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Indira fulfils her fantasy of being fucked by a group of guys

It was New Year eve my friends were to go on outing to their farmhouse.
They invited me to come along and bring along with me my wife Indira
too. We have already swapped with my two intimate friends namely Ranjeet
and Rakesh and regularly fuck each other’s wives. But my wife’s fantasy
was to be fucked by my friends’ in-group alone while no any other lady
would present there. Indira liked to handle more than one cocks alone. I
thought this was the right time to fulfill my wife’s fantasy. So I asked
them we would accept their invitation if they would go in outing without
their wives and only Indira would go with us. They agreed with me. I
coaxed my wife to go along; as I know that Indira and my friends will be
all pleased about her joining with us. We were scheduled to come back
within 2 days. So as per our plan we were starting to our friend’s
farmhouse in a Qualis. Rakesh was driving & Ranjeet was sitting by his
side and my wife and me sat on the rear seat. Hardly we would have
traveled 2 K.M. when I turned to my wife and indicated her to open her
blouse. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse with a chain behind. She
wore a long mangalsutra that dangled over her big 34D bosom. When I
indicated her to open blouse she turned her back to me and needing no
hint I just pulled zip all the way to her low back in one single go.

Indira’s blue bra strap came into view and waiting no more I immediately
unhooked the bra. My wife was looking back and smiled at me. I then
untied her hairs, which were held with a hair clip. Her long black hairs
cascaded down her naked back. All this was not unnoticed by Ranjeet &
Rakesh. Ranjeet has already turned back and watching the scene intently
while Rakesh was seeing in the rear view mirror. Indira then sat straight
and I slowly lowered the end of her Saree. Very invitingly and
beautifully her tits came into view and I wasted no time in holding the
left tit and started frantically kissing her. My wife was also
reciprocated completely and presented her self in full flow. She was
also sucking my tongue and exploring each other’s mouths. While her hand
was fiddling with my pant zip trying to bring out my cock. Ranjeet was
also busy watching while he stretched his hand to reach my wife’s other
tit. Some how he managed to hold one tits of my wife and frantically
pressed it. In the mean time Indira has brought out my cock and was busy
fisting it up and down. Watching this Rakesh stopped the car and
immediately went behind and told Ranjeet to drive. He hopped to the rear
seat sat on the right of my wife while I was on the left busy kissing.
Rakesh wasted no time and removed all his clothes and soon untied the
knot of my wife’s saree. Wasting no time he had removed her Saree and
panties together in one single go. So Indira was now full nude. Delaying
no further I was mauling my wife’s tits while Rakesh had inserted a
finger or two in her cunt and frantically kissing her. Soon Rakesh
straightened my wife on the seat so that the lower portion had shifted
to my side and the upper half towards Rakesh.

I then lifted one leg of my wife and put it over the seat while the
other one he held and positioned it to the front seat. My cock needed no
further stimulation and within no time my cock entered in her cunt. In
he mean time Rakesh was busy playing with Indira’s tits and would suck
them alternating one to the other. After some playful time Rakesh got and
put his cock in my wife’s hand. She needing no further clue held his
cock and started stroking it and soon pulled it towards her mouth. She
was kissing his cock nicely and soon sucked it with great vigor. While I
was too busy fucking her cunt. Rakesh was now fucking her mouth with full
vigor. She was coming madly. She was squeezing her cunt muscles around
my cock and while her real expert mouth was doing the same with Rakesh’s
cock. This entire going on not for a moment was my Indira’s tits spared.
It was being pinched, kneaded and played all the time. I was fucking
with great fervor and my wife had lost count as to how many times she
had come. Ranjeet drove the vehicle all the time and he missed no shot
from the rear view mirror. He had brought out his cock and was shagging
while watching Rakesh and me fucking my wife. After some time Rakesh
signaled me to exchange places.

