioning from college to the real world while she fought her way up the ladder had consumed her life.

They sounded like they were having fun.

Quietly, she walked past the showers to the lockers. Peering from around the end of each aisle, she spied them a couple aisles in.

She immediately pulled her head back and her breath quickened at the awkward situation her espionage was putting her in. She told herself the appropriate thing to do would be to walk away, leave the locker room, and give them a few minutes. How long could he take?

She knew him. He worked here as a trainer and the blond must be a member since she had seen her around, too.

His name was Joey. She peered around one more time to be sure, taking in the taut muscles on his arms as he propped himself against the lockers. The blond had her arms up around his neck and was grinding her hips against him in a way that said, “I’m ready to take off these damn work-out shorts that are in the way.”

As wrong as it felt, she admitted that a part of her was turned on. Seeing the two attractive, healthy bodies held in passion was stirring something inside her and as she pulled back to hide behind the locker, she groaned, thinking that now she would never fall asleep with their image in her head.

The couple heard her groan and the room quieted as the two bodies held still. Joey, perturbed, whispered, “I think there’s someone else in here. I told you this was a bad idea. I could lose my job.”

She heard the blond walk down the aisle and say, “Joey, calm down. No one ever comes in this late… Oh!”

The blond stopped and their gazes tangled, her mouth dropping open as she realized they were not alone. Joey had slowly followed her and now he stood behind the blond, a deer-caught-in-headlights expression on his face as he said, “Holy crap. Jennie, now I really am fucked.”

Great, now they thought she was a creep. She apologized, “I’m so sorry. Joey, you weren’t at the desk when I walked in and I didn’t realize you two were in here. It’s late and I was hoping to quietly change and go home. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

He stepped up next to Jennie and she could smell his body spray. The heady scent mingled with her senses and teased her already excited body. She meant to take a deep breath and calm down, but she only breathed in more of his scent. She tried to turn away from them, but Joey was pressing her promise. He reached out and touched her forearm, still pleading with her, “You come around all the time; I even know you’re name. You’re Missy Johnson. I would really appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone. I really…”

Jennie cut him off and pulled his arm back, “Joey, why don’t you check on the front desk? I think she just wants you to leave her alone so she can change and get out of here.”

Joey flicked his gaze between the two of them, unsure if he should believe his girlfriend. Both women stood still, waiting for him to leave. Finally once he turned away and left, she relaxed her shoulders and walked down the next aisle to grab her change of clothes.

The blond followed her and opened a locker a few down from hers. Stripping off her workout shirt, she was chatting away, “I suppose it’s actually my fault. He really does like his job here and I had to convince him that it would be fun to do it in the locker room. We were just getting into it, too.”

The blond glanced over and cleared her throat, changing the direction of her chatter, “I mean, not that having sex in the locker room would be any fun…”

She had been listening to Jennie in silence, trying to avoid the blond as she stripped off her swimming suit. Jennie was awkwardly trying to convince her that she shouldn’t say anything about what she had seen, so she agreed with the girl, “It probably would be fun to have sex in the locker room.”

Jennie, naked from the waist up, smiled at her from around her locker door and bounced a little in her excitement while she agreed, “I know! It does sound fun! I couldn’t believe I had to spend time convincing him to do it.”

She tried not to watch Jennie’s tits bounce up and down. The rounded mounds jiggled up and down and her little pink tips pulled a blush into her cheeks as she turned back into her locker and replied, “I suppose you two would have been fine if I hadn’t come in for a late night swim. I’ve just been stressed at work and wanted a good workout.”

Jennie giggled and teased, “It sounds like you could use a good fuck in the locker room, too.”

She whipped her head out of her locker. Jennie was still smiling at her, am impertinent upward tilt on her lips as she continued, “I mean, maybe if you’re stressed and you’re trying to get rid of it with exercise, sex could be your best solution. The rush of blood during an orgasm and the chemical oxytocin that gets released could help you relax and feel better. Next time you feel the need for a midnight swim, grab your vibrator instead. Or in my case, call your Joey.”

She leaned her head back in her locker and said, “This was not the conversation I pictured myself having tonight.”

Jennie, still shirtless, partially closed her locker door and walked over. She brushed a lock of hair behind Missy’s ear and leaned in to whisper, “We could still do it in the locker room.”

She nibbled on Missy’s earlobe, carefully pulling on it between her front teeth. Jennie reached a hand up to stroke her fingertips around the damp skin of her Missy’s breast and teased the nipple between two fingers. She whispered again, “If you close your locker and stand with your back against it, I can really get started.”

She wasn’t sure. The soft stroking on the sensitive skin of her breast was slowly erasing her capability of thinking through the situation. She had to work tomorrow and she should go home and try to sleep but Jennie was awakening a part of her she had not experienced in a long time.

She stepped back to close the locker door and turned around to lean with her back against it. Jennie’s hands slid down her thighs as she crouched and pulled the rest of Missy’s swimsuit down to her ankles. Standing back up, Jennie cupped the tip of Missy’s breast in her mouth and rapidly flicked her tongue back and forth over the nipple. She then traced her finger down the front of Missy’s stomach and lower. Missy arched against the locker and gasped, tangling her fingers in Jennie’s hair while Jennie softly stroked back and forth over her folds.

Missy sucked in a deep breath, asking, “Jennie, are you…”

Jennie nodded and smirked up at Missy, one nipple held between her teeth. As she switched to the other breast, she slid her thumb up to rub Missy’s clit. Missy squirmed against Jennie’s hand, letting out deep moans and moving her hips back and forth. As Jennie let one finger into Missy’s wet pussy, she gently blew out warm air and moved her mouth from Missy’s breasts to her lips.

Capturing her mouth, Jennie increased the pressure against Missy’s lips as she also delved another finger in, moving her hand harder and faster. Missy rocked her hips, lost in the thrall of passion as her body ached for more. She opened her mouth and her tongue twisted with Jennie’s.

This was how they were when Joey pushed open the locker room door, calling after his girlfriend, “Jennie, are you still in here? I think that after what happened, it’s a bad idea and you should just…”

The girls were sandwiched against each other. Missy’s hands were lost in Jennie’s hair, their lips were locked, and their bodies were pressed together while Missy rocked and moaned with desire against his girlfriend. Jennie spied him and tore her mouth from Missy, calling him over, “I think she’s close and could use a big Joey dick to help her on her way.”

He barely realized he was even moving as he rushed over and let his loose workout shorts drop from his waist. Missy turned around against the lockers. Her locker was warm from her body heat and her breasts were pushed against the warm metal, her legs spread and her back arched out. Joey stood behind her and bent his knees, placing his hands on her hips.

Jennie stepped up next to them and put her hand on his shoulder, using her other hand to guide him into Missy. He was already hard and his smooth skin slid into Missy’s wet, warm pussy with ease. She was on her tiptoes and her hips were already moving against him, sliding back and forth.

For Missy, after Jennie’s ministrations, getting filled with Joey was what her body had been craving. Jennie had built her up and brought her to a point of enjoyment that Joey was taking to a new level. A kind of warmth began low in her body and as Joey slid into her, again and again, the warmth spread and escalated. He wrapped his arm around her for support as the sensation she had been yearning cascaded throughout her body. Her skin, slightly damp with perspiration, flushed and she bit into her finger to stifle the cries of pleasure from her release.

Missy was satisfied with her orgasm, but Joey had only just had a momentary tease and wanted more. He pulled his shirt over his head as Jennie stripped her shorts off and crawled onto the bench. On all fours, balanced on the bench in the middle of the locker aisle, she spread her knees as far as the bench would let her while Joey stood behind her.

Now it was Missy’s turn to play with them. She knelt between them, off to the side of the bench. With Joey in her hand, she stroked along him and crouched to lick between his balls, gently sucking one into her mouth. When she was satisfied that Joey was beyond ready, she held him in her grip and used his velvet tip to lightly caress along Jennie’s lips, starting at her clit and working around and back down. She was forcing them to postpone what their libido would have already had them frantically pounding away at and the control they were allowing her as they waited, Jennie’s pussy glistening and ready and Joey’s cock rock hard in her hand, was a new thrill she didn’t know she would be so partial to.

Just as Jennie had with her, Missy placed Joey’s tip inside, then moved back as he groaned and pounded away into his girlfriend. Jennie’s tits swung to and fro under her and Missy scooted forward to hold one and massage it in her hand, teasing and squeezing the nipple like Jennie had done for her.

Jennie was young and she let out high squeals of pleasure as Joey pushed into her. She knelt over the bench with her eyes closed and her mouth open, another moan rising from her throat after each thrust from Joey.

Missy moved her hand from Jennie’s breast down to her clit. In time with their movement, she made quick circles with her fingers against Jennie. Jennie had sounded excited before but now she was a ball of energy as her erotic body writhed on the bench. Her arms let go as she rested her upper body on the bench and she used her toned legs to push with her knees against Joey.

Joey watched as his girlfriend transitioned from merely enjoying the sex to a horny, sexy animal, furiously working for her orgasm. While Missy touched his girlfriend, running her hands down her body, the actions raised Joey’s excitement. Watching another woman pleasure his girlfriend at the same time as him made him feel like both of them were getting a new level of exhilaration out of sex.

It was hot to watch his girlfriend get thrown into the throes of passion and pleasure while her high pitched moans encouraged him on. He was close to finishing, the mounting sense and stimulation as he pushed against Jennie’s tight pussy bringing the start of his own orgasm. He pulled out and Missy huddled under him, again licking and flicking her tongue on his balls and sucking one into her mouth. He furiously ran his hand back and forth, Missy’s licks electrifying his orgasm as he finished, squirting over Missy an onto Jennie’s smooth ass, a few drops landing on Missy’s cheek.

Jennie giggled and wriggled her ass, saying “I can feel it running over my ass cheek and down my thigh.”

Joey smirked and left to grab clean towels for their shower.

Missy sat on the bench and thought about how Jennie was right. The sex was what Missy had needed and she now felt satisfied, content, and optimistic about the next day.