I brought out my cock and it came out with a plop and Rakesh then turned
my wife the other way round. Positioning my wife nicely on the seat he
placed his cock on her cunt and it entered without much resistance.
While I had now put my cock in Indira’s mouth, Rakesh was savoring the
taste of her cunt to the fullest. Both we were pounding my wife’s holes
to the full satisfaction of her. She was going crazy. In this frenzy she
was cupping the balls of me one time and in a moment her hand would
reach below her ass and hold the balls of Rakesh. In this heat of the
moment I signaled my coming. I had held Indira’s both tits in my hands
hard and penetrated deep inside her mouth. With loud grunts I came and I
was shooting loads of cum inside the depth of my wife’s mouth. Not able
to take much she held my cock with her hand and brought it out of her
mouth and out came a load of cum out of her mouth and dribbled down the
sides of her cheeks. I was still coming and it left a thick trail of cum
right from the mouth of my wife, followed by her nose and then right
until her forehead. Soon Rakesh was straightening his muscles and he was
also showing signs of coming. He held my wife’s sides and with a loud
grunt he pushed his cock deep inside her cunt and started coming. He
filled Indira’s womb to the brim. While he came he fell on her flat and
started sucking one tit at the same time. When the heat of the moment
died down bro sat on the seat and Rakesh too picked himself up of Indira
and sat on the other side. I gave a towel to my wife to clean her face,
which she did. She now lied down naked there and closed her eyes as if
savoring the fuck session she had. In a moment we had reached the
farmhouse and Ranjeet signaled all get ready and dress up. Soon all got
up and put on our clothes. My wife and me set us in one room while Rakesh
and Ranjeet in the other room. Indira wanted to take a bath as enough
mess was left by the fuck session she had. She brought her clothes out
of bag when Ranjeet came inside the room and held my wife from behind. I
was in the bathroom at that time. But as the door of the bathroom was in
opening condition I watched all their action while I was bathing.
Ranjeet had reached his hands and cupped my wife’s tits from behind
while bucking his groins her butts. He was literally pleading Indira for
a quick fuck, as he was the one left behind. Without resisting at all my
wife turned around and both stared kissing each other frantically.
Ranjeet was in just a towel and so it didn’t waste any time to get nude.
While my wife brought out of Saree in a moment and left with only bra.
During dressing up she had not bothered to put on her blouse, petticoat
and panty while we came down from Qualis. Ranjeet soon unhooked my
wife’s bra and both were nude in a while. My wife was holding Ranjeet’s
cock in both her hands while he had cupped her two tits and kissed each
other. Soon Indira fell on the bed and Ranjeet positioned himself in
between her legs. Holding his cock he quickly put his cock on the
opening of my wife’s well-fucked cunt and in moment all his cock had
gone inside. He lied down over her and started humping his cock deep
inside Indira’s cunt. While fucking he had held both her tits each in
his two hands. He was fucking with full force and in moment his muscles
on the butts sprained and one can make out he was coming. The scene he
was watching in the rear view mirror had left him excited and it made
him cum soon and that in loads. He filled my wife’s cunt up to the brim.
She pushed him over her and put on her clothes. . Indira said this was
just the beginning and the time to come had lot of extra in store. My
wife took her time bathing and she had shampooed her long black hair.
She came out wearing only a towel around her and I was watching TV. I
came near her and told why to feel shy and he pulled the towel leaving
my wife all nude. She saw the effect it was having on me and soon there
was a big bulge over my zip. I was ogling at her and had now stopped
watching TV. She asked me what I want her to wear. I picked a blue color
chiffon saree and a sleeveless blouse. I even picked a sexy lacy bra and
panty and handed over to Indira. She put on the dress teasing my friends
and me all the time. She put on a light makeup and long earrings. She
had left her hairs open and she was looking gorgeous. I wanted her to
fuck then and there but had to content myself just hugging and squeezing
her tits from behind. Soon Rakesh and Ranjeet also came into the room and
there were whistles all around and they were commenting on the beauty of
her. They sat on the sofa and my wife lied on the bed, titillating them
to make a move.

Ranjeet got up and went near my wife and stood in front of her with his
groins just at the level of my wife’s face. She saw up and smiled at
Ranjeet while he signaled her a kiss. Soon Indira was unfastening the
pant and then lowering the pant she held his cock above his underwear.
It had already made a bulge over his underwear. My wife was holding the
cock over his underwear with both her hands as if trying to measure the
dimensions of that big cock. The cock stood straight and its head was
peeping from the top of the underwear elastic and was inviting Indira to
give it a nice blowjob. Slowly she lowered the underwear and brought it
out of the confines. The cock sprang like a snake and with its spring
action it hit my wife right cheek. Ranjeet was enjoying the action to
the fullest. He was playing with Indira’s long black hairs. Sometimes
his hands would drift down to the naked back of her and feel the soft
fair skin. Indira was holding the cock all the time with both her hands
and intermittently reaches down and cup the two balls. Sometimes she
would squeeze the balls and press the cock too much resulting in the
bulging of the cock head. My wife was getting tempted to kiss the head
and suck the beautiful cock. Ranjeet had now moved his hands to front of
her and was playing with her tits. His hands had reached inside Indira’s
blouse and were squeezing the tits. She now moved her head down and
kissed the head. She moved back and making herself comfortable she
lowered her head again and took the whole cock inside her mouth. She was
sucking the cock real good. She would circle the cock head with her
tongue and move her head to and fro taking the entire cock and then
coming out with a plop. She would see up and mark the expression of
Ranjeet. He was in heaven. He was bucking his ass forward while holding
Indira’s head. His finger had gathered all the hairs and was trying to
fuck my wife’s mouth in a way. She was sucking real hard. She was
holding his balls beneath and massaging in her palm while her expert
tongue was giving Ranjeet a real nice time. Soon Ranjeet was shooting
gallons of cum inside my wife’s mouth. My wife did not left a single
drop. Even after he had finished coming she was squeezing the cock to
take even the left over. When this was over Rakesh moved close to Indira.
He picked her up and brought her to the sofa. He lied her down and in a
moment removed all his clothes. My wife was sitting in the sofa Rakesh
was inserting his hand in to her bra. She let loose the bra and her
boobs were exposed. Rakesh started sucking and kissing them and she was
thoroughly enjoying it. The night lamp was on and it was a wonderful
sight. Rakesh cock was like a rod and they went to the 69 position. My
wife was on the top and she was sucking his cock hard. After some time
she was pushing her buttocks and hole hard on his mouth and she was
sucking his cock harder which resulted in him leaking out. After that
they changed position and my friend Rakesh wanted to insert his long rod
in ass hole of Indira. I have always wanted to use my wife’s back hole
but she would never allow me. But here she was showing her bums to
Rakesh. He first picked boroplus from the vanity bag of Indira applying
the boroplus over his cock and then on the anus hole of my wife. After
that he stared to insert his penis in to her back hole in doggy style.
My wife was facing towards me and I could see the pain on her face. She
was moaning. Rakesh was slowly inserting his cock in to her anus until it
got fully inside. She was crying but he cajoled her and slowly started
shaking. My wife was in pain but she held to Rakesh thighs tightly and
was enjoying the movement in the pain also. After fucking for fifteen
minutes Rakesh had discharged his hot semen in deep inside of my wife’s
rectum. After Rakesh had fucked it was my turn. I too fucked with great
vigor and then Ranjeet was hard again. He was the last to have my
beautiful wife. After this all seemed to be exhausted and we all then
rested. We slept with Indira in the middle. I had held my wife tight to
me to her right while Rakesh held her from the left My wife was lying in
sari while all males were full nude. We had fucked her at least 15 times
each in two days and not to count number of times she gave us blowjobs.
We fucked her everywhere – balcony, in the woods, over the roof and even
in the toilet. I am sure that you people must enjoy this story. Please
